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Comment No it's not (Score 2) 459

Jeb Bush spent $150 million on a primary race with tons of ad buys and campaigning goodness that money could buy and came in nearly dead last.

Money gets your message out but it doesn't mean that it will automatically translate into votes.

If that were the case the new Ghostbusters movie should be the highest grossing movie of all time.

Now it does represent a barrier to entry for candidates without the money/support networks - But - here's a perfect example where one man with the means can fund another with the vision. What if he had spent that much on Bernie's campaign instead?

Comment Re:What kind of stupid ass reporting is this?! (Score 5, Insightful) 176

"The article is stating that these problems occur more often on iOS vs Android, not that these problems occur on every phone"

The title of the article is:

"iPhones and iPads Fail More Often Than Android Smartphones – Study"

This means the authors of the article want you to think that Androids are better than iPhones.

Yet a Wifi connectivity issue is given the same weight as a touch screen failure or a random reboot because those problems only affect 1/3 of Android phones whereas 2/3 of iphone users have wifi connectivity problems.

What's the point of an Apples (heh) to oranges comparison other than the click-baity title then?

There's no real information here. Just massaged statistics for an ad hit. It's worthless for a comparison and, worse, the raw data doesn't make any sense in the article either so it's doubly worthless.

Comment What kind of stupid ass reporting is this?! (Score 5, Interesting) 176

I'm not an "apple boi" by any stretch of the imagination but c'mon -

"The main issues that owners of iOS smartphones face is not being able to connect to a WiFi network, dropped connections, slow speeds and incorrect password prompts. Android smartphone users struggled with camera issues, battery charging, touch screen issues, app crashes, syncing problems and random reboots."

Apple has wifi issues (I've encountered them too) - Android has toush screen issues, random reboots (random reboots?!?!) - therefore Android is better WTF?!

"The study also revealed that 50% of iOS applications crashes in Q2, compared to 23% of Android apps."

ok but that's not necessarily and iOS problem per se - (I don't blame Microsoft for Adobe's lousy QA or, heh, iTunes crashes...) So what's the details here...

"Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat were among the top apps to crash on iOS, while Google Play Services, Google Contacts Sync and Address Book crashed the most on Android."

Facebook crashes on iOS but Address Book crashes on Android - ergo Android is better?! Again... WTF!?

Comment So.. like.. (Score 1) 256

With Apple and Google getting into cars Microsoft can't be far behind so will this happen with their cars soon?

Here, here's our car for FREE and while you drive it we'll give you mileage rewards. Just make sure you use BING navigation and BING auto-insurance which will track your driving and mileage habits!

Heck, why not start that with Windows Phones first...

Or they could, y'know.. just make a better web browser?

Comment Re:Based on the XBox One... (Score 1) 264

I agree with you entirely but the days of physical media are all but over and the days of even storing the APP and RESOURCES on your local box are on the way out in lieu of live streaming games.

The cost savings and efficiencies to the business are just too good to pass up. In theory it should be good for your case because all updates will be on their server so you won't have long load times getting updates.

OTOH you get to bear all the streaming costs!

Comment Anime, older shows? Imthebossneedtheinfo (Score 1) 111

I've been using it to mostly stream anime - Does that go to Yahoo too or fall under Hulu's subscription model?

Are they going to continue to show ads on their PAID SUBSCRIPTION service? Even the more expensive NO-ADS subscription service that still sells ads?

Is Yahoo's service still going to use Hulu's software to stream or has Yahoo come up with a whole new system?

And how many people can use the Hulu subscription simultaneously... :)

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