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Comment Re:That's all fine but (Score 2) 667

And how exactly are you going to be assured if they were real or fake? Ask Russia if the information they already denied stealing is accurate?

No, you ask the people who wrote the emails. There were no denials. Even so much as a "I didn't really write that" would have put the whole story in its grave.

Comment Re:BULLSHIT US saved Russia (Score 1) 1028

But the truth is, Hitler was our biggest ally. Without his stupidity, Russia would have been swept aside. We didn't win the war as much as the Axis lost it.

This. Even in the aftermath of Stalingrad, Germany could have won the eastern front if not for Hitler's insistence on "fixed point" defense. In Von Mellinthin's "Panzer Battles", he describes German generals' preference for elastic defense, to allow the Russians to overextend. Instead, Hitler insisted that certain unstrategic towns and cities be held "at all costs." It was in this manner than an entire German army group was encircled and forced to surrender, even though it was a full fighting efficacy. Those troops simply could not be replaced.

Comment Re:BULLSHIT US saved Russia (Score 3, Interesting) 1028

Russia contribute man power and equipment like tanks that the west has no concept of.

And they got them to the front lines thanks to Buick.

The truth is Russia WON ww2 by blood and guts.

They might have won it with superior tactics and fewer casualties if they hadn't been so murderously barbaric in Stalin's purges. Beating someone by drowning them in your own blood is not something to be proud of.

Also, Russia would have lost without American lend-lease. We sent them tanks, trucks, rockets, gold, aircraft, jeeps. In ordinance and jet fuel, we sent them over half of what we produced.

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