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Comment Re:An x86 pocket PC (Score 1) 66

Sounds promising, though it's apparently implemented in Java which doesn't bode to well for the performance, especially when considering 3D acceleration for games. Might be sufficient for streaming apps like youtube though. I can't try it out myself right now, but maybe someone can get it running with chrooted Debian/Ubuntu and post some results. The app's Google market webpage says it can run remote X applications, though I believe running them on localhost shouldn't be a problem either.

Comment Re:An x86 pocket PC (Score 1) 66

Argh, coming from the N900 I forgot for a second that Linux apps, due to lack of X-Server in Android, are run through localhost VNC, which basically rules out hardware 3D acceleration. Still, all the standard "productivity" apps should still run sufficiently fast. Here's hoping for a Meego port for this phone (which should be able to run 3D accelerated binaries).

Comment An x86 pocket PC (Score 4, Interesting) 66

So it looks the performance and battery life are on par with the current crop of Android phones, but no one has mentioned the main advantage of the Intel device: binary compatibility with x86 architecture, i.e. tons of software that already exists. So there is huge potential of this being the first phone able to run windows and linux binaries by side-loading Debian/Ubuntu with Wine/Virtualbox.

A 1.6GHz Atom should be enough to run Windows XP sufficiently fast, imagine using all your favorite desktop apps on your phone, the screen's not too shabby either with 1024x600. Sure, most won't be optimized for touch input, but that trade-off is worth it for this kind of flexibility. Apps with source code can have their touch-friendliness added, for those that really require a mouse and/or keyboard, those could be added via Bluetooth (or USB?). I see no reason why it wouldn't be able to run apps like desktop Firefox/Chrome (with touch-input extensions), Gimp/Photoshop, MS Office, VLC, maybe even XBMC, or games like Warcraft/Starcraft titles, Counter strike or Quake (I was really missing the Quake3 benchmarks in TFA ;)

Connect it to a monitor and use it as a *real* PC that fits in your pocket and you can bring anywhere - how cool is that?

Comment Re:Could they really cross continents? (Score 4, Informative) 91 (taken from ) is probably the more accurate map of the period. Interestingly there seems to be a lot of (shallow?) water separating Africa and Asia.

According to these maps the land-bridge only developed later, when the Arabian peninsula emerged and connected both continents.

Comment The definitive HD ultimate 3D Edition (Score 1) 409

Or something like that. - Unfortunately there is little hope the new 3D versions will be able to live up to what the original three movies were. They will most probably be a continuation of the insanity that brought us three additional Ewoks movies, the useless "revisions" of the original classics and three mostly annoying "prequels".

Fortunately there was an improved version (the digitally remastered Laserdisk version) before Lucas went completely crazy (when he added an undersized weird CGI Jabba the Hutt, let Greedo shoot first, etc.). The first signs of Lucas turning to the dark side could already be seen on Return of the Jedi when he opted to have Endor be inhabited by freakin Ewoks (instead of Wookies as originally planned - though with the wrong people at the helm not even Wookies can be counted on to save the day). There should still be some torrents of the rips around.


Comment Re:The most open - by far? (Score 2, Informative) 295

Yet, claiming that Android is by far the most open Smartphone OS is just plain false. Ever heard of:
- all of which allow anyone to write apps in any language available, because unlike Android they are mostly using linux' own standard interfaces. In some cases "porting" would simply mean recompiling or even just copying the app over, whereas under Android you'd most certainly have to rewrite it from scratch to conform with Android's requirements and still need to worry about compatibility issues between Android versions. This makes all three of them in effect far more open than Android OS.

Comment awesome indy project (Score 4, Informative) 137

This one's pretty interesting:

It's a "rabbit ninja fighting game" ;), free from DRM and they are even developing for Linux (just as they did the predecessor). They are also designing it very modder friendly by using open formats, allowing anyone to to add content and making the engine accessible by scripting (python). Even now during the alpha stages they are already offering support to the modding community.

Check out the hilarious dev/tutorial videos on youtube:

If you donate you get access to their weekly alphas too! Yes, every week not only a progress report, but an actual updated usable product alpha to play around and mod with.

Comment Advertising.. (Score 1) 547

That's what advertising is! You don't compare products by their advertising, but by unbiased reviews, or by trying it out yourself (if there are short term subscriptions). A certain brand of beer won't get you automatically surrounded by hot chicks just as a certain brand of cigarettes won't turn you in to a cool cowboy sitting by a camp fire.

Now if there was a standardised benchmark to test broadband speed.. - But for that you'd probably need government involvement, and who wants that, right?

Comment Re:Easiest way to black facebook (Score 1) 179

You could ask the admins (since those are work computers) to have the proxies block those counter-productive websites for you. Of course this would incur the wrath of a certain (hipster) coworker demographic, but at least you wouldn't need to suffer through those facebook and twitter buttons before your untimely death by high-pitched screaming, keyboard bashing and mouse stoning (I hear Apple mice were specially designed with optimal trajectories in mind ;).

Comment Easiest way to black facebook (Score 3, Informative) 179

..or you could simply add "" to your hosts file - one little tweak, works on every OS, on every browser. The cleanest way for all those who just don't care much for it.

(Btw if you're using localhost as a webserver it's probably better to use for all you annoyance blocking needs instead)

Comment Re:Make the 3D fad go away (Score 1) 255

Apparently enough people think otherwise. You picked Avatar as an example: a movie that has already grossed 750 MILLION and is set for a re-release later this year (with a crummy 8 minutes of additional footage - really?), because apparently people haven't seen enough of it yet.

And in the case of Avatar it's definitely not because of an elaborate storyline, character development or any deep philosophical underpinnings - this movie works solely because of the visual effects - without those people would simply put it down as a mediocre rehash of Dances with Wolves in Space and wouldn't even give it a second glimpse.

Comment Re:Cyclops, use your eyebeams! (Score 1) 255

Go to hell, hollywood, for making my everyday life even more impractical than it already is.

Erm, it's not Hollywood's fault that current 3D technology requires goggles. If you could name a technology that lets people see 3D movies on the big screen without wearing glasses I'm sure Hollywood would already be all over it; those glasses are not only a nuisance for short-sighted people, you know?

It's also not Hollywood's fault that 3D movies are hugely popular and are bringing the people back into the cinemas. What I see is that once a 3D HDTV becomes a common household product so will the glasses to view 3D media, they will become more comfortable, probably even fashion items, and people with eye disorders will be able to get lenses that support viewing 3D media (eg. for use in a second set of glasses worn when going to the cinema or watching a movie at home). - Unless of course some genius comes up with a method to do this without glasses - he/she could make millions...

Comment Re:More power to open source! (Score 1) 133

Thanks for the input, I wasn't aware of malware that was distributed through Maemo or Debian, could you name a few?

I'm always willing to get my facts straight :) - In any case, I believe open source, like sunlight, is the best disinfectant. Unlike with Apfel/Android nothing stops me from checking the source prior to installing - that means at least in theory I'd be far more secure (in practice, of course, but maybe others do).

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