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Comment Re:I probably need to see the specs (Score 2) 60

Here are a few basic rules I know of which can come into play *in my jurisdiction* (the rules vary by state)
1) you get unemployment. But not if you quit. Or you get injured, workman's comp and medicare usually cover that unless under special circumstances. You must be registered and actively looking for work.

2) You cannot file for unemployment until two weeks after you get laid off. If you get severance pay you have to wait to use all that up first then you can file. Though you can register for training course work, job search help, resume writing classes etc. Except under special circumstances. Ditto if you get cashed out by a WARN action.

3)You can work and 50% of what you earn is reduced from your unemployment (A person who does even spot labor has a better chance of getting a job plus it helps the person's morale). Until you exceed your unemployment pay out, then you are considered re-employed though still registered in case the temp employment drops off in a few weeks.

4) Everyone start with 26 weeks of unemployment.

5) If you spot work as in #3 then for every dollar you return to the state it goes to into your 26 week maximum payout pool. So you could have unemployment beyond 26 weeks.

6) The rules can vary by industry as well

7) Victims of natural disaster and terrorist attacks get special coverage and exemptions. If their employers goes out of business they often have longer periods of time to find work.

8) These rules can change by an act of congress or the stroke of a governors pen at anytime.

Comment Re:Milestone Payments (Score 1) 60

1) probably the Governor as part of his streamline the government "do more with less" philosophy. (Ignoring the fact that that is a violation of the laws of Thermodynamics)

2) Because they realized they got screwed.

3) Hard to tell. Or just following the legislation directing the project to be done.

4) Probably brushed up their resumes and left if they were smart. Or possibly became consultants helping to keep the crap going with bubble gum and bailing wire.

Comment Re:The benefits of Single Payer (Score 1) 116

The big bugbears of IT catastrophes are scope creep and poor requirements analysis/definition.

So how do you prevent them on projects that last years? This is very much a waterfall mind set of "everything must be defined before we start" even though over the course of several years in which the project can last things *will* change. What is needed is an Agile like approach to IT projects.

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