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Comment Re:Before the inevitable comments (Score 1) 74

My father in law died when chemotherapy for cancer killed his bone marrow, and thus, his immune system. Maybe it would be a good idea to take samples of marrow stem cells before doing something which could kill the marrow entirely, so that the marrow could be re-booted, so to speak in the case of disaster.

Comment Re:Waterfall vs dog food (Score 1) 211

One issue I found working with very formal waterfall-like processes is that a typical project might generate several thousand problem change requests (PCRs). Each PCR is given to a developer to fix and that person makes whatever change which will make the problem go away. Do that a couple of thousand times and there is nothing left of your original clean architecture. Its just a mess.

Comment Well yeah (Score 1) 211

I worked at a large OS/2 site and the users hated it with a vengeance. One of the tricks which the shell would play on them would be to put 100 icons in a folder with no way to sort through them because they all had the same x,y coordinate. There was no organise by name or anything. They had to drag and drop every icon.

Outside work I saw its bootstrap being used all over the place where people needed a convenient way to boot different operating systems. There wasn't really better solution around at the time.

Comment I don't get it (Score 1) 166

Ice spread from the poles on Earth because water which vaporized in the tropics condensed at the poles when the planet was cool. But Mars doesn't have free water in the tropics. There is probably permafrost there but its locked away, immobile.

Comment Re:Stupid people punishing smart people (Score 1) 512

I am sorry to inform you that Gravity's rainbow is awful and not worth reading. It has way too little about missiles and too much about the boring personal life of the protagonists. The subject is relevant though because the rainbow of the title is the parabolic trajectory of a missile after boost phase, and it could certainly make a plane blow up.

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