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Comment Opportunity lost for AMD (Score 1) 585

There's lot's of people that don't want Windows 10 spyware forced down their throat and with AMD running out of money and desperate to win market share from Intel, that could have been the key selling point for Zen - Windows 7 support.
That would be a similar game plan as Vulkan versus DirectX 12 - offer them something that the competition doesn't have.

Comment Tim Cook is lying (Score 1) 410

According to BBC, Tim Cook is lying about how much tax Apple has paid:
"He claimed that Apple paid tax at a rate of 26% around the world, that isn't the whole story.

Apple works out its tax rate as if it had paid taxes due in the US at a rate of 35%.

But the actual payment of those taxes is deferred - till when, nobody knows.

Maybe until US taxes come down or some special tax amnesty is agreed to repatriate hundreds of billions that Apple and others keep off US shores in the tax equivalent of outer space.

In fact, the scramble to avoid paying tax at 35% is the reason the whole structure exists in the first place."

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