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Comment That's It? (Score 1) 14

That sounds like a rehash of the Hero 4, with a gee whiz feature that a large part of their target demographic won't be able to use. You know what I want? I want a full 360 degree VR camera. One that doesn't pose a snag hazard when a parachute gets deployed and won't throw off my aerodynamics. Somewhere out there is a company with the vision to create such a thing, and I'll purchase my next camera from that company.

Comment Re:oh Pluto (Score 1) 106

Preach it, Brother! I memorized one fucking mnemonic back in grade school and I really don't want to have to come up with another one! Of course the next headline will probably be that it's not a planet, it's a space station...

Comment Sausage Stylus! (Score 4, Funny) 167

I heard a story a while back that there was a town where the people use sausages to operate their cell phone when it gets too cold. Having spent the last 6 months working with a mobile test automation framework, I think it would be easier to build an Arduino-powered robot equipped with a sausage and a camera. A mobile-testing abomination, part meat, part machine! Because fuck, Apple sure doesn't make it easy to test on their shit! Naturally, you'd have to replace the sausage every so often, when your sausage robot starts getting smelly. That's just a design consideration, really.

Comment I Don't Want Much (Score 1) 37

I don't want much, really, just a stock android phone that doesn't suck, is regularly updated and has a slot for a MicroSD card. Google's pushing cloud hard and it seems like they're going out of their way to discourage external storage. I could buy a Samsung device, but I hate Touchwiz and also hate having to install some buggy ROM image that fucks up the camera and bluetooth more often than not. It doesn't seem like there's a device out there that's everything I want and I really don't think I'm setting such a high bar.

Ultimately what it boils down to is that Apple and Google don't have their customer's best interests in mind. Their platforms exist only as a way for them to leverage their advertising to a captive audience. It doesn't seem like it should be all that difficult to find someone on alibaba who'd be willing to build a truly open phone platform. Perhaps it's time someone did.

Comment Re:Mostly... (Score 1) 178

I was looking last month and couldn't find an encoding standard that all browsers support. Google wants you to drink their kool aid, and seems to only support VP8 and 9 and ogg audio formats. IIRC, Firefox and IE both support h.264 and AAC. None of the browsers seem to support UDP streaming at all.

If I want to do zero-latency live streaming to just a few endpoints outside the browser, I found that mpeg2video and aac streaming over UDP encodes and transmits with the least amount of lag. Near as I can tell, it's pretty much instantaneous, over the fast LAN I'm working on. In theory, I could play that with the VLC plugin in-browser, on browsers that still support it. But so far I haven't seen that actually work.

I have to admit that I didn't play around with flash all that much. It does seem like it's pretty much universal. Perhaps I should take another look at it...

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