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PC World's 25 Worst Web Sites 272

Cilibrin writes "PC World has posted a story on the 25 dumbest dot-coms and silliest sites. Among those to make the list are the pet-related Neuticles — a site for testicular implants for pets — and every child's favorite, Rabies for Kids." From the article: "As venture capitalists scramble to throw money at anything labeled Ajax or Web 2.0, and Web publishing becomes so simple that anyone with a working mouse hand can put up a site, we offer our list of the 25 worst Web sites of all time. Many of our bottom 25 date from the dot-com boom, when no bad idea went unfunded. Some sites were outright scams — at least two of our featured Net entrepreneurs spent some time in the pokey. Others are just examples of bad design, or sites that got a little too careless with users' information, or tried to demand far too much personal data for too little benefit. And to prove we're not afraid to pick on somebody much bigger than us, our pick for the worst Web site may be the hottest cyberspot on the planet right now. "
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PC World's 25 Worst Web Sites

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  • Myspace... (Score:5, Funny)

    by Patik ( 584959 ) <> on Friday September 15, 2006 @11:27PM (#16118658) Homepage Journal
    Should've taken all 25 spots.
    • YES! (Score:5, Funny)

      by DurendalMac ( 736637 ) on Friday September 15, 2006 @11:33PM (#16118687)
      I'm glad it made number one. I work in a computer lab as a student at a university, and Myspace is responsible for more browser hangs than everything else combined. That site is a festering cyst on the asshole of the internet.
      • Re: myspace (Score:4, Informative)

        by klenwell ( 960296 ) <klenwell@gmail.COBOLcom minus language> on Saturday September 16, 2006 @12:18AM (#16118850) Homepage Journal
        Resistance is afoot: []
        • Re: myspace (Score:4, Insightful)

          by NoTheory ( 580275 ) on Saturday September 16, 2006 @01:30AM (#16119037)
          I say this as someone who both loathes myspace, and has an account (granted w/o any information filled in), but how is signing up for a myspace account resistance? The problem with moshi conceptually, is that people don't care whether their code or their CSS is kosher, they just care that it looks the way they want it to. I guess i just fail to see how moshi encourages people to be better. Even if you give a proof of concept, that doesn't mean that anybody is going to jump on the bandwagon.
          • Re: myspace (Score:4, Insightful)

            by FireFury03 ( 653718 ) <slashdot@nexusu[ ]rg ['k.o' in gap]> on Saturday September 16, 2006 @07:00AM (#16119610) Homepage
            people don't care whether their code or their CSS is kosher, they just care that it looks the way they want it to.

            Also, the way they want it to look is often terrible - most of the MySpace sites are either completely unreadable because of some background the site owner has decided to apply, or just plain annoying because they've decided that absolutely everyone must hear their favorite piece of music so they push it upon you as soon as you open the page.

            From what I can see, the one good thing MySpace has done is group a large amount of crap in one place so it's easier to avoid.

            (And I'm not even going to get started on the number of MySpace people who have taken to whoring my bandwidth by linking full size 6MP photos off my web server as their background images without permission).
      • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

        by mnmn ( 145599 )
        Myspace was #1?

        I clicked on #1 and I got to a generic site asking me to enter my personal info. I agreed with the choice.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Danga ( 307709 )
      Should've taken all 25 spots.

      Someone is mad they can't get anyone to add them as a friend...
    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      While it's undeniable that there's tons of Crap on MySpace, it also has it's uses.

      As an independent musician who has a CD out, MySpace has given me an excellent means of promotion and finding new listeners. I've also been able to find other musicians to form bands with using MySpace. I wouldn't have a bass player right now if it weren't for MySpace. It was simply a matter of heading over to google and typing " (my city name) bass" (since MySpace lacks a useful search feature, heh) and I fou
  • Bumper Bawls(bawlz? something like that) beat Neuticles I think; they were fake testicles for CARS.

    I hope they were a joke.
    • Re:Worst? (Score:4, Funny)

      by Cheapy ( 809643 ) on Saturday September 16, 2006 @12:05AM (#16118795)
      Nope. They aren't a joke.

      I've seen them. On cars that is.
    • by dman123 ( 115218 )
      I hope they were a joke.

      I've never seen a pair on a car but I think I've seen at least 10 trucks/SUVs with them. Blech!
    • No joke, I've seen them hanging from the back of large, powerful trucks on the expressways around me.

      I've not seen them very often, mind you, but every couple months or so I see another one (or pair, as it were).
      • I know of at least one large workplace where they spread through the parking lot for several months -- until the morning the boss saw a pair...;-)

    • They are not a joke.

      See: []

  • The full list (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 15, 2006 @11:34PM (#16118692)
    22. Digital entertainment network (
    21. Golden Palace Casino
    19. WebVan
    18. and (tie)
    16. Microsoft Windows Update
    12. The Dancing Baby
    11. Rabies for Kids
    8. BonziBuddy
    5. AllAdvantage
    4. CD Universe
    2. CyberRebate
    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by slagell ( 959298 )
      I was afraid I would see my site up there. :-) Good thing no one visits it.
    • by grammar fascist ( 239789 ) on Saturday September 16, 2006 @12:13AM (#16118835) Homepage
      They TOTALLY left out Association of International Glaucoma Societies []!

      Maybe it's because they cleaned up their act. They no longer play the Glaucoma Hymn upon visit - you have to click on something now. They've still got the frames, the horrendous color scheme, and the bobbing heads, which I suppose represent people with Glaucoma.

      Glaucoma, Glaucoma, Glaucoma
      Constricting vision slowly
      Halted by progress of science
      Vision of a world united
      Beyond all science knowing...
      • Re:The full list (Score:5, Insightful)

        by rahmza ( 862442 ) on Saturday September 16, 2006 @01:31AM (#16119039)
        I'm sorry, but the worst website I have ever seen has to be []
        • by hdparm ( 575302 )
          Thanks. Please expect the bill from my optometrist in next few days.
        • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

          by Al Dimond ( 792444 )
          I don't have a Windows box within reach right now... can anyone tell if that ( renders into anything remotely legible in IE? In FF it looks like a Jackson Pollack painting...
          • Using IE Tab it looks exactly the same, but has the added bonus of launching pop-up windows which play music at me.
        • by Secrity ( 742221 ) on Saturday September 16, 2006 @06:33AM (#16119571)
          I now have to go to goatse to get that melange of hideous images out of my mind. As far as I can tell, is a site for born again afghan dogs.
        • I'm sorry, but the worst website I have ever seen has to be []

          It's pretty hard to disagree with you. And as a guy who has built a lot of dog-related web content for and about dog breeders, I can tell you that the design sensibilities that result in outbreaks like this is more of an epidemic than a fluke.

          That being said, I have to wonder: why, when, and how did you find that spectacular web site? Yes, I'm looking for SEO tips. :P
        • No, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see they have a picture of a dog with the words "great site award".
          this proves without any doubt that it is actually a top quality web site.
        • Well, you're quite right. That's a beastly site, from its unreadable graphics to the awful hubris of explaining why IE 4.x (!) is the browser I really need to be using. I suppose the site owner knows best: she's the owner of AAA World Wide Web Design. Frankly, though, PCWorld should have done a top 1000 suck websites. There's sooo much out there -- beginning with anything that's generated by Microsoft Front Page.
        • That site just has to be a joke.

          Surely someone has made that site as bad as possible as a joke to show their friends. No one could be that truly awful and still claim to have "the most beautiful pages on the www".

          Check out the "Why we suggest you use IE" page: []

          Tell me that's not a joke. It's just impossible to take seriously. The inaccuracies sprinkled with a hint of misunderstood technical info is just impossible to believe!
      • Thanks for this great gem. This catchy hymn will be in my head for at least a week...
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by yog ( 19073 )
      They've obviously never visited University of Massachusetts at Boston's website [] or Northeastern University's School of Professional and Continuing Studies []. Just try to find a course listing on these pathetically designed sites; I dare you. Note especially how you need to look up a code that corresponds to "Fall 2006" on the UMass site before you can even search for a fall course, and you have to go through this horrific Peoplesoft data entry screen. I am sure that the average high school student could ha
  • by iamacat ( 583406 ) on Friday September 15, 2006 @11:37PM (#16118700)
    People need to get basic information from somewhere, what's so terrible for this particular source?
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by mblase ( 200735 )
      what's so terrible for this particular source?

      I think the (legitimate) gripe about this particular site [] was the garrish design. The whole thing is very, very 1990s-college-freshman in the way it looks.
  • Of course, there are much worse out there. How do I know, I see it every time a new person wants to start a fan site about something stupid.

    On the other hand, there are lots of cool sites. used to be cool, until they started using annoying pop ups (yay for blockers) and what not. Funny site though. There are tons of others... so, my suggestion, when you come to talk some trash about how bad those sites are and add your list, throw out a site you think is cool as well.

  • by AtariDatacenter ( 31657 ) on Friday September 15, 2006 @11:41PM (#16118711)
    In a story with 1500+ votes, Digg users acknowledged THIS to be the worst web site ever: []

    A quote: "I feel like I lost a part of my web design soul just by viewing this site."
    • by mblase ( 200735 )

      Kee-reist, that site literally makes my eyes hurt like they're trying to retreat into my skull. I am not kidding. I can still feel it.
    • by dufachi ( 973647 ) on Saturday September 16, 2006 @12:29AM (#16118880) Homepage Journal
      Well, I am going to have to agree that the site in question should be on the top 10, considering that they claim on their hideous-looking site that they are both elite and elitists. Apparently, the elite are color-blind.
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by imroy ( 755 )
      Ok, that has got to be a parody. The author(s) claim to be a "Member of the HTML writers guild", but a look at the HTML shows it was produced with MS Word, complete with all the rubbish that entails. The clan members page however looks to be a dead give-away.

      i helped co-author two of the bestselling books, "Teach Yourself MS-Paint in 21 Days" and "Teach Yourself MS-Bob in 21 Days".

      i have written, consulted and co-written many various and numerous plugins for MSPAINT, including the "ALIASER" (a de-anti

    • Best part (Score:5, Funny)

      by Kadin2048 ( 468275 ) <slashdot,kadin&xoxy,net> on Saturday September 16, 2006 @01:31AM (#16119041) Homepage Journal
      What I really love about that site is their business motto:
      I swear I've done business with these guys.
    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by ocdude ( 932504 ) I can't believe I clicked on that. I'm going to have nightmares for months...
    • by HUADPE ( 903765 )
      There are times when one is glad one has ELinks. This is one of them.
    • I cannot believe that this site was created with serious intent. My guess is that someone had a lot of time on their hands, or that it was some kind of group-html-masturbation.

      I mean, hade you read some of the stuff?

      Some choice nuggets:
      "i have written, consulted and co-written many various and numerous plugins for MSPAINT, including the "ALIASER" (a de-anti-aliaser), the innovative and hi-tech "Tree Fattener v2.0", and the "Lens Flare Drop Shadower" (if you've ever seen a lens flare with a drop shadow, and
    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      This one's not as painful on the eyes but if it's real, it's probably even worse: []
    • You have to see the popunder (that was blocked when I used Firefox) for the full effect. The filename for the popunder picture is "CDC_SPAM_AD.gif".

      My vote is that the site is a spoof.

    • by Afty0r ( 263037 )
      Quoted for truthery from the site:

      our pages load in one minute or less or it is free****
      if at any time our page causes your machine to crash, send us a screen shot and core dump and we will send you the hot fix, free***

      Anyone consider this may be a hoax/practical joke?

      Amusing, either way.
    • by necro81 ( 917438 )
      I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry:

      [note: most of this was in all caps - the lameness filter at /. made me retype it]

      cyber d-sign crew is responsible 4 cutting edge web, print and business card designs.[/all caps]

      We offer services using the latest technologies and plugins.

      all cyber design productions are y2k-bug tested and compliant. you have our guarantee.
      if you are not happy with finished project you take it and pay us.
      we do not consult with clients - we unleash the project

      there is a d

  • I don't know whether to be gratified or insulted that Ninja Burger [] didn't make the cut, as silly as it is.

    Though looking at their list, it appears they really weren't interested in silly anyway; sites that were intentionally silly number only 5 (by my count), the bulk qualifying as dumb (which I read as unintentional silliness or lack of quality):

    22. Digital entertainment network (
    21. Golden Palace Casino
    19. WebVan
    18. and (tie)
  • by owlman17 ( 871857 ) on Friday September 15, 2006 @11:42PM (#16118717)

    This site helps you find that special someone, even if you have to wait 13 years for her parole to come up."

    I tried clicking on the link but it says "Service Unavailable."

    I hope this wasn't slashdotted.
  • Glass houses... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Griim ( 8798 ) on Friday September 15, 2006 @11:43PM (#16118720) Homepage
    The best part is PCWorld's site sucks.

    I don't know what their minimum requirement is, but I don't like to maximize my browser window, so I can see what's going on in the background. I have a large screen though, so most sites will fit in a window that's roughly 1024 across...not this site though!

    And who doesn't love an article that's broken down into at least 5 separate pages? I know there's nothing I love more than clicking and waiting 5 times, just to read a single article.
    • >The best part is PCWorld's site sucks.

      Agreed. I clicked on the #1 site link only to find pcworld blocking it with their own 'subscribe now' pop-up. Now that's crappy web design and no one at pcworld has any right to attack others until they clean up their own act.
    • Elitism Foiled. (Score:3, Interesting)

      by twitter ( 104583 )

      The best part is PCWorld's site sucks.

      Yes, and that goes a long way to foil the author's baseless elitism. A recurrent theme of the article is snobbery. MySpace looks bad because people are stupid and evil is their central message:

      ... a one-stop shopping mall for online predators. ... In an era when the basic tenets of the Net are under attack by both Ma Bell and Uncle Sam, MySpace is a headache we don't need. But let's put all that aside for a moment. Graphically, many MySpace pages look like a tee

  • by slack-fu ( 940017 ) on Friday September 15, 2006 @11:45PM (#16118731) Homepage
    This list is completely wrong, Hamster Dance is the de facto standard of excellence in web design. Ive modeled almost all of my geocities sites after it, and nowadays I try to implement its design features the my personal, and friends, myspace pages.
  • They have the stpuidest ad campaign and PC World described it best as buy as much crap as they can. They bought the naming rights to a monkey. A freaking monkey for $600,000. On the one hand it is good for the monkeys because it's going to help them. On the other hand why???
  • Clearly there is something wrong when "modestapparelchristianclothinglydiaofpurpledresse" [] does not make it in the top 5 of worst .com lists.
    • Wow, the counter at the bottom says 500692 people have visited that site! How much of that is due to the slashdot effect, or are there that many women in search of modest clothing?
      • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

        by m85476585 ( 884822 )
        A typical /. effect for a front page story is 80,000, so I don't think a link in the comments would get 500,000. It looks like they set their counter to start as 500,000 and have had 692 visitors since then.
  • This must be a list of the 25 worst websites that don't list themselves.
  • Not that bad... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by mrcolj ( 870373 )
    Of the 60 million active websites out there, they're trying to tell me that I've even heard of any of the worst 25? I was expecting 25 on par with "neuticles" or "rabies for kids," not another baseless rant against Windows Update. And don't nobody mention Dancing Baby, which is so good that 7 years later I just showed it to my wife a week ago (who's too young to have seen it--25.) Moral of the story: no major magazine has ever put out a legit list (besides the Fortune 500.) PC World's list of the worst
  • by Ranger ( 1783 ) on Saturday September 16, 2006 @12:06AM (#16118802) Homepage
    I love Neuticles []. I think they are one of the best products on the market for dogs. I can picture this endorsement:

    Customer: After I had my first dog, Scamp, snipped, he just didn't lick himself with the same enthusiasm. When we were going to get our second dog, Arny, snipped we heard about neuticles. After they removed his manhood, we had the install a big ole pair of neuticles. He was unsure of himself for a few days. He sniffed at them tentatively, gave them a lick and he was hooked. I decided to get a pair for Scamp installed. And boy was he happy. Now, both dogs lick themselves with the same enthusiasm as if they had real balls.

    Arny & Scamp: (in unison) Woof! Woof!
  • The rabies site deserves an "OMG RABIES!!!"

    It looks like a 15-year-old girl designed that site. Poor Canada. :-(

    • by mkiwi ( 585287 )
      Correction to previous post:

      Replace "Poor Canada. :-(" with:
      "Designed in the USA by Hippies. ~_~"

  • Windows Update? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by raezr ( 946135 ) <jraezr AT gmail DOT com> on Saturday September 16, 2006 @12:11AM (#16118823) Homepage
    I've never known anyone to have trouble with it. How is it difficult to click the "update" button and let it do everything for you?

    This sounds more like a lame attempt to bash "Micro$oft" yet again.
    • by goldfndr ( 97724 )
      I'm guessing you have a high resolution web browser display and/or you're only using Express. Try running it in 800x600 (or smaller - doesn't MSIE default to a pretty low resolution?) and see how easily you can read the list of critical updates (if you don't choose Express).

      Microsoft is notorious for their misuse of space, and Windows Update is no exception. Their primary idiocy is non-resizable dialogs, but I digress.

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by evilviper ( 135110 )

      I've never known anyone to have trouble with it.

      Windows update is okay. THE REST OF MICROSOFT.COM IS UTTER CRAP.

      A COMPLETELY random collection of pages, added with no particular scheme in-mind. It's extremely difficult for both their own search engine, and Google, to handle. And to make things WORSE, they go out of their way to REMOVE links to useful pages frequently, and eventually remove the pages themselves.

      I've made it a point to burn EVERYTHING to CD, that I've downloaded from Microsoft. Next syste

  • What? No []
    • by rk ( 6314 ) *

      What do you mean? Don't you know you can do anything you like at zombocom?

  • can be seen on a 4th season episode of "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" You can hear and see the inventor sum up his invention in his own words, accompanied by Penn's chiding commentary. If it's not enough for you to just *read* about artificial pet testicles, and you're more the type who wants to *see* them, then feel free to get ahold of the episode. It's episode 406 from season 4, entitled "Pet Love". You can probably get it right now using your favorite p2p program.

    And no, I am not Penn Gillette, nor
  • by Perseid ( 660451 ) on Saturday September 16, 2006 @01:57AM (#16119101)
    FTA: "In 2003 Zuccarini pleaded guilty to violating the Truth in Domain Names Act and was sentenced to 2.5 years in the federal pen."

    What? Truth in Domain Names Act? So if I create a site about rocket launchers and register it to I can go to jail? Can fuzzybunnies be a porn site?
  • The first first lines on his homepage:

    This is my page .......


    I KISS YOU !!!!!

    I like music , I have many many music enstrumans my home I can play

    I like sport , swiming , basketball , tenis , volayball , walk .........

    I like sex

    I like travel I go 3-4 country every year

    This definitely is Borat []!

    On a side note, the "inmates for you" site seems to have been slashdotted already..

  • I used to work at the hosting company that John Zuccarini used for all these squatting domains. He would just buy thousands of domains at a time and point them to his different porn sites. When he got sued, he had no idea what domains he even owned, and I had to write scripts to find all the domain names that were pointed to his IPs.
  • Sigh (Score:5, Interesting)

    by mqduck ( 232646 ) <mqduck@m[ ] ['qdu' in gap]> on Saturday September 16, 2006 @02:51AM (#16119216)
    Like perhaps most people, I skipped first to #1.

    The ease with which anyone of any age can create a page, upload photos, share deeply personal details of their lives, and make new "friends" quickly turned MySpace into a one-stop shopping mall for online predators.

    I lost interest in the article right about here. thinkofthechildren, etc.
    (Come to think of it, aren't shopping malls one-stop shopping malls for "predators"? Oh, teh irony!)
  • by GrumpySimon ( 707671 ) <email.simon@net@nz> on Saturday September 16, 2006 @04:33AM (#16119387) Homepage
    Myspace: where blink tags go to die

    Myspace: It's like being trapped in geocities, during 1996.

    Anyone else?

  • also known as the DPRK website []. You have to see it to believe it :)

  • I knew it (Score:4, Funny)

    by suv4x4 ( 956391 ) on Saturday September 16, 2006 @08:29AM (#16119769)
    So I click "Worst Site #1" link directly.

    And what opens? PC World. With a bunch of floating flash ads over the article. No wonder.
  • Maybe Hotmail has its problems (advertisements, banners etc) but should it really be in a list together with the greatest crap ever produced? Either they have lost a large userbase or many hypocrites participated in the voting.

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