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Submission + - Access to Wikipedia blocked in Turkey (

stikves writes: It looks like another major Internet service is blocked in Turkey, hopefully for a short time. Wikipedia is the subject to a latest ban, and unfortunately more details are not available:

Access to Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey as a result of “a provisional administrative order” imposed by the Turkish Telecommunications Authority (BTK).
The Internet Freedom watchdog, the Turkey Blocks said it has verified restrictions affecting the Wikipedia online encyclopedia in Turkey. “A block affecting all language editions of the website detected at 8:00AM local time Saturday 29 April,” the watchdog said on Saturday.
Turkey Blocks said an administrative blocking order is usually expected to precede a full court blocking order in coming days.
While the reason for the order was unknown early on Saturday, a statement on the BTK’s website said: “After technical analysis and legal consideration based on the Law Nr. 5651, ADMINISTRATION MEASURE has been taken for this website ( according to Decision Nr. 490.05.01.2017.-182198 dated 29/04/2017 implemented by Information and Communication Technologies Authority.”

Submission + - Wikipedia blocked in Turkey (

Ilgaz writes: The Turkey Blocks monitoring network has verified restrictions affecting the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia in Turkey. A block affecting all language editions of the website detected at 8:00AM local time Saturday 29 April. The loss of availability is consistent with internet filters used to censor content in the country.

Submission + - A Russian-controlled telecom hijacked 24 Financial Services' Internet Traffic (

An anonymous reader writes: On Wednesday, large chunks of network traffic belonging to MasterCard, Visa, and more than two dozen other financial services companies were briefly routed through a Russian government-controlled telecom under unexplained circumstances that renew lingering questions about the trust and reliability of some of the most sensitive Internet communications.

Anomalies in the border gateway protocol—which routes large-scale amounts of traffic among Internet backbones, ISPs, and other large networks—are common and usually the result of human error. While it's possible Wednesday's five- to seven-minute hijack of 36 large network blocks may also have been inadvertent, the high concentration of technology and financial services companies affected made the incident "curious" to engineers at network monitoring service BGPmon. What's more, the way some of the affected networks were redirected indicated their underlying prefixes had been manually inserted into BGP tables, most likely by someone at Rostelecom, the Russian government-controlled telecom that improperly announced ownership of the blocks.

Comment Adobe's Air (Score 1) 90

Can't they convert their app to Adobe Air self contained "application"? It even works on Android tablets & phones that way.

That is what Oracle suggests to developers relying on embedded Java in web pages, move to Webstart.

Comment Re: There is a basic reason, Edge has no community (Score 1) 147

No it isn't, it is compatible and somehow similar to WebKit but not really WebKit. It requires a real paradigm shift for MS to adopt WebKit. MS says one shouldn't worry about site compatibility if it works with Apple Safari. I think it creates the confusion.

I actually like simple browsers using native OS functions and use less energy & CPU but not being open source and multi platform kills whole advantage.

Comment There is a basic reason, Edge has no community (Score 5, Interesting) 147

Edge isn't open source, it has no developer community, no user community like Firefox who will mercilessly bash it until it goes the right direction, no incentive to be secure.

  You can steal millions from Google with a basic, unpublished cookie hack as they are the largest advertising company on planet. So, they are damn careful about their code. Chromium which eventually ends up to be Chrome has its own community. Additionally, there is a huge privacy fanatic user community, developer community in Mozilla.

Edge is a browser which comes with the OS, nothing else.

Comment Every developer will tell you the same (Score 1) 352

They are falling into a misconception that everyone uses their computer like they do. An experienced developer will have common sense, won't use administrator account, will update their OS and won't do crazy things like typing "Watch movies free" to Google and click the very first site appearing.
Most of the developers won't even change their wallpaper.
So, you don't need AV if you can manage a gigantic code like Mozilla but it doesn't mean everyone is the same.
Ms antivirus is a joke regarding detection rates.

Comment Re: Why in the World? (Score 1) 30

Just like cellular providers in some countries, free forward of email to other domains should be mandatory for commercial/adware (yes,adware) providers.

There were the days even Hotmail was a nice, clean e-mail service. Nobody can blame anyone for sticking with decade+ old address. I know a very good, respected commercial shareware developer using his email.

Comment They face (Score 1) 49

It is open source, they require community feedback and support. We are used to everything working on desktop Linux now but once upon a time every regular user had to know modprobe, arguments in /etc , chmod just to get sound from their PC on Linux. I still remember IO address and IRQ of my sound card.

I am not saying it is your fault or submit patches. Cyanogen got into this death spiral because at some point, they lost one thing that runs it. Community. Android community hates them. Just 2 years ago people purchased handsets based on Cyanogen compatibility. I heard they even bundled Trudialer as default dialer/phonebook application. Something even lamest company couldn't imagine.

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