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Comment So.. like.. (Score 1) 256

With Apple and Google getting into cars Microsoft can't be far behind so will this happen with their cars soon?

Here, here's our car for FREE and while you drive it we'll give you mileage rewards. Just make sure you use BING navigation and BING auto-insurance which will track your driving and mileage habits!

Heck, why not start that with Windows Phones first...

Or they could, y'know.. just make a better web browser?

Comment Re:Based on the XBox One... (Score 1) 263

I agree with you entirely but the days of physical media are all but over and the days of even storing the APP and RESOURCES on your local box are on the way out in lieu of live streaming games.

The cost savings and efficiencies to the business are just too good to pass up. In theory it should be good for your case because all updates will be on their server so you won't have long load times getting updates.

OTOH you get to bear all the streaming costs!

Comment Anime, older shows? Imthebossneedtheinfo (Score 1) 111

I've been using it to mostly stream anime - Does that go to Yahoo too or fall under Hulu's subscription model?

Are they going to continue to show ads on their PAID SUBSCRIPTION service? Even the more expensive NO-ADS subscription service that still sells ads?

Is Yahoo's service still going to use Hulu's software to stream or has Yahoo come up with a whole new system?

And how many people can use the Hulu subscription simultaneously... :)

Comment We built an omni-UX and that sank into the swamp (Score 2) 255

So we built another on top of that and that caught fire, burned and sank into the swamp.

So we built one on top of that and forced everyone into compliance... and that UX, that UX son stood!

Repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome is a sign of insanity!

I'm not even sure what the business model here is - That they'll save a few million by only having one development team across all platforms?

A TV interface that you control with a D-pad or joystick is NOT the same as a PC interface with a keyboard/mouse is NOT the same as a tablet interface with a touch screen. No matter how much you try to unify the concepts the interactions/navigations/cues are DIFFERENT at the very least from an input standard and not even counting things like screen resolutions, viewing distances and, becoming more commonplace, display hardware.

Now there's nothing wrong with having one app store with one purchasing account for all the platforms but the UX for those should be customized to maximize the benefits of each platform. My ATM, smartphone and bank teller are all ways I perform the same functions with my bank - But they're in NO WAY a unified experience!!!

Comment Re:I don't (Score 1) 507

No - not what they decide I should have but what they can use to further recover revenue from their product.

I don't want ads. The MAN thinks I should have them for my own good? Because that's what the market wants? Because the man is being magnaminous? No, the man wants his mon-ay. While all of the manufacturers could make their own set-top box to do the same thing (like Roku, AppleTV) why compete with the other manufacturers who have the market pretty much locked up already and cede the field when they can just bake it into their TV, See? You don't need that silly Roku when you have Samsung-o-vision!

I understand my rant has little to no power and how the market forces are at work/play here... But damn it felt good saying it! :)

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