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Comment This would force big corps to flee the US (Score 3, Insightful) 649

RMS' idea sounds kind of neat, but it suffers from a fatal problem: All that happens when you force crazy high taxes onto big companies is that they leave the US. This is exactly what's happening in France right now, with their recent tax reforms.

The correct solution, as others have already pointed out, is to simply let these companies fail. Funnily, the "experts" who said "if we let Citibank/MorganStanley/etc fail society will turn into a Mad Maxian nightmare where we'll all be forced into cannibalism" are the exact same people who would have lost a lot of money without a bailout.

Comment College isn't Intellectual Enough (Score 1) 949

The reason geeks look down on college is because the vast majority of colleges/universities set their bar too low. College professors and students are insulated from market forces and over time this has eroded the system.

BTW, I worked 40 hours a week as a video game developer in college, and still pulled out an A- average at my crappy school (USF) for a Biology degree, even though I skipped most of the classes to go to work.

I think I learned about 10x from my job, where we had to deliver a marketable product on a tight deadline, than I ever learned at my college. Wish I would have skipped that colossal waste of time.

Comment Re:AAPL (Score 1) 471

Agreed. It's important to note as well that he's planning on staying on as CEO during the leave, involved in strategic decisions. He's _probably_ expecting to be in pretty good shape during the leave- If he was getting another transplant or some other serious surgery I think the statement describing the leave would _probably_ be worded differently.

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