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Comment Re:STEM is the new liberal arts degree (Score 3, Informative) 174

Let's match anecdote for anecdote: I've been in the industry for nearly 25 years, and I've used calculus quite a few times and statistics (beyond just mean/stddev type stuff) fairly regularly. Also a wild FFT and/or DCT has appeared a few times here and there. I'll readily admit my career has been a little different than most, including a near decade long stint at a NASA-funded research lab, but I've also had some of that stuff rear its head in odd places you might not expect, like doing predictive analysis programs for a manufacturing company, or programs to optimize course scheduling for college students. These tasks could not have been completed without at least exposure to more advanced mathematics.

Comment Re:Oh noes, they yanked your chain (Score 1) 354

It looks like greencine.com is pretty much in a neglected state now, unfortunately. From the home page: "GreenCine Hot 15 Hottest Titles Jan-Feb '13". If they haven't updated their home page in a year and a half, I wonder...

Let's scan it for Heartbleed. It's still vulnerable to what is arguably the most publicized vulnerability in the history of the internet over three months since the story broke. Whether they still operate or not, I cannot say, but I'm not going to find out by giving them my credit card. :-(

Comment Re: minivan dead? (Score 1) 205

I have an Odyssey, too, and it's pretty good for a mini-van. We got it because dogs, not kids, but many of the use cases are similar.

I do miss my Fusion Hybrid that I traded in for it, though. Pretty car, and I liked paying a lot less for gas.

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Journal Journal: CthulhuCoin! 2

So this is a thing. It inspired me to write this:

Day 1: A "git clone git@github.com:thegreatoldone/offerings.git", "make -f makefile/unix" and I'm off generating Cthulhu Offerings cryptocoins!

Day 2: I managed to find a couple optimizations. It's almost as if the code is speaking to me! Also, switched to clang 5.1 and got an extra 8% performance boost with the LLVM toolchain. Awesome!

Comment Thanks! (Score 1) 4

I love reading these stories. Mine is much simpler: I don't remember it because I was 20 months old at the time. My parents did set me down in front of it on the TV though, so the Apollo 11 landing did play out on my retinas then. My dad took pictures of the TV and I remember seeing the album of it when I was kid. Sadly, I think that album was lost when our basement flooded when I was 20.

I only barely remember the last one (17). And to me it is a travesty that people closing in on 50 (I'm older now than my grandparents were then) have effectively no real memory of the event. I feel like our country had a true opportunity for greatness. But we instead put the bean counters in charge, and anything that couldn't be measured in terms of the Almighty Dollar was irrelevant.

Comment Re:Car Insurance Companies Too! (Score 1) 353

That might be a part of it, but I've received 3 payments from insurance companies of other drivers from their liability and not once was an attorney actually brought in, or was a lawsuit mentioned. Well, I did think about it on one occasion, because the insurance company was dragging their feet and took weeks to schedule a fix (seriously, Farmer's sucks), but in the other two cases I had a check in my hand within 72 hours of the incident.

What mechanism would you provide to ensure people are compensated for loss when another party is at fault?

Comment Re:Car Insurance Companies Too! (Score 1) 353

The only insurance that is required by law in any state I've lived in is liability, i.e. if I fuck up other people's shit or lives, I have some ability to see to it they are compensated. The only time I've been required to carry insurance that compensates for the damage to my car is if I financed it and I still owe money on it, and it's the (private) lender doing that, and understandably so.

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