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Submission + - Jolla Announces 1st Meego/Android-App Device Available Year End 2013

x_IamSpartacus_x writes: Jolla, the Finnish company that continued Nokia’s work on the MeeGo mobile platform, announced details of its first smartphone on Monday. Availability for the Jolla device is expected by year end and can be pre-ordered now; the phone will be priced at no more than €399 (US $512.26).
The Jolla hardware looks similar to that of Nokia’s Lumia, with a clean, button-less front face that houses the 4.5-inch touchcscreen.The phone will use a dual-core processor and support 4G LTE in some regions. Internal storage tops out at 16 GB, but can be expanded via microSD card. The phone also includes an 8 megapixel rear camera with auto focus.
The phone is also “Android app compliant” which, in a move similar to that of BlackBerry, can help with available apps at launch.

Submission + - Jolla Promises Sailfish Phone by End of 2013 (

judgecorp writes: Jolla has announced the first phone to use Sailfish, the new name for the MeeGo Linux-based mobile operating system which originated in Nokia. Jolla says the phone's coloured cases are more than just covers — they are an "other half" of the phone which will change and customise the appearance and functions of software on the phone.

Submission + - Jolla Annouce Hardware for Their Linux Phone (

Duncan J Murray writes: Jolla, the Ex-Nokia N9 employee spin-off, has just released some details and pictures of their first handset based on their linux operating system. It will run a dual-core processor, a 4.5" screen, have a replaceable battery and a micro-SD card slot, and will initially be available in Europe for EUR399. The main selling points are a multi-tasking user-interface which is capable of running android apps using an Alien Dalvik layer from Myriad group, and *cough* replaceable multi-coloured back covers.

The technology is based on the Mer distribution, using RPM package management and QT/HTML5. The OS is called Sailfish, and work is on-going to develop a common API for Ubuntu phone, Sailfish and Plasma Active.

Submission + - Hate, Mapped (

Daniel_Stuckey writes: In a lot of ways, the Geography of Hate affirms what we already know: Americans are fucking racist. Homophobic and ableist, too.

But while that may not come as any great surprise, the map reveals a startling bigotry coursing beneath our preconceived notions of just where in the US hate is harbored most. Americans, it turns out, fall racist and homophobic and ableist, and are apparently vocal enough about it to spout off bigotry on social media, in no real discernible pattern, though it's often where we least expect bigotry that we find it rearing its ugly head.

The visualization comes way of Humboldt State University's Dr. Monica Stephens and the Floating Sheep--the same group that made a map of post-election Twitter hate speech. It comprises 150,000 geo-coded hate tweets flagged between June 2012 and April 2013 for including the word "chink," "gook," "nigger," "wetback," "spick," "cripple," "dyke," "fag," "homo," or "queer". At first blush it's awfully depressing, a real day ruiner, or worse. Click around and most slurs--not all, but most--see the intercontinental US pocked by deep reds, the research team's translation for "most hate." Jesus Christ. Is it 2013? It can't be 2013.

Comment Re:Assuming you are serious (Score 1) 300

No add on required.

Right click link. Then choose among the five ways to open that link.

  • "Open" = reuse the current tab
  • "Open in new tab" = open in a new tab and bring it to the front
  • "Open in background tab" = open in a new tab, but keep reading the current one
  • "Open in new window" = open in a new window and bring it to the front
  • "Open in background" window" = open in a new window but keep reading the current one

These might be affected by your settings

There are also other shortcuts like "shift + control + left click" to open a link in a new tab, but I can't remember if it's standard or something I've set up a long time ago.

Submission + - How do you deal with programmers who have not stayed current? 1

skaffen42 writes: The recent Ask Slashdot about becoming a programmer later in life got me thinking about a related question. How do you deal with programmers who have not stayed current with new technologies?

In the hiring process this is easy, you simply don't hire them. However, at most companies I have worked at there are usually a few programmers who have been employed there for long enough that the skill-set they were originally hired for has become irrelevant. At the same time they have not bothered to stay current with newer technologies. They usually have enough business knowledge that they provide some value to the company, but from a technical perspective they are a slowly increasing liability. As an example, I work with a developer who is 10 years my senior, but still doesn't understand how to write concurrent code and cannot be trusted to use a revision control system without causing a mess that somebody else will have to clean up. On top of that he is really resistant to the idea of code reviews, which I think is due to him disliking people he considers junior to him making suggestion about how to improve his code.

So how do my fellow Slashdotters handle situations like this? How do you help somebody like this to improve their skill-sets? And most importantly, how do you do so without stepping on anybody's feelings?

Comment Re:Everybody aboard the tinfoilhat-train! (Score 1) 368

You're mostly correct. You can't be forced to open your code. You have two options, you accept the terms of the GPL (and open your code) or you don't, if you don't what you have done is copyright infringement and you can be sued under copyright law. No law (in any countries I'm aware of) allows a judge to force you to give up your code, you will end up paying damages and have to stop using the infringing code, same as with any other copyright infringement.

Comment Re:Require pay and benefits parity (Score 1) 612

I'd suggest the Israeli make more of an effort to avoid harming the children, and then perhaps the Palestinians will have less reason to hate them. They're the ones with the hightech weapons. By all means shoot the terrorists, just avoid making more enemies by harming bystanders.

Problem is the middle east is caught up in a vicious circle of hate:
Terrorist blows up bus ->
Israeli get mad with revenge ->
Israeli support military action ->
Israeli bomb/attack suspected terrorist house ->
Civilians die in crossfire ->
Arab familiy and friends become mad with revenge ->
Arab joins terrorists to get revenge ->

Find a way to break that circle and some friends of the late Mr Nobel may have a medal for you.

Comment Re:Require pay and benefits parity (Score 1) 612

So what do you intend to do once the hard times are over and the US needs foreign workers again? They'll know what happens if the economy slumps and will prefer jobs elsewhere and you'll be stuck with the bottom of the barrel.

So you'll see your taxpayer money pay support for those that lost their jobs when their employer went under because they wew forced to keep all the useless people? A business will do what's profitable, you don't get fired because a foreign worker "got your job", you get fired because you cost the company more then they gain, so why should they keep you and instead fire a worker that makes themm more money than he costs?

Comment Re:NO (Score 1) 931

Let them keep their test, then subtly change the "recycled" question so that the correct answer or answers is different. If it's math just changing the numbers should do it, your statistics still apply somewhat and as an added bonus you screw the cheaters that don't recognize that the question has changed.

Comment Re:Idiots are everywhere (Score 1) 442

Then just quote the standard price for providing help:

1. One mug of coffe constantly filled while I work on the problem
2. Dinner. Homemade if I believe the client is capable of it.
3. A date, with the client or the clients hot friend/sister/daughter/neighbour, I choose.

Anyone accepting less is undercutting prices and will hear from the UoCP (union of computer persons) shortly.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 442

Most people have 2 legs. There is your average. Not that hard, eh?

So how many people do you know of with three legs?

(No, that's not a leg and even if it was it wouldn't count as a whole one)

I know of people with one or no legs, so the average will have to be less than two. And that means most people have an above average number of legs

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