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Wii Pre-Orders at EB Games and Gamestop 233

Punkster812 writes "Tomorrow, Friday October 13th, EB Games and Gamestop will begin taking pre-orders. They say they have very limited numbers and will do a first come first serve. A $50 deposit is the minimum down payment for a console and they suggest for you to call your local store for availability. Their online pre-order information will be released at a future date. For full information, visit EB Games or Gamestop for full details."
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Wii Pre-Orders at EB Games and Gamestop

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  • tomorrow? (Score:5, Funny)

    by gEvil (beta) ( 945888 ) on Friday October 13, 2006 @09:43AM (#16422395)
    Wow, good thing I have tomorrow off. I guess I'll get up early and go sit in front of Gamestop.
    • Just got back from the local EB Games (at 10:20AM CST). They had 31 available for pre-order, I was number 19, and I got there around 9:30AM.

      Preordered the following:
      -The Wii (1 control, Wii Sports)
      -An extra controller set (WiiMote and Nunchuck)
      -Red Steel

      There was only 1 or 2 more people in line than they had systems, and they said they *might* be getting more. It looks like Nintendo is getting out enough to satisfy as many people as possible, which I think is fantastic.

      I'm psyched!
    • Eh? I don't see the point in preordering the Wii this early. Everyone is better off just waiting until they let you do it online. It's not like there's going to be a massive Wii shortage like there will be with the PS3.
      • by SuperRob ( 31516 )
        Apparently you don't read mainstream news. The Wii has been making "Top Holiday Toy" lists just about everywhere. Nintendo had a similar thing happen with the N64, where despite having plenty of units (more than expected), there were still shortages. Of course, Nintendo also dropped the price of the N64 $50 just three days before the launch, which may have contributed.

        Pre-ordering probably won't be necessary for someone willing to get up a bit early and head to a Best Buy or Walmart that Sunday morning.
  • 1) They want to create this fake demand like they did with the DS Lite (which backfired when you could walk into any Target, ToyRUs, or Walmart and pick one up.

    Or 2) They are saving all of their shipments for overpriced bundle packs on their website, since they flat out said before summer they will only offer the Wii as a bundle pack.

    Either way it just goes to prove real gamers dont use the EB/Gamestop monopoly on game shops anyway. Ill just show up at Target or Best Buy when the Wii comes out thank you very much

    • by BenjyD ( 316700 )
      Indeed - haven't Nintendo been saying how well Wii production is going and that they have millions more units ready for launch than they expected?

      That said, I still pre-ordered my Wii at the weekend (UK). Just like I pre-ordered my DS Lite. I'm a born-again fanboy, I can't help it.
      • by Kimos ( 859729 )
        They have been saying that there will be no shortage of consoles on launch. That's not what I'm worried about. I just hope I get the games and controllers I want...

        I've been trying to track down a pre-order for weeks (in Canada). No luck. EB has been taking pre-orders for weeks, but only if you trade in ten games. Future Shop is not doing pre-orders. Best Buy hasn't made a decision yet. Toys-R-Us took a small number of pre-orders right when the price was announced. And the best (read worst) part about th
        • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

          by Narcissus ( 310552 )
          FYI: in PEI, at least, Zellers of all places had them for pre-order about a week and a half ago. Admittedly, it wasn't the console by itself (the pre-order was for console + Zelda + Extreme Trucking) but it was definitely available.
        • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

          by DarkJC ( 810888 )
          EB Games Canada [] Scroll down, there's all the info you need.
    • by Miraba ( 846588 )
      Or (3), that the stores realize that some people are willing to put down money now to not have to wait in line in November, but that it would be a bad idea if all of their copies were preordered.., thus leaving none for the people who are happy to wait in line.
    • " it just goes to prove real gamers dont use the EB/Gamestop monopoly on game shops anyway. Ill just show up at Target or Best Buy when the Wii comes"

      I see. All the "real" gamers get their gear at Target and Best Buy.
      • That or online through Amazon or if your hunting down old copys, ebay. Everyone who knows games knows EB overcharges used games, and never has enough copys of new games unless you pre-order.
  • by The_Shadows ( 255371 ) <thelureofshadows@hotmail. c o m> on Friday October 13, 2006 @09:45AM (#16422423) Homepage
    "Tomorrow, Friday October 13th"

    How simple would it have been to replace that "Tomorrow" with a [Today]? I was panicing. I thought, for a moment, it was still Thursday. That's a shock you don't want on a Friday before coffee.
    • by UbuntuDupe ( 970646 ) on Friday October 13, 2006 @10:31AM (#16423085) Journal
      I remember an episode of Duck Tales, where the nephews (Huey, Dewey, and Louie) convinced Uncle Scrooge that the current day was Friday, rather than Thursday. (It was really Thursday.) They did this because they get their allowance on Friday, and they wanted to get it early.

      Unfortunately, Uncle Scrooge is a major businessman, and when he was convinced that it was Friday, he "corrected" everyone. Since he's so respected, everyone else was convinced it was Friday too. This caused major disruptions in financial contracts, which rippled through the economy.

      That morning, by the time the nephews got to the mall to spend their "early" allowance, the global economy had collapsed and they couldn't buy anything.
      • by AKAImBatman ( 238306 ) * <akaimbatman&gmail,com> on Friday October 13, 2006 @11:26AM (#16423855) Homepage Journal
        That morning, by the time the nephews got to the mall to spend their "early" allowance, the global economy had collapsed and they couldn't buy anything.

        Close, but not quite. The nephews really wanted a scooter, and there was a sale until Friday. Which meant that they needed to get their allowance on Thursday if they wanted to be able to afford it. Their shenanigans backfired when the store clerk was also convinced that it was Friday, and thus the sale was over.

        Oops. :)
        • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

          by RipTides9x ( 804495 )
          When 2 nerds argue a major plot point of a 10+ year old 30-min cartoon you know you're on Slashdot.
        • While I may have forgotten that part of the episode, Scrooge *did* demand that they mark "Thursday" material as "out of date", and there was a scene later in the episode where it showed a shot of downtown, and all the electronic signs went haywire as they tried to correct for incoming contradictory, rapidly-changing information, basically screwing up the economy.
          • I'm not disagreeing, just correcting that part of your recollection. If you remember, the missing day not only caused the massive economic damage you mentioned, but also nearly resulted in Scrooge loosing his third-world factory and being shot. The nephews had to use their Junior Woodchuck Guide on Solar Eclipses to prove that the day was actually Thursday. Then Launchpad had to clear the clouds so they could see the Eclipse before Scrooge was shot.

            After they proved the calendar date, they almost got a seco
  • Nintendo has been churning these things out for, what, two or three months now? And they've said that production has been ahead of estimates?

    I expect to be able to walk into Fry's at 9AM Sunday morning and buy one with no problem, just like I did with the Gamecube. I only do pre-orders if there's some kind of cool pre-order swag, and so far I've only done that for Windwaker, when I would have happily paid the $5 deposit for the Ocarina disc anyhow, even if there wasn't a pre-order attached to it.

    • shame on them. The collective "them" that is.

      I'm an animation fan (watching and creating and discussing), so way back when Fantasia was going to be released the first time (this was pre-DVD, I think), they were taking pre-orders because the demand seemed really pent up. So I preordered. Went to the store when the call came, and there were about 9000 copies of Fantasia piles up to the ceiling. (rolls eyes) No skin off my nose, but what was the point?

      However a complex gaming console is not analogous

    • by Aladrin ( 926209 )
      The answer is simple. EB/Gamestop only accept pre-orders that they can 'guarantee'. They have decided that they can only guarantee this many for each of the stores. Chances are that there will be a ton of them on the shelf on launch day, and you'll be able to go pick one up. But if you want a 'guarantee' then you pre-order.

      There's nothing stopping them from opening up for additional pre-orders next week, either. They are simply being responsible to their customers and not promising what they aren't sur
      • That is not what the cleck at Gamestop told me today when I purchased my pre-order. I was pre-order number 10 for that store and he said that when they get the shipment they will fill the pre-orders in number order so as long as they got 10 I would get mine but by no means was that a guarantee they would get 10.
  • Only Eight (Score:3, Interesting)

    by truthsearch ( 249536 ) on Friday October 13, 2006 @09:50AM (#16422489) Homepage Journal
    A friend just called me a few minutes ago from an EB in Westchester, NY. They're only taking 8 pre-orders. Eight. At 9am there were 10 people in line (they open at 11am). If such a small store can get a line waiting outside in the cold for hours just for pre-orders then it looks like the Wii will be a big hit. The Nintendo fan-boys are really excited, and that's going to mean great viral marketing for the Wii.
  • by Wireless Joe ( 604314 ) on Friday October 13, 2006 @09:56AM (#16422579) Homepage
    Usually a Wii story has 50,000 replies before I get to see it, it's such a popular subject. Now I only see 15 after 20 minutes; I wonder where everyone's gone?

    Oh, wait.

    Drops laptop, runs to store.
  • by Achoi77 ( 669484 ) on Friday October 13, 2006 @10:12AM (#16422793)
    I know it's been said repeatedly in different sites, but if you live in NYC you can just walk on over to the Nintendo World store near Rockefeller Center and place a preorder. They've been taking preorders for a few weeks already, to which I've done mine during lunch. Plus I have a hunch that they are less likely to overcommit and fail to deliver on launch date, something EB and Gamestop have been notorious for.
    • Just a follow-up: I did this yesterday and it was a breeze. You can pay anywhere from a $50 down payment to the full price, your choice. You can also preorder Zelda and Excite Truck for $10 or full price. No line, no wait. This is how it should be!
  • The local mall here in Michigan is sold out already. When I called and asked how many they started with, the guy said 32 pre-orders were available.
  • ....And I just walked over there. They had given out 18 vouchers to the first 18 people to "guarantee" them a Wii. A quick count showed I was number 25 or so, and we have like 4 gamestops in town. So to those on the west coast....get there early if you want a voucher that guarantees you of getting a promise to get a gamesystem that will probably come out in late November.
  • If you live outside USA, consider pre-ordering Nintendo Wii via []
  • by Tronster ( 25566 ) on Friday October 13, 2006 @10:39AM (#16423189) Homepage
    Just got back from the trenches, pre-ordering my Wii. Here's what it looked like at a North Baltimore Game Stop...

    7:30am - Arrive to meet friend. One person is already in front of us.

    8:00am - Four more people are behind us. Manager is already there to make sure things are okay. Tells us there are 12 units for pre-order (and 2 which the store is allowed to let employees pre-order.) Also informs us they are openning up at midnight on the day of the Wii launch.

    8:15am - Some guys join the line, they came from a line of 20 people at the Game Stop in the "Hunt Valley" mall area.

    8:30am - Line is full. Manager tells people in line that anyone else who shows won't be able to pre-order.

    9:00am - Some hard core games show up and tell us it's crazy they don't have more pre-orders because "5 million units are being produced"... walk away very pissed.

    10:00am - Manager opens to the doors and we rush in; not so much to pre-order... but also because we were all freezing. (Temp started at 37 and only rose to 50 by 10am.)

    $50 pre-order. $30 for a 1yr warranty.

    Everyone in line was getting one for themselves, except for one mother... determined to get a unit for her sons as a Christmas gift. :)
  • by tehwebguy ( 860335 ) on Friday October 13, 2006 @10:40AM (#16423201) Homepage
    this morning i drove by a GameStop and saw a ton of kids in line, so i yelled "PS3 FOR THE WIN!!!!"

    they were probably like "stupid sony fanboy", little do they know i was just pissed they beat me there..
  • A weekday and right in the middle of the day... so that means I can either go to work or be unpaid for half the day or more.

    I got the call yesterday, they were recomending I be there at 6:30am. As much as I would like to get a Wii... I can wait a few weeks after release.
  • Got to Gamestop around 9:20 for a 10:00 opening, figuring I'd pre order one just in case. I have one pre ordered at FYE, but they don't know how many systems they'll be getting for the release day, so I figured if I got one from Gamestop I'd cancel the other.

    Around 9:40 a guy from the store came out and counted people and cut off the line and sent about 10 people (including me) away. There were probably about 40-50 people there when I got there.

    Now, I'm not too disappointed though, becuase like others hav
  • of the $50 deposit I also heard GameStop is taking back the receipts they gave out for the PS3 preorder event earlier in the week.
  • A lot of UK gamers seem to use [] for their imports and yesterday a bunch of us received this email:

    As I promised I am giving advanced notice on Wii Preorders. They will be going up today October 12th, 2006 at around 4pm Eastern Standard Time.
    Sorry for the Short Notice but any Notice is better than nothing.

    At about 9pm the games started appearing on the site, which got slower & slower over the next hour or so, obviously as hundreds of idiots [] repeatedly pressed the refresh button.


  • I am not. I probably will wait a year if I want one or I won't get one. I haven't owned a gaming console since Atari 2600. I did borrow a Turbo Graphx 16 for a week though.
  • EBGames - 9:55 (Score:2, Informative)

    by myekos ( 755719 )
    My alarm failed to go off this morning in the usual fashion; it went off at 7 am, I hit the switch and rolled over. Next thing I know it's 9:20. Figuring I was either destined to be successful or not I went through the motions of getting out the door and to the store. I had 3 stores in mind, I had planned on cruising by and seeing what the lines were like at each store. When I got to the first one there was no line at 9:55 with the store opening at 10:00 so I stopped. Parking right outside the strip m
    • It must vary from store to store, as my experience was the exact opposite. I was two people behind the cut off point. The manager took my name and phone number, and called around to the various other places in the area. Two hours later he called and told me he had gotten me a preorder 25 miles away, and that I could stop by tomorrow to pay and pick up the reciept.

      That Gamestop (Latham Farms in Latham, NY) is definitely getting more of my business.

      Well, if they actually come through on ship day. =P
  • After my 8-9 class dismissed this morning, I promptly headed home, hopped in my car, and took off to one of the nearby Gamestops.

    I got in line, only to be told that I was number 13 of 12 (number of people in line, number of units to pre-order). The sadness! But a mall across the street had not only another Gamestop, but an EBGames as well, so I had twice as many chances to stand in line outside of the store without being in the bitter cold.

    I was able to get in line at the Gamestop (number five in the line),
  • Wiifanboy is saying that Canadians won't be able to pre-order til Monday [].

    I'm gonna head over to EB at lunch just to check it out anyways.

    I would rather line up on the 18th though. It'd be much more fun. I would imagine that a lot of the people in THAT line up would have a DS with them. That would be some fun wifi gaming :)

  • Rather wait (Score:3, Insightful)

    by kahrytan ( 913147 ) on Friday October 13, 2006 @11:22AM (#16423787)

        I would rather wait for Costco Wii console bundle, which the price will probably end up just below $250 with a game and an ccessory or two.

        You should have seen how fast 360 Bundle went last christmas. Just below $500 and you get a game, charger and two wireless controllers. Of course, it still available today.

    So screw you Gamestop, I'll stick with my local wholesaler.
  • I just placed mine this morning, 10:20 Central, after arriving at almost exactly 7 AM. The people earliest in line had been there since 5 AM. Only the first eight people in line were able to place preorders, but with a target of six million systems out before Christmas, I'm predicting this isn't the last wave of purchases we'll be seeing. Still, the line had more than doubled before opening, despite reports from the employees that only eight preorders were available and people having left the line.
  • The lase game console I bought was a Super Pong.


    Last year.

    New old stock from a small town Radio/TV repair shop that was shutting down (retirement) after 40 years in business.

    It completely freaks people out when I connect it to my tuner card and play it on my computer!
  • From posts I've read on this thread and others, it sounds like a few people have been outright lied to by EB/GameStop regarding the PS3 or Wii. You can toss my story on that stack too.

    The EB games at Northgate Mall in Seattle told customers that if they preordered a Wii game (for which preorders were available weeks ago) that you would be called the day before the console was able to be preordered. If you confirmed that you wanted one and could come in and pay before end of day Friday (as if anyone wouldn'
    • I had a similar experience. I preordered Zelda TP, and was told I would be called when preorders were available. I never even received a phone call. Granted I knew the preorder was today but I have a job.

      Kinda makes the whole point of preordering the game pointless... I'm sure gamestop is happy to invest my $5 though :-/
  • by dangermouse ( 2242 ) on Friday October 13, 2006 @12:25PM (#16424807) Homepage
    From the EBGames site:
    ... a reservation deposit does not guarantee receipt of a system available to purchase at launch.

    That's not a reservation, it's a carnival game. I was going to preorder a Wii at the EBGames that's less than half a mile from my house, but screw it. What's the point?

  • Ask an EB employee what you are getting for your $50 dollars. It sure isn't a guarentee that you will get a Wii on day 1. Just a guarentee that they will probably sell it to you before they sell it to someone who didn't pre-order.... maybe. EB can get stuffed, how about they provide me with service rather than taking my money for nothing?

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