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Comment American living abroad here. (Score 1) 1141

Portion size. Thats why Americans are fat. Food is cheap and portions are huge. When I first moved to New Zealand I ate out a lot. The portions seemed tiny and I was always hungry. Then I just got used to it and now I can't stop losing weight. In fact what used to seem tiny now fills me up.

Comment Re:er... (Score 1) 177

Also The Foundry's Katana (new awesome product). Qt, specifically PyQt/PySide are huge in VFX industry. I don't know of a large VFX house that is not using PyQt at all levels of the pipeline.

Comment Re:It mostly sucks (Score 1) 394

Are you talking about RealD? What is Real3D? RealD is not taking an image and shifting it. All RealD does is take the right eye/left eye and converts it to a format that works better in movie theaters, especially in the front row. They are not into stereo conversion. The don't touch the convergence. "Disney Digital 3D" is just a marketing term, Disney itself doesn't really have a stereo conversion process They pay other people to do it. Every VFX house does 3D differently, and most Disney movies have at least 2 different houses working on 3D conversion. I've worked on many Disney films, including Alice in Wonderland and GeForce.

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