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Comment Re:Has the lord and savior told you (Score 2) 332

I did a contract with Sun, just before they went under. The employees were quick to tell stories about how they used to hire magicians to come and entertain on the campus. There was this one guy, sat a cube over from me. Near as I could tell, his job was to sit on the phone all day boasting about whatever next conference he was going to and how he was a certified black belt. That was the only time I'd ever heard anyone talking about it. At Sun. Just before they went under.

Comment Re:government regulations (Score 1) 333

Damn straight! I'm sitting on a warehouse full of dioxin and DDT here and could have an "All Natural Aloe Vera" company started up in a matter of days if it weren't for those pesky regulations! It's totally a win-win! People pay you a fuck ton of money to take this stuff off your hands and after you've mixed it with a bit of corn starch, they'll pay top dollar for my "Dave's All Natural Organic Aloe Vera!" The FDA ought not to even complain as long as I put some things on the label in sarcastic quote marks!

Comment Sweet! (Score 1) 29

I'll be all over that. The wires quickly become a trip hazard if you start moving around much at all. A couple of games for the thing require more agility than the wires allow. This does mean I'll have to move the coffee table that's just outside the play area, though, or someone's going to break a kneecap.

Comment Re:The VR fad (Score 1) 18

There are a decent number of games for the Vive on steam, and Virtual Desktop can already play 360 degree videos from Youtube in VR. There are a respectable number of 360 degree videos on youtube, too. It's astounding how much more "real" a 360 degree wingsuit video is in VR versus just looking at a video on a flat screen, even a 4K flat screen.

The most compelling argument you can make for VR is to put a helmet on someone's head and let them play around for a few minutes. So far, 100% of the people who've tried mine have said they want one, and I've had a couple of inquiries about building a VR-Capable system for someone. That being said, gaming in VR is somewhat self-limiting. Ultimately there's only so long I want to keep that helmet on my head, and some of the Vive games can be a pretty decent workout. I don't see VR replacing conventional displays anytime soon, but it's already a great addition to a gaming setup.

Comment Re:What about her maid? (Score 1) 733

Handling classified documents requires specific training (they basically just say "don't talk to people in Derkaderkastan about Fight Club.") If unauthorized personnel were directed to print classified documents, they could not be expected to know how to handle those documents. Nobody told them not to talk to people in Derkaderkastan about Fight Club. The person who provided that access would be the one to be held accountable.

Like, for example, let's say I worked for a company with a culture of ineptitude. Due to their ineptitude, perhaps they would not be completely aware of which of their documents should be classified and which ones shouldn't. Now if I happened to accidentally take one of their lowest-classification-level ("For Official Use Only") documents home with me on a CD, I would likely be fired, shipped to gitmo and anally food-raped by a guy whose boss told him it was OK to do that. But this does not apply in Hillary's case because she's only handling documents that could actually get people on the ground killed and not, say, a list of names of people we probably shouldn't sell our product to. It's a completely different thing. Instead of being anally food-raped, they tell her she really ought not to have done that and make her promise not to do it again. You see how much worse that is? I'd much rather being anally food-raped on a daily basis in Gitmo so long as I don't have to promise not to run a private email server again.

Don't get me wrong; despite my sarcasm, I think Hillary would be a much better choice to lead the nation than Trump would be, in much the same way that being infected with zika is much better than being infected with ebola. Ideally I could avoid both, but if a bunch of stupid people decided that we should all have a choice between ebola and zika, well I guess I'd have to choose that everyone should get some zika.

Comment Re:What In The Fuck????? (Score 1) 101

Oh, that's easy. When the companies audit their code to get their security ratings for government contracts, they report their findings to the NSA. Then, the Chinese and Russian hackers hack the NSA and download the reports. Then, when the Russian and Chinese hackers defect to Europe, they bring those reports and hand them over to the GHCQ. Along with, I'm going to say, plutonium. Hi guys! Anywhoo, then the GHCQ outsources writing the code to exploit the weaknesses detailed in the reports to India or Pakistan. You know, because why not? So basically by the time you hear about a security flaw being exploited, pretty much everyone in the world already knows about it anyway.

Comment Re:Not me (Score 1) 535

Things seem to be a bit better now; I had some problems with my last laptop and Ubuntu last year, mostly around hibernation. But a Dell Precision I purchased last week seems to work great with Xubuntu right out of the box -- everything just worked, from the very first boot-up. It's a beautiful machine, too.

That still doesn't buy you a lot if you need stuff that runs specifically on OSX, although I think that most commercial stuff should at least have a windows port. I might end up feeling differently about Adobe et al whenever I have to start editing 4K 360 degree videos and previewing them on VR headsets.

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