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Comment They're already doing that to an extent (Score 5, Interesting) 94

I went to Australia two years ago and passport control was pretty much all automated. A machine scans your passport and takes your picture, you answer some questions on the machine, and you are printed a little receipt with your picture. Pretty much your only human interaction is handing that printout to an agent on the way out to collect your luggage. They still had plenty of human border patrol agents. And my last from the US to UK and back had a lot of passport control automation to it as well. Smile! You are on facial recognition TV.

Besides the Orwellian aspect of the whole thing what I miss most is having my passport stamped.

Comment Re: Yes (Voter Fraud vs. Election Fraud) (Score 3, Informative) 335

It's funny when the Right screams voter fraud, the left calls them all stupid because they have no evidence.

When he Left screams voter fraud from Russian hackers that they have zero evidence of, we have to waste millions of taxer payer money with lawsuits and recounts.

There is a difference between voter fraud and election fraud. Voter fraud is when an individual is able to cast a vote they are not supposed to. So far there has only been 4 cases of actual voter fraud this election. Election fraud is on a massive scale where hundreds or thousands of votes are changed or suppressed. It is easier to change the outcome of an election with a rigged election. Republicans falsely claim that voter fraud is a massive problem, so when they control state legislatures, they gerrymander districts and pass onerous voter ID laws that make it difficult or impossible for people who don't generally vote Republican (usually people of color) to vote (they don't need Russian hackers). This is a form of election fraud (but legal). Other forms of election fraud are tampered with ballot boxes like that has been reported in the Wisconsin recount. Democrats claim election fraud. They are not the same or equivalent. Election fraud can be harder to prove or do much about.

We need a balloting system that is auditable. A recount isn't an audit. An audit checks to make sure the system is working as it is supposed to and that votes are counted and reported accurately. This usually means some sort of paper trail. You can still use electronic voting machines as long as it prints a record that can be viewed.

As a side note, I favor an instant-runoff balloting system so that voter preferences are recorded, so that a candidate in a multi candidate election, a candidate doesn't win with a plurality of votes (Candidate A gets 39%, Candidate B gets 37%, Candidate C gets 24%. Candidate A wins but 61% didn't vote for him).

Comment We just cut cable except (Score 2) 112

for cable internet because it's the only game in town that has decent speed where I live. We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, a large DVD/Blu-ray library, and an amplified indoor HDTV antenna that gets all the channels I want. I plan to install an outdoor antenna later. I'm probably going to end up getting HBO's streaming service in the not too distant future. Still cheaper than cable TV. There's also a lot of free programming on YouTube as well.

Comment Putin is happy and Texas gets a woody (Score 3, Interesting) 693

I suspected that Putin is funding many of the nationalist right wing groups in Europe. In other words, he likes stirring the shit. Brexit doesn't benefit the UK or Europe or even the US. It doesn't help when austerity is punishing the working class all across Europe and their voices are being ignored. It makes them easy marks for nationalist and right wing groups and con men. As the UK begins to negotiate its exit the EU will play hardball because if they make concessions, other countries might bolt too. A disunited Europe is exactly what Putin craves for. And if the US chooses the wrong president, it won't be their to help hold Europe together.

On a separate but related note: Texas secessionists are smart enough to understand what Brexit is and have been emboldened by it. Expect to hear more about Texit if Hillary becomes president.

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