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Comment Re:Is it just branding or is it a real patent issu (Score 1) 266

I'm actually surprised that there's a market for cheap golf balls given how much disposable income you need to have to play golf these days. You need to belong to a country club, buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment

Not really: you can buy relatively good clubs (non-pro of course) for a few hundred dollars, and there are plenty of golf courses that don't require club membership. You can play a round for less than $50 on some decent courses. They're not quite PGA-level, but then again if you aren't going to spend a ton of money you probably aren't at the skill level that would require.

Comment Re: Trump is already a uniter (Score 1) 637

Even the URL contains the word "purports", which casts doubts on the accuracy, which is highly questionable based on the source of the video. The content of the highly-questionable video even explicitly says it was not about the 2016 election.

Comment Re: In unrelated news... (Score 1) 203

I'm not sure if you read the summary, but protestors lit a number of construction vehicles on fire, causing $2.5 million in damage.

IMO, once you start setting things on fire and breaking shit, you should be referred to as a "rioter", not a "protester". I'm not sure where the line is on that one, but a lot of recent "protests" have crossed it and no one seems to say anything about it.

Comment Re:10K, 100K, does't matter (Score 1) 203

I am very skeptical of snopes' conclusions on this one.

They reached no conclusion: the page says "Unproven", not "False". If they want to know if a police force is using an unlikely resource, who else can they contact but that police force? It's improbable that there ARE any other reliable sources.

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