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Comment The elephant i (Score 2) 88

Well, it doesn't look too good for AMD. Their "super efficient" RX 480 uses much more power than the 1060 and is slower.
On the bright side is the price of the 480 is only $200 (well, eventually it will be ;) ) and also AMD's version of aync compute works far better than Pascal (see: and )

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 227

It's nothing to do with Moore's law. Intel's next chip will only be marginally faster, because it has no competition. They could make it a lot faster by redesigning the core, but why bother if there's no competition?
Moore's law hasn't stopped, it's just slowed down. They will have 10nm next year and then 7nm and there's also 3D packaging that will keep Moore's law going for quite a while.

Submission + - Visual Studio 2015 c++ compiler secretly inserts telemetry code into binaries ( 4

edxwelch writes: Reddit user "sammiesdog" discovered recently that the Visual Studio 2015 c++ compiler was inserting calls to a Microsoft telemetery function into binaries.
"I compiled a simple program with only main(). When looking at the compiled binary in Ida, I see a calls for telemetry_main_invoke_trigger and telemetry_main_return_trigger. I can not find documentation for these calls, either on the web or in the options page."
Only after the discovery did Steve Carroll, the dev manager for Visual C++, admit to the feature and posted a work around. The "feature" is to be removed in Update 3 of the product.

Submission + - Scientists Break Through the Clouds to Reveal Source of Jupiter's Wild Weather (

Zothecula writes: The standard image of Jupiter is of a mysterious planet shrouded in colorful strips, spots and swirls. But what exactly is going on beneath the atmosphere's chaotic exterior is a question that has mystified astronomers for some time. Researchers have now peeled back the curtain by producing the most detailed radio map of Jupiter's atmosphere yet, revealing swathes of ammonia gas that drive its stormy weather and possibly, other giant planets just like it.

Comment Re:Absolutely not, and never will (Score 2) 341

Interesting blog about node.js here:
some quotes:
"All this to say that it feels like the Node ecosystem is constantly moving. Not in a good way. New tools that âoetrumpâ old tools seem to come out daily. Theres always a new shiny thing to replace the other. Youâ(TM)ll be surprised on how easily this happens to you and the community seems to encourage it. You use Grunt!? Everyone uses Gulp!? Wait no, use native NPM scripts!

Packages that consist of trivial code no more than 10 lines of code are downloaded in the thousands every day from NPM. Seriously!? You need a dependancy for array type checking? "

Comment Re: Super-Overdrive Mode! (Score 1) 51

TSMC delivered their last node ahead of schedule, so it's pretty certain that they will deliver 10nm on time - i.e. Autumn 2017 - ready for the Apple A11. The latest rumour says that Samsung will pip them to the post, though and Intel will only be a few months behind.
Intel are more agressive on tolerances, so their 10nm will be more dense than TSMC's. This comes at a cost though, because it's much harder to get good yields.
You should bear in mind Intel's processes are built for high end SoC's costing around $200, while TSMC's process is designed for much cheaper SoCs ($5 - $30). Although Intel's process is denser and better performing than TSMC's, it is also more expensive to manufacture.

Comment Re:Is it *really* Vulkan? (Score 1) 142

> AMD Mantle and Apple's Metal on desktop-class GPUs there are mixed performance gains (sometimes faster than OpenGL, but also sometimes slower)

If it's slower, it's because of bad implementation. Either badly written drivers or badly written application.

For me, I welcome Vulkan. I don't have to tie myself in knots anymore trying to optimise draw call into batches. The only that OpenGL has that is better than Vulkan is compatibility.

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