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Comment Re:It worked for us... (Score 1) 257

Oh please, it's not as if the job of converting one of the largest application suites in the world to a new programming language, while maintaining perfect backwards compatibility with decades of archived documents, and not adding any new bugs can't be handled by a single intern over the summer.

Comment Re:Cue the "I hate the environment" trolls (Score 2) 428

When a photovoltaic cell collects energy from a Photon, is does not absorb the whole photon, it only increases it's wavelength and re-emits it; basically converting regular light into infrared light.

While the regular light bouncing of a simple white roof could leave the atmosphere, taking it's excess energy with it, the now infrared light gets trapped by the greenhouse effect, heating the atmosphere.

It's 'free' electricity for the owner, excess heat for everyone else.

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