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Comment Text-only web browser on Android? (Score 1) 307

Speaking of which, I've been trying to find a decent text-only web browser like lynx/links on Android to browse news sites (often requiring javascript to load) and avoid all the distracting clickbait and ads otherwise. Is there any compelling reason the code of one of them can't be ported to Android and distributed through the Google Play store?

Comment Re:Kickstarter? (Score 1) 552

They shouldn't have bought it to be a money-maker in the first place but just cover salary and bandwidth with the ad revenue. Before they started mucking everything up they almost certainly had enough traffic for it. According to the press release they lost 22% of their revenue the last quarter attributed to /. and yet still made about $4 million. How many people work on this site and how much do the servers/bandwidth cost?

Comment Re:Not at all surprising (Score 1) 187

Maybe I wasn't clear, I mean they fundamentally value the society over the individual more than Westerners. What you describe with a car hitting a person and delivering aid is perfectly consistent with that. What degree that is learning or innate is not clear. And I think you are projecting admiration on them because otherwise more people would act in such a way that they so admired (according to you), and then you wouldn't have an example like this to provide.

Comment Re:Not at all surprising (Score 5, Informative) 187

Or...if you have talked to any native Chinese in some depth you might realize that a lot of them actually have different values than Westerners about social responsibility and such. Far beyond what we are accustomed to with our emphasis on individuality, etc. Their system of government didn't develop in a vacuum and was certainly informed by their culture. So, I think you're right that your comment is a bit of a kneejerk response that assumes their authoritarian government has a hand in EVERYTHING.

That said, I would also assume that if his books were promoting pro-capitalist or anti-government ideas they would have been censored immediately, so maybe we're missing all the "Westernized" Chinese sci-fi books because of this...

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