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Comment Re:Get well! (Score 1) 11

See my response to Captain Splendid.

But they did improve one thing. I was able to write every response to this journal without "slowdown cowboy" crap.

Comment Re:Get well. (Score 1) 11

See my previous response for details, plus I adore (and agree with) your signature. Although I can't drink because of some blood-thinning medication and I'm slowly reducing tobacco consumption. I feel like a traitor to the cause, but I need to outlive my mother. After that, it don't matter much really. People can deal with it, she can't.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 11

I am still getting messages for replies to journals. I want to keep in touch, I just couldn't deal with the X number of journal entries to read and I 've since given up on the front page. (In fact, calling it the front page is similar to calling it the outlook from my perspective, just prepend MS to it and you get the idea)

The primary anti-psychotic (they're not going the anti-depressant rout) has a commercial. It listed side-effects. Some were doozies.

"So Doc, how many in the test group did suffer from spontaneous decapitation?"

Increased suicidal ideation wasn't going to be a problem. What's it gonna do, add hours to the day? I've been on it since shortly after publishing this journal and I feel good. Someone with whom I interact regularly did a double take when the answer to "how are you?" was "you know what, pretty good actually." My previous most positive answer was "slightly better than average" or "not dead" depending on your perspective.

I've actually been doing something other than sitting around pondering mortality and why it had to happen to me, and playing X-Box. I've almost completey rearrangrd my room and I can tell the OCD tendencies (good ones like organization, not bad ones like mapping the constellations in the ceiling tiles and realizing there's pattern, they just cut the tiles in a shape that's different from the shape of the pattern so it's less noticable)

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hiatus 11

I am writing this to officially state that I am taking a reprieve from Slashdot and other sites. Mental and physical health have been in decline. And although I have never been what one would call a regular poster or commenter, I thought I would take a few moments to say farewell, for the time being. I've un-flagged the notifications for new journal entries so I won't know when people write them. But after my diagnoses, both physical and mental, I need to simplify things and reading Slashdot


Study Finds the Perfect Ratio of Attractiveness 176

Gksksla writes "Scientists in Australia and Hong Kong have conducted a comprehensive study to discover how different body measurements correspond with ratings of female attractiveness. The study, published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, found that across cultural divides young, tall and long armed women were considered the most attractive."

Comment Re:Bummer (Score 1) 15

Thank you for the positive thoughts. I feel better (both physically and emotionally) than I have for a long time. I was slowly ending my life through unchecked alcohol consumption, and that consumption eliminated anything remotel resembling motivation. But I've engaged in axtra-occupation and extra-residential activities on the weekends (something that would not have happend a month ago). And I am working on improving the material aspects of my existence, in addition to the physiological and emotional. I got permission from my landlord to refurbish my room. First by removing artifacts that were ther before I moved in. The only restriction was no yellow walls. I've finished painting the walls and installed a new cieling fan that I like. I'll now be cleaning the exposed floor. Then sort the books I have into various catagories. Books I want to keep. Books my mom would be interested in, and other. (I think maybe donating them to a local library or a good old fashioned book-buring:)

Last I read and witnessed that things HAVE changed, just not for the better.

Maybe with the psych work that'll be going on I'll be more willing to contribute to discusssions, both here and Multiply. I've got a Face Book account but never really do anything to it.

Comment Re:Tobacco (Score 1) 15

It's not coming easily. I never really wanted to quit. I still don't. It was something I wanted to do for the rest of my (tobacco-related foreshortened) life. It was a conscious desicion to start.

But, I'm doing fairly good numbers-wise. I can't go cold tirkey (especially dipping at work) without an assault charge and the related consequences.

Comment Re:Hey (Score 1) 15

The message would have been a lot shorter or not present (depending on whether my will is caried out).

But thanks for the well-wishing. Although I now have a near fool-proof for self-termination. But now I don't have that sort of ideation constantly.

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Journal Journal: Health update 15

I think I came very close to dying. It started as most things do with a sharp pain in the upper-right chest and should while trying to sleep. Minor pain was ignored, and I went to work. Extreme pain ensued when I took a really deep breath (I smoke(d) so that was regular sometimes) that was summarily ignored. That night sleep came very uneasily as the pain had become more severe and I could only sleep on my back with pain coming with each breath (It's kind of funny what the quasi-conscious mi

Comment I remeber a while back (Score 1) 7

I got hornswoggled into going to a pub with a couple English coworkers when England played Brazil (2002?).

It was an English pub in a fairly touristy part of town. It was frequented by a large number of Englishmen and was packed for the game. Two Brazilian fellows stopped by to watchy the game. They were quite pleased with the outcome. Their exuberance was manifest as they celebrated the victory surrounded by dozens of angry English. My English coworkers said they thought there was going to be a brawl.

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