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Comment Re:Idiocy (Score 1) 136

Admittedly I never finished my degree in physics because I chose to study computer science instead, however the last few words give a big clue as to what this is about...

Such hardware can be employed in dynamic beam steering operations.

It sounds like they're going to use a focused beam (rather than dissipate the energy indiscriminately in all directions) which can discover and track the phone, always pointing at it. Energy losses by distance will be much smaller with a focused beam (depending on the efficiency of the technology, closing on 100%).

Comment Feature Branches, Release Branches (Score 1) 315

Each "change" (whether it is a fix or new feature) can be developed within its' own branch.

This branch is then deployed to one of your UAT environments for user testing (once it has passed QA, static analysis, code review etc.)

When the time comes for a release, you "roll up" your approved feature branches by merging them into a single release branch. On this branch you carry out extensive QA and regression testing. This is then the branch which is released (deployed).

Using this method any changes which have not been APPROVED as a feature branch never make it into your final deployment package. (though they still exist and can easily be added in future by merging).

(note if you have limited number of UAT environments this becomes complex and needs a schedule and conflicts can occur - or proper devops and more environments).

Comment Re:Driverless (Score 1) 273

It can't drive up to a loading dock to load/unload.

It definitely could, in fact that task is one of the most trivial it could perform. The loading dock will be complete with its own transponders to let the truck know exactly where to position the trailer to the nearest mm and may also include metadata like height etc.

Compared with automated driving on roads, backing up to a loading dock is the easiest of all tasks.

Comment LOL Wut (Score 3, Funny) 805

a base salary of $160,000 a year, said his earnings are "pretty bad", adding that he pays $3000 rent for a two-bedroom house in San Francisco.

Soo this guy clears $105k after tax, pays rent of $36k (some of which he could offset by having a roommate) and yet somehow has a problem in that his $70k of disposable income a year - nearly 1500 bucks a week... is not enough? Perhaps he needs to learn how to cook and get off the coke and hookers?

Comment Depends who "You" is (Score 1) 352

I haven't used Antivirus Software in about 15 years, and I use a PC or similar device for 12+ hours a day. I haven't caused a single infection - the only time a computer of mine was infected was when someone snuck onto my computer to try a practical joke, loaded a porn website to set as my homepage *but did it in Internet Explorer* back in the days of IE6
Of course, I know what to click and what not to click. I know to examine dialogue boxes and have critical thinking skills to evaluate the website I am downloading from, or viewing. My parents, maybe they need Antivirus... but then maybe not, as they get infected approximately annually despite actually having it anyway. So OP is probably right.

Comment Much ado about nothing (Score 4, Insightful) 397

Reading several of the statements about the issue on linked from other highly-voted comments on this thread, they all appear to be written by Leah Rowe, and read like those of a petulant child. There's a lack of maturity both in the tone of the posts and in the content. Some are borderline libellous and have no evidence to back it up - besides hearsay from other people. But not a link to their own post, or even a direct quote, just a load of spiel about what they said. It's sad and pathetic, I suspect the FSF and GNU will be glad to see the back of anyone with that kind of attitude / lack of professionalism.

Comment How much!?!? (Score 4, Insightful) 255

The employees ... could get as much as $95 each

How on earth can it be so little? Let's say you worked there 5 days a week for one year, and you were denied a 30 minute lunch break on every shift. That would be around 130 hours of your time... or $1300 per employee per year... how does that become $95? If the practices were in place for 5 years, that could be $7500 for a full time worker who was there the whole time.

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