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Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Actually, that's not what was addressed: the study said the car's driving range was sufficient for 87% of people, which is perfectly reasonable. Neither the article nor the study's abstract mentioned charging availability at all, except the article said that it was "cited as [a] drawback". I can't say whether the study's text addressed that because I'm not going to spend $30 just to read it.

Comment Re: Say what now? (Score 1) 133

If you're going to break down the concept of color by referring only to frequencies, then "monochrome" is meaningless anyway and you are just as wrong in your attempted pedantry. Color is defined by the frequencies we perceive with our eyes and our brain interprets. If those frequencies exist and are recognized, then color "exists". You might as well say that sound doesn't really exist because it's just a pressure wave and our mind interprets the impulses coming from our ears. You can argue it's true, but only by attempting to invalidate the basic meaning of the word you are trying to discredit.

Chickens don't really exist: your eyes just interpret a combination of molecules and electricity interacting in very complex ways.

Comment Re:An excellent question! The answer is "maybe"... (Score 1) 380

EULAs cannot deprive you of any right that is in violation of law. If a law has been interpreted to mean that reselling software is completely legal, a EULA claiming that you can't is unenforceable, and essentially invalid (that specific part of it, at least).

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