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Comment Re:Third choice (Score 1) 275

Easy enough to say but last time I checked if you want to do anything with the current VR headset boom, you're pretty much going to have to use Windows. Steam's OpenVR initiative makes it sound like you don't, but a few months ago when I checked their Linux examples wouldn't even build.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 179

Is there every any particular need to limit them, though? A couple decades ago it was uncommon to have more than one sound device on a machine. Now it's unusual not to have two or three. Designs and requirements change over time, and having to factor out singleton behavior that was never really necessary in the first place is kind of a pain in the ass. You could easily just create those things with thing factories when the program starts up, and pass them around to objects that need them. No artificial limits, and you don't have to factor out singleton behavior when you decide you want two things where you used to only have one.

I've found that design review boards are becoming increasingly hostile toward singletons, too. There was a narrow window where they'd at least consider one, back when people started talking about design patterns. These days it's next to impossible to get one approved, even if there's pretty good justification for it. You can always design around the need for a singleton, and usually the system design will be better without them.

Comment Meh (Score 5, Interesting) 179

I've yet to see a computer science professor with particularly excellent code, either. I run across assignments and example code from courses on a regular basis that fall into the "Never, ever do that" category of programming. Case in point, a relative of mine recently had some questions about a CS programming assignment. Part of the assignment description talked about design patterns and predictably went straight for the Singleton as an example. I'm pretty sure that's the only pattern that about 90% of programmers ever actually learn when reading about design patterns and it's so abused in the industry right now that you can basically never get one past a design review board.

Anywhoo, back in the '90's I worked for a company that was getting a B2 Certification for its operating system. My job basically consisted of reading the entire AT&T C standard library code, finding potential security flaws, writing tests for those flaws and then writing a report with the tests which would be delivered to the NSA. I found the remote buffer overflow in the AT&T telnet daemon a couple years before the same overflow was discovered in the Linux telnet daemon. So the NSA basically outsourced the hard work of finding all those exploits to the companies that were trying to get security certifications. It took three or four guys just a few months to go through all the stuff we had to look at. I'm sure we missed a bit, but I was much more confident in the security of their OS at the end of all that. Too bad they eventually went out of business, were acquired by IBM and their products were killed. You know, progress!

Comment Re:Linux (Score 1) 157

That's true! I haven't booted back to windows in months and have mostly been mucking around with Factorio and Stellaris lately. There's a pretty decent library of Linux-Compatible games on Steam, a much better situation than a decade ago when Loki was trying to make a business model off porting them. I haven't seen levels of hype like the one in No Man's Sky since Spore, and we all know how THAT turned out. So I was planning to hang out for a bit and watch some gameplay videos before making my mind up about the game. I'm guessing if I bought it, I might get a couple hours out of it and then get bored. I paid $20 for Factorio and have over a hundred hours in on it so far.That's more than worth my money to me. Plus, I'd have to boot back to Windows, so fuck that.

I'm probably going to have to break down and set up a Windows machine for a VR rig I want to build in a couple of months. It doesn't seem like any of the VR headsets support Linux particularly well, although I'll check again when I'm actually doing the build.

Comment There's Just No Pleasing That Guy (Score 1) 165

He didn't like working with the NSA and keeping all the secrets secret. He doesn't like working with the Wikileaks guys and keeping all the secrets public. There's just no pleasing that guy.

We're just easing into the world where no secrets can be kept. There will be some discontent as the proles start to see how the sausage is made, but whenever they realize that all the machinery is that dirty, things should settle down a bit. It's pretty much a universal truth that anyone who actively seeks power should under no circumstances be allowed to have that power. They're all fucking scumbags but we'll keep voting for them or the wrong scumbag will get it. I mean, what else could we do? Have a draft like Jury Duty? "Congratulations, you've been selected to serve 6 years in the Senate. Here's a six digit salary and a page. Try not to fuck it up!" It would never work because reasons!

Comment Re:I think it's pretty obvious (Score 1) 165

Fucking small boys is a favorite past time of Muslim extremism. Perhaps a picture of him with a rent-a-boy would increase his appeal with that demographic.

And before you guys get your panties in a knot, I don't even have to google to know those guys don't have a monopoly on little boy fucking. It's apparently impossible to make it to adulthood without being raped by someone, no matter what country you live in. Maybe you get raped by your priest. Maybe you get raped by a US Senator. Maybe you get abducted and raped by some random stranger in a windowless van. Seeing as how no one has come forward by now (And they always do,) I'd guess Trump is probably in the minority of people in the top 1% who didn't get there for the sole purpose of fucking children whenever they want to.

Comment How Much Money Do You Need? (Score 1) 67

Seems to me there must be a sum of money upon which you could live comfortably for the rest of your life. Around 8 or 10 million, you could probably make more on interest and investment income than most Americans do, and why go for more after that? But I suppose that's why he's a billionaire and I'm not. I'm pretty happy just doing what I'm doing. I wonder if he is. As Sarah Silverman says, all the penises in the world won't fill the hole in your heart.

Comment You Mean (Score 1) 182

It's not already full of toxins? Have you ever BEEN to Florida? The water there smells like shit, more or less literally, shit. The first time I visited there I called the hotel's front desk to tell them there was something horribly wrong with the water in my room and they told me that no, that's just how the water is in Florida. Please feel free to buy one of the $10 bottles of water from the mini fridge. So really this doesn't amount to much since you were probably avoiding drinking the water if you live there, anyway. If anything, the toxic chemicals might actually be an improvement.

Comment Re:When it reduces the cognitive burden (Score 3, Insightful) 239

"These Days?" They invented OO because the maintenance phase of the project was always very expensive, and they were looking for ways to reduce those costs. Fortunately they solved that problem with Agile -- now you just work on the project for years until it's done, then throw all the code away and start over again. No maintenance costs, it's genius!

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 416

If you have to be on drugs because you're in constant pain, you want to be on the drugs that won't directly kill you. It's hard to OD on pot. We've had two or three in Colorado where edibles were involved, but nothing like the "another OD death every 30 minutes" that's currently going on with prescription painkillers. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the studies end up showing that it's less harmful to your body than alcohol or even some OTC painkillers like Tylenol.

Comment Re:Not Everyone is capable of Joining PC Master Ra (Score 1) 729

Video's always been Apple's weak point. I just set up a Mac tower I got in 2006 as a server and it's still a respectably beefy machine, but the video options for it have always sucked. The "high end" video card for it at the time was some ATI thing that cooked itself to death if you actually made it push 3D.

Funnily enough, my Linux box is a decent enough gaming box -- not PC Master Race level, but I'm able to play all the steam games I've tried on it. Most of my library focuses on gameplay over graphics, so I haven't really pushed it very hard. It's still a nicer situation than the last time I tried, when the only commercial games you could get for Linux came from Loki games. That being said, I still miss Tribes 2.

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