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Comment Happened before (Score 2) 697

Back in the Sixties, my California employer opened a new operation in another state where it was the first major aerospace activity. A press announcement said it would bring several hundred engineers to town, and the local engineering society made pretty much the same complaint as in TFA.

We sent them a letter saying "Sorry, we don't want to infringe on the law here. Would you please send us 300 membership application forms, 300 copies of the sample P.E. exam, and the schedule for your next officer election?"

Never heard back.

Comment Re:Flying car? (Score 1) 148

It's hovering in ground effect.

Not exactly. Ground effect becomes significant when the altitude is less than the horizontal dimension of the lift-producing element (wingspan in an airplane, size of the fan cluster here). This machine is flying right around that limit, so the ground effect is minimal; I think it could easily get higher. But it's experimental, and there's a lot to be said for not getting any higher than you're willing to fall.

Comment Re:A homemade 6809 (Score 1) 857

Atari 800 here, with prior work experience on some mainframes. Eventually I got a contract from Adventure International, run by "the other Scott Adams") to port some Commodore games to Atari, including one called Labyrinth of Crete (1983 version). Also wrote a sector-level disk editor for the Commodore.

What a piece of crap that Commodore was...if you had two disk drives, you couldn't stack them because they'd overheat and start popping errors after a few minutes.

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