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Comment Re:Can't watch sport any more because of the news (Score 1) 137

One thing I found interesting was that for football the news would warn that they're going to give the results so you should turn off or mute before they did, but for F1 there was never any such warning. Again though, F1 isn't all that popular, and since I routinely watch the news or listen to a radio what you're suggesting is I cut off all news of the world until I can put aside 3 hours to watch the race. I get what you're saying but in the end the best solution is just not to bother any more. The sponsors lose out, the sports channel loses out, all because the news stations need to fill a couple of seconds to say who won a race an render 3 hours of build up and the excitement of the race moot because I would then know the outcome. I tried watching but knowing the winner completely ruined the race for me and cutting myself off from the world for 12 hours until I could get home from work and watch the recording isn't practical. I doubt I'm alone in this and it really isn't self inflicted, there are so many sources of news around us it was virtually impossible to avoid finding out but there we are. I have indeed found something better to do with my time though and now build models instead which I find very satisfying.

Comment Can't watch sport any more because of the news (Score 1, Insightful) 137

I used to watch a fair bit of F1 but since it is a global series the times are all over the place. Generally it was OK and I would make a point of getting up early to see a race in Australia or somewhere but that gets harder as I get older so I've relied on my TiVo to record races and watch them when I'm awake. The trouble is, the sports news on the radio always blabs the outcome. I don't see why since anyone who cares will have watched or will want to watch on their DVR, and everyone else doesn't need to know but the radio news, or the TV news both insist on dumping the result out there and it is difficult to impossible to avoid. Now I don't even bother to DVR the race and I've given up following it. I cancelled my SkyTV subscription since I didn't need sport any more too so I'm a lost viewer because of the news orgs, often owned by the same companies complaining that viewership of the sports is down. How about a dedicated sports news channel and then a 1 day moratorium on the news on regular outlets. If I want the sports news I can seek it out, but if I don't I can avoid it. Doubt that's going to happen though.

Comment Other countries already have this (Score 2) 361

My UK bought Nissan LEAF has a noise generator that operates at low speed. It creates a high pitched wine which alerts people that the car is near. Besides that, the A/C system fans also make a fair bit of noise. If I want to go into total stealth mode I can turn off the A/C and the noise generator and then creep around car parks startling the unwary. I generally just assume people can't hear even when driving my Mini so I don't think this is going to make a massive amount of difference other than for the blind who obviously use their hearing more so I can see the sense in this. Odd that it wasn't already required in the US.

Comment Re:Bbbbbut... (Score 2) 209

My BT headphones work perfectly well with my iPhone and MacBook. Wouldn't want to fart around with wires after having these. Sure, I've got some nice wired over ear headphones at home but when I'm out and about the wireless ones are great and support AAC so don't sound all wooshy like some more basic ones do. No dongles for me.

Comment Office 365? (Score 1) 176

If they need Office but don't want Windows, what is wrong with an Office 365 subscription? Works in a browser and if it is wonky then you just need to tell MS to fix their shit. MS is all about the cloud now so they sell a browser based Office solution. Sure, it comes with the desktop version too and I have Office 2016 on my Mac but in the absence of the desktop version, I can use the browser. Desktop OS support is expensive and horrible and Windows is about the worst to support so stick with Linux and if they need Office, get Office 365 and keep Linux. That is unless MS forces the issue and makes it more expensive to just have Office 365 rather than Windows 10 and Office 365. That would never happen though......would it?......

Comment Whatever, just do 1080p at a decent frame rate (Score 1) 147

I'm happy to get 1080p with 60fps to my 4K TV and just let it do the scaling. Looks pretty flipping good IMHO. Heck, I've given up the idea of buying UHD Blu ray because the TV is only 55" and from where I sit an upscaled BD looks excellent so I'll pass until I upgrade my projector from the current 1080p to 4 or even 8K in another five years or so. For now, just getting a console to do full HD without it stuttering is more than enough and these 4K upgraded versions are just a fudge. I don't need a scaler in the console any more than I needed the 4K upscaler in my Oppo BD player. The TV handles that task just fine.

Comment Plex (Score 2) 226

I've got an Apple TV 4 which has a native Plex client and that works really well. I've also set up (with a bit of fiddling) PlexConnect on the Plex server which allows you to replace the Apple Trailers on an ATV2 or ATV3 with Plex too without any jailbreaking. That works amazingly well too. This way I still have the benefits of iTunes for renting movies and for my iTunes collection, but also Plex which is a much more flexible media server with clients for lots of other platforms.

Comment Programming, not coding (Score 5, Interesting) 515

i learnt to program at school from a Ph.D computer scientist. We never even had computers in the class. We learnt to break the problem down into sections using flowcharts or pseudo-code and then we would translate that program into whatever coding language we were using. I still do this usually in my notebook where I figure out all the things I need to do and then write the skeleton of the code using a series of comments for what each section of my program and then I fill in the code for each section. It is a combination of top down and bottom up programming, writing routines that can be independently tested and validated.

Comment Re:More context (Score 1) 228

"Maybe he uses DC fast charging too much. Those chargers put a tremendous strain on the battery and regular use will quickly degrade its life. They're for occasional long-trip recharges."

Actually, that's not true. Fast charging every day may reduce the battery capacity by 1% per year at worst. There's an example of a LEAF used as a taxi which was fast charged multiple times a day and covered 130,000 miles before it lost the first battery bar. In fact, the observation seems to be that age is the killer so a car will lose capacity whether you use it or not, and in fact leaving the car charged to 100% or run flat (not that the car lets you do that) for long periods are what will damage the battery most. The early batteries also suffered in hot climates but the recent lizard batteries are much better. My own battery actually increased in capacity after a long hot run with three fast charges in a single day.

There's no reason to fear using the car regularly, or using fast charges. Also, replacement costs for the batteries are coming down considerably too and there's an opportunity for aftermarket upgrades with new technologies. The newer NMO battery cells which are planned for the next gen LEAF will allow a 60kWh battery to fit in the space of my 24kWh battery more than doubling range assuming someone is able to put them on the market for the older cars which would be a potentially large market anyway. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my car, doing long trips and using the fast charger network happily without producing any emissions (my country is largely run on non-fossil produced power.)

Comment Re:More context (Score 1) 228

He doesn't think he can do 50 miles on a single charge in a LEAF? The battery must be desperately sick for that to be the case. My 2015 doesn't even have the 30kWh battery and it can easily do 84 miles at highway speeds even with hills and stuff. 50 miles is no trouble at all even if I turn off all the energy saving stuff. Even if I only charge to 80% rather than all the way to 100% it will still easily do 67 miles. The EPA 75 miles a charge is pretty pessimistic in reality and is based on the average between a 100% and 80% charge and is for high speed driving. At lower speeds my car will do 100 miles without issue.

Comment ITV still exists? (Score 3, Insightful) 84

I'm trying to remember the last programme by ITV that I regularly watched. Last time I looked it was a bunch of generic cheap reality crap. I guess there's Downton Abbey but that's done now. Seriously, ITV made its bed and is now complaining that people don't want to watch crappy shows that get broken up every few mins by adverts. What a shock. The problem for ITV isn't the time the programmes are on, but rather VOD services such as iPlayer meaning people don't sit in front to the TV any more at a specific time and they definitely don't want to watch adverts. ITV Player is a joke by the way. Netflix and iPlayer. Job done.

Submission + - The legal challenge against adblocking is failing over and over (

chasm22 writes: "Wherever you stand on the adblocking debate – often somewhere between the protection of people’s rights not to be bombarded or a destroyer of jobs and industries – there’s no getting around the fact that if you’re anti-adblocking, you’re on the consistently losing side, legally speaking."

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