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Comment Re:Europe is the one that should be scared. (Score 1) 667

I'm German and I agree that Merkel's lonely autumn 2015 decision was disastrous, but the UK had nothing to do with it and wasn't affected by it. There are no "open borders" there, least of all for refugees, and the English Channel provides better protection against uncontrolled mass immigration than any open border agreements that the UK wasn't even part of to begin with. The whole thing is largely psychological -- which makes it all the more tragic (or funny, depending on how you look at it). If you just consider how close the referendum was, it's pretty clear that any pre-election event that worked even slightly in the Brexit proponents' favor must have been decisive. I think it's a near certainty that without 2015 Merkels decision, the parliament in London today would've debated education or tobacco taxes and nobody would be talking about leaving the EU.

And just a few weeks ago it became public that Merkel had already ordered police forces to close the border, but backed down at the last moment because she was afraid of "ugly scenes" on TV. I guess she didn't anticipate that this would then have so far-reaching consequences a few months later. To me the whole thing looks like Murphy's Law working at a very large scale.

Comment Re:tabs4lyf (Score 1) 300

I agree. If I use tabs for indention I don't care about the number of spaces they're equivalent to. The setting is also tied to the editor, and not the code, so if you look at my code on your editor, the code will have your favored indentation length.

Chances are it'll look like crap on anything but your tab width, unless you never do any daring stuff like breaking long parameter lists into multiple lines or some such.

Comment type/length field (Score 1) 203

Torvalds said on a mailing list yesterday that he's not concerned since 'Git doesn't actually just hash the data, it does prepend a type/length field to it', making it harder to attack than a PDF

I didn't get that one. PDF has a preamble too, right? Which the researchers were able to reproduce just fine in both "shattered" PDFs.

Comment Re:If Apple built a Hololens we'd never hear about (Score 1) 113

If Apple built a Hololens we'd never hear about it

Until it was ready for release. It's just bad product management to tease products that aren't ready for release yet, solve the main problems behind locked doors first.

What if that very "keep everything secret" strategy prevents Apple from building highly experimental products like a HoloLens in the first place.

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