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Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 151

Use an induction catapult to fire a stream of metallic reaction mass at your chosen target. Then send a second induction catapult along that stream, carrying passengers, flying to the target. Most of the work is done in the originating system. Your pellets reaction mass are self guided with microcontrollers and little ion drives so they can stay aligned.

Comment Re:Generations (Score 1) 219

Oh no I think is more the difference between makers and users. There were makers in my father's and grandfather's generation (I was born in 65) but there are so many toys available today that I just think kids are growing up as consumers. I rarely see anybody under 40 in my local electronics shop. Plenty of kids out buying phones and tablets though.

Also a lot of new tech these days is straight out of science fiction from the 1970s and 80s. People from older generations can just say oh yeah I read about this, while younger kids are more likely to be baffled by things which don't fit their worldview.

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