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Comment You Mean (Score 1) 181

It's not already full of toxins? Have you ever BEEN to Florida? The water there smells like shit, more or less literally, shit. The first time I visited there I called the hotel's front desk to tell them there was something horribly wrong with the water in my room and they told me that no, that's just how the water is in Florida. Please feel free to buy one of the $10 bottles of water from the mini fridge. So really this doesn't amount to much since you were probably avoiding drinking the water if you live there, anyway. If anything, the toxic chemicals might actually be an improvement.

Comment Re:When it reduces the cognitive burden (Score 3, Insightful) 239

"These Days?" They invented OO because the maintenance phase of the project was always very expensive, and they were looking for ways to reduce those costs. Fortunately they solved that problem with Agile -- now you just work on the project for years until it's done, then throw all the code away and start over again. No maintenance costs, it's genius!

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 416

If you have to be on drugs because you're in constant pain, you want to be on the drugs that won't directly kill you. It's hard to OD on pot. We've had two or three in Colorado where edibles were involved, but nothing like the "another OD death every 30 minutes" that's currently going on with prescription painkillers. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the studies end up showing that it's less harmful to your body than alcohol or even some OTC painkillers like Tylenol.

Comment Re:Not Everyone is capable of Joining PC Master Ra (Score 1) 729

Video's always been Apple's weak point. I just set up a Mac tower I got in 2006 as a server and it's still a respectably beefy machine, but the video options for it have always sucked. The "high end" video card for it at the time was some ATI thing that cooked itself to death if you actually made it push 3D.

Funnily enough, my Linux box is a decent enough gaming box -- not PC Master Race level, but I'm able to play all the steam games I've tried on it. Most of my library focuses on gameplay over graphics, so I haven't really pushed it very hard. It's still a nicer situation than the last time I tried, when the only commercial games you could get for Linux came from Loki games. That being said, I still miss Tribes 2.

Comment China Don't Give a Shit About US Trademarks (Score 1) 205

Little secret guys, you want something made, someone in China wants to make it for you. They'll do it for cheap and if it's a hunk of technology, they'll do it with the same parts they made the original from. But why stop with knockoff routers and my little pony love dolls? Anything you can imagine and get on to paper, some dude in China will make for you, using only the finest tears from the finest ruined hopes and dreams of tiny little Chinese children. Does that guy in China care that your specification calls for an orphan heart? No. No he doesn't. And he can get them dirt cheap! And if you want some quality engineering, he'll outsource it to Korea! One of the Koreas for sure! So why let the big corporations have all the fun? Why wait for some corporation to make that awesome thing you've been kicking around in your head for the last couple years? Find a manufacturer in China and go into business for yourself! Just don't be surprised when they start ripping off your designs once you start making money. Because China don't give a shit about US trademarks.

Comment Maybe That's Because (Score 1) 142

The top job boards are all shit. So much as look at your account sideways and you'll be inundated with useless fucking spam from a guy named Deepak (It's always fucking Deepak, too) who has some $15 an hour phone support position in Detroit that he thinks your 30 years of software engineering experience would be perfect for. If a company is posting a position on a job board, it's because they're paying severely under market, have a shitty working environment, or are planning to get rid of that position in less than a year, so they don't want to incur the $10,000 or so referral that they'd typically pay to a recruiting company. Maybe all three. Really, the only reason to keep an eye on the job boards is to give you a good idea of who in the area NOT to work for.

Comment Ah Yes (Score 1) 186

The awkward phase of the project where Congress hauls your CEO in front of it and is all like "Dude, what the fuck?!" If only there was some sort of magical way that Congress could prevent those sorts of things from happening in the first place. Perhaps we should create a group of people who could create a "law" that would "regulate" an "industry" in order to prevent claims being made that jamming random objects in your pee-hole cures cancer. Or whatever. Sadly, no such group of people exists and we must just wring our hands helplessly whenever this sort of thing happens, and live with constantly clogged pee-holes.

Also, does anyone actually know what Congress' job actually is? They don't seem to be particularly good at hauling CEOs in front of them to ask them awkward questions. Perhaps Congress needs to haul Congress in front of itself and ask it "Dude, what the fuck?" I'm pretty sure we could replace the lot of them with an orangutan. At least then, some CEOs might get covered in orangutan shit from time to time, which makes me think an orangutan would do Congress' job better than it's currently getting done.

Comment Eeh (Score 1) 290

Doesn't seem like a bad idea, but my backing camera gets crapped up a lot more easily than my mirrors do. And any likely camera location on the vehicle is likely to get covered with snow more quickly and thoroughly than my side mirrors do.

Comment Re:What typically happens (Score 1) 209

I used to work in a phone support call center back in the early '90's, when you could still find some in the USA. The goal was never to fix the customer's problem. The goal was to close tickets. That's what they pushed. If you could develop a confusing enough patter, you can close an awful lot of tickets. Here are some vague instructors. Give those a try, reboot and call back if it's still a problem. The team lead there had a great scam going on -- he'd set his phone to forward any calls back into the system. The software would then register that he closed a call. He'd just turn that on for a few minutes each day, rack up enough calls to seem like the most efficient employee in the place and get on with his very important solitaire business. Worked great until they caught him at it and walked him out. Once again the message in this story is "Don't get caught."

Comment Re:Tesla's Autopilot is in the "uncanny valley" (Score 1) 440

Yeah, I don't even use cruise control most of the time, even when driving over a thousand miles on a road trip, because I feel like it reduces my involvement and attention to my driving. Having trouble maintaining the correct speed is one of those little clues I need that it's time to get off the road for a break. Having the car do most of the driving would get boring within a matter of minutes.

Not that inattentive drivers are anything new. On my commute for my first job, back in the late '80's, I passed an erratically driving guy on the Interstate who had a huge book propped open on his steering wheel. That's pretty much why we can't have nice things, right there.

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