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Comment Awesome (Score 1) 22

If this grows, this is great, it will do two possible things: 1] Make people more aware of paid product placement (educational, good). 2] Democratize paid product placement - instead of one account with a hundred million followers being paid ALL the ad money, instead a hundred DIFFERENT accounts with a million viewers each will split that money. And eventually a million small accounts with a hundred followers could - I'm sure there's a floor, but it's probably quite low, lower than YouTube videos. This empowers your average person, and decreases the power of huge celebrities - looks like a win-win to me.

Comment Re:This is why we had a 90% tax percentile (Score 2) 166

The "cash" they hold isn't held as actual cash, it's just very liquid investments. Even if they did hold it in "cash" it wouldn't be cash, it would be a current account balance with a bank. That bank is VERY busy investing that money elsewhere - so the fact that they hold "cash" (liquid investments) is utterly irrelevant to whether or not that money is ACTUALLY being invested somewhere.

Comment What a douchebag (Score 3, Informative) 476

This guy is making a profit, by using someone elses' likeness without their permission, making false political statements about them, and could actually be harming Sanders' campaign... and he doesn't seem to understand that he's being wrong at all. The guy making the T-shirts is a douchebag - he is exactly the reason why the law exists, and he should be shut down. Asshat

Comment Re:Missing Detail: Cost of Extraction (Score 0) 138

> Not everything is about making a profit.

True, but if you're making a loss, that just means someone else (or you) is paying for the task. That means that eventually that money will run out, and you will have to stop doing the task. "Making a loss" is the financial equivalent of "Environmentally unstable" - you can do it for a while, maybe even a long time, but eventually have to stop doing it. And in the same way, people prefer to stop doing it NOW if it's anticipated to always make a loss, just like many people would prefer to stop burning fossil fuels now, rather than in a hundred years.

So while your statement is technically true, everything *should* be about making a profit under the proviso that we put the right incentives in place - for example, preventing companies from externalising their costs onto the environment or communities.

Comment Re:When Mr. Trump says fraud and waste .... (Score 1) 334

Here is how Israel does it, does it for free and very effectively: they let the screening agents to pick and choose any passenger that they want or have a hunch.

Yeah but errr... they're not private. What's your argument? We should privatise? OR we should do it like Israel? To do it like Israel will cost billions of dollars of public money because... the Israelis hire they're smart people and give them a great deal of training. Your average TSA grunt is so dumb they would have died off before reaching breeding age if they were born more than a few generations ago.

Comment Gizmodo Need Some New Journalists (Score 1) 186

Preferably ones who understand things like the law and how it relates to tech. Of course you have to give a license to Oculus to use something which you created and THEN SEND TO THEM, otherwise they couldn't transmit that thing to other users without violating your copyright. Storm in a teacup. Outrage industry marches on. News at eleven.

Comment Re:Are Aliens Necessarily Evil (Score 1) 218

I don't know if any space faring alien society would necessarily be evil.

Evil is a human concept, it does not apply to aliens. Take morals out of any deals with aliens, we have no idea if they would even have such concepts, and if they did they would almost certainly be so different to ours as to make conjecture at this point useless.

But you can consider some more basic concepts that might have a bearing on the actions that an alien species might take upon discovering the earth.

Consider that to be a civilization capable of interstellar travel, they would almost certainly have a good understanding of math, physics, risk mitigation and many more.

Risk mitigation is the interesting one. If we met a warlike species in possession of a planet, who show practical propensity to absorb our technologies and become more like us would we:
1] Wipe them out before they are a threat to us.
2] Allow them to grow and progress to the point where they could wipe us out.

Answers are interesting - I lean very much towards [1]

Comment Re:Two factor authentication (Score 1) 120

> Business accounts of any importance usually don't get done that way.

What? You can easily host a business with 10,000 users on AWS which supports a small business with dozens of employees.

That said, at some point if you sign up for AWS with a credit card via their site and get to that size, you will start to get calls from physical humans about a proper account manager, sales etc. - but you can ignore all that and just continue being a "digital" customer.

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