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Comment Re:It isn't laziness (Score 2) 254

"The brilliant and energetic man makes the best staff officer. He handles routine work with accuracy and completeness.
The brilliant and lazy man makes the best commanding officer. He tends to see the big picture accurately and avoids preoccupation with detail work which might distract him.
The stupid and lazy man makes the best subordinate. He will do what he is told properly, no more no less.
The stupid and energetic man, however, is to be avoided at all costs. He is quite capable of ruining the best laid plans."

--Erich von Manstein, WW2 German field marshal; often misattributed to Napoleon or Clausewitz

Comment Re:the obstacles (Score 1) 118

Sounds like it was built like a tank to resist U-boats

No, built like a speedboat to outrun them. Submerged U-Boats were agonizingly slow, and their chances of spotting the ship on the horizon and getting into position for a torpedo shot before it passed by were essentially nil. Hitler offered a whopping bounty to any U-Boat skipper who nailed the Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth, but nobody ever got a shot off.

fitted with diesels

Steam turbines.

Comment Re:not all sub records are worth remembering (Score 4, Interesting) 118

More accurately, it was designed to be easily reconfigured as a troopship, which made a big federal subsidy available for its construction. That option was never exercised.

The Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth did carry troops during WW2. They ran the North Atlantic without escorts, because they were so fast a U-Boat spotting them would have essentially no chance of getting into position for a shot.

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