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Comment Much ado about nothing (Score 4, Insightful) 397

Reading several of the statements about the issue on linked from other highly-voted comments on this thread, they all appear to be written by Leah Rowe, and read like those of a petulant child. There's a lack of maturity both in the tone of the posts and in the content. Some are borderline libellous and have no evidence to back it up - besides hearsay from other people. But not a link to their own post, or even a direct quote, just a load of spiel about what they said. It's sad and pathetic, I suspect the FSF and GNU will be glad to see the back of anyone with that kind of attitude / lack of professionalism.

Comment How much!?!? (Score 4, Insightful) 255

The employees ... could get as much as $95 each

How on earth can it be so little? Let's say you worked there 5 days a week for one year, and you were denied a 30 minute lunch break on every shift. That would be around 130 hours of your time... or $1300 per employee per year... how does that become $95? If the practices were in place for 5 years, that could be $7500 for a full time worker who was there the whole time.

Comment Re:Might want to watch this (Score 1) 266

Please don't watch that, save your brains. Thunderf00t is a musk-basher, that video is a total waste of time (content relevant to the videos title: probably a mix of fuel and oxygen... REALLY?) with some fairly simple and very rambly explanations of how rockets were made 60 years ago. At the end he starts having a go at SpaceX because they are operating differently from how the military and NASA do (which is the whole point of privatisation). He's a tool with nothing meaningful to add to the public discourse.

Comment Re:Completely wrong.... (Score 1) 618

This university should lose it's state and federal funding for doing something like this.

Why? Do they buy their pens from a company with a "Made in the USA" label on them?
Do they only run their vehicles on oil from Texas?
Do they buy only vehicles made in the USA - and if they do, do they ensure that EVERY component in the car is also made in the USA? If the bulbs for the indicators are made in China, should they lose funding?

Your argument is grade-A batshit crazy. Outsourcing part of their IT operations is the same as outsizing where the car indicator bulbs are bought from. It's a measure which will make them more cost effective and efficient.

Comment Re:WTF Profits (Score 1) 297

Aren't Apple the company that has 150+B in the bank.

How much do you have in the bank? The fact you're accessing Slashdot probably puts you in the top 10% globally, very possibly the top 1 or 2%

So, given that you're probably already incredibly wealthy compared with most other humans, why do *you* want more money? Why do you go to work? Why do you make the salary or hourly rate that you do - why not do it for 10% less - is it because you're greedy?

Comment Egress Problem is easily solved (Score 1) 146

How hard can this be... when you request a pickup, the self-driving car begins driving to you, and a pin is placed on the map where it *thinks* it should pick you up. You review the pin, and move it to whatever door / street corner you want. The self-driving car then re-routes to pick you up where you placed the pin.

On future visits through the same provider, it will remember where you dropped the map pin and default to picking you up there. If you choose to move the pin again (say, you're coming out of a door the other side of the building) it then obeys that, and the app prompts you to give "friendly" names to those two points. Next time you choose to be picked up from the same vicinity, you are presented with a simple dropdown that offers you three options:
"The Green Door"
"The Other Side With The Cafe"
"Choose Another Location"

Am I missing something that makes this problem unsolvable with today's tech?

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