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Comment Re: The Theater Experience (Score 1) 250

They renovated our local 20-plex and put those leather recliners in all the theaters.
The seats take up so much space they've effectively cut the number of seats nearly in half.
So now, in order to actually get tickets to the movie and time we want, we have to pre-order tickets online, which is more of a hassle since the theater chain's web developers are more focused on shiny rather than functional.

Haven't given up on them yet, but lately half the time it's "EUGH! Why bother..."

Comment Let's Get to Work (Score 1) 168

point of the matter is that Florida has a $677 million dollar industry fucking up a 82 B illion dollar industry.

And their environment.
And their citizens health.

That doesn't even make sense from a business standpoint, let alone the benefit of society.

But hey, at least the right politicians are getting that sweet bribery, er, lobbying.

Comment "Master Plan", sounds a bit ominous (Score 0) 174

You know who else had a Master Plan?


I always said that Elon Musk character was a ridiculous caricature of a Bond villain and just plain bad writing.
But then we got a billionaire reality TV star, who was involved with Professional Wrestling, going to be President and the audience isn't howling for a purge of the writers' bullpen. Demand more sensible scripting of reality.

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