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Comment Re:silent security fixes (Score 2) 32

FLOSS isn't "out in the open;" it's unknown. We don't KNOW that it's affected, and the "may be affected" line in the summary is purely speculative. The known affected parties were notified and given a short time to fix, as is standard procedure. If these security bug disclosure sites had unlimited resources, no one would be out in the cold. Alas, it cannot be.

Comment Re:Shoot the Messenger (Score 2) 407

Yeah, BUT they select from a curated list of critics. Recently, many of these critics (Chicago Tribune, I'm looking at you) that see movie critique as an opportunity to show off their acerbic wit in a series of ever increasingly scathing roasts. At this point, I'm wondering if some of these critics actually enjoy movies. Basically, I have to take RT ratings with a grain of salt.

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