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Comment Re:Qualifications (Score 1) 581

You sound like a reasonable person and that most likely means you wouldn't be the one posting unfairly negative reviews. The problem is that some patients don't want to hear explanations and don't care if you are doing what you think is the best thing for them. A good example are the patients who still want antibiotics for a viral infection. You can tell them it won't help at all and that it just increases the risk of side effects and creates bacterial resistance. Plenty of patients will completely ignore that because they are sure that they need antibiotics. There are a LOT of other examples like this through out medicine and probably dentistry as well.

Comment Re:They want to censor things like this: (Score 1) 581

I'm sorry to say but you are in for a world of hurt down the line. Since you refuse to have the work done I guess all I can say is I hope the problems stay limited to your teeth. I say that because extremely bad tooth infections can lead to bacteremia and subsequently endocarditis. If that happens, and your cardiologist sends you for valve replacement, try not to think about how you could have prevented heart surgery by having your teeth fixed. I guess alternatively, you could call the cardiologist a quack and go home, but at that point your "biker" life would be over since walking a block would most likely leave you out of breath.

Also, those "fake teeth with screws" run in excess of $6000 each and they take multiple visits and surgery over the course of months.

Comment Re:This won't last long (Score 1) 581

Even if every private doctor wanted these things signed, people will always have a place to get treatment. It's the same place that the uninsured generally use for their primary care: the emergency department. They are not allowed to turn anyone away, period. Also, I doubt you can sue a doctor for declining to treat you without agreeing to his terms. It's not a smart way to practice but they do have the right to refuse your business if they choose.

Comment Re:As a doctor... (Score 1) 581

Technically, I think you have already committed a HIPAA privacy violation. You point out that she is the only one who has written a review about you so anyone who knows who you are can find the review which may enable them to find her name. Combined that with you mentioning her "psychiatric problems" and that amounts to a violation. I see this as similar to the rules that forbid discussing very elderly patients even without identifiers because it may be too easy to figure out who the handful of 90+ y/o patients are that live in the area.

Comment Re:And he needs a computer to do it for curves (Score 1) 473

I really want to laugh at your skilled technician comment if it wasn't so sad that you really believe it. I have a degree in ECE and worked as an engineer before going to medical school. I can tell you, doctors work just as hard or harder than the best engineers and scientists. They need to have even more retained knowledge and the problem solving skills to use that knowledge.

The rich doctors you're talking about are doctors from a time when the total cost of medical school was less than 20K. Many of my profs paid around that amount. It has changed drastically. Besides all that, I know plenty of PhD's driving around in fancy cars with beach houses. I have worked for a few of them. Just because you aren't making big bucks right out of your stipend supplemented free education does not mean you should hate on other professions. Especially when you obviously know nothing about what it takes to work as an MD.

Comment Re:And he needs a computer to do it for curves (Score 1) 473

On top of going to school for those 7 years for free, you also got paid a yearly stipend to get that PhD. Medical students pay $60K+ per year tuition, get paid nothing, and then do another 3-9 years of residency/fellowship working 80+ hours a week while getting paid between $40-$60k per year (damn near minimum wage). All of this while trying to pay down $250K+ in loans and compounding interest. After that, it's true that attending doctor salaries on average range between 150K to 400K. I would say that after making little to no money for 8-13 years of graduate education and paying off the equivalent of a small mortgage we deserve to play some salary catch up. I also know some PhDs making $150K-$300K salary and they didn't have all the loans so please stop your whining.

Comment Re:Well shit (Score 1) 401

I played EQ from release in 1999 and I would actually say the UI in FFXIV is worse. The lag between opening menus and the need to back out of multiple levels of menu just to access a different area of that menu is unforgivable. It's like something I would have programmed in 6th grade. Also, just because I haven't noticed anyone mention it, the battle targeting and spell casting mechanics are ridiculous. To cast a spell I should not have to click on a mob, wait a second, click on the same mob again, wait a sec, click on the spell, wait a sec, and then click on the mob again.

Comment Re:One huge reason to buy an android phone (Score 1) 193

I didn't use the "you have no idea what you're talking about" argument. I said "you simply don't know enough" and I stand by that based on the content of your posts. I have seen an AOSP rom running on the Droid X and was told it will have a modified kernel. Time will tell if that is the case or not. I'm sure if they have it working everyone will know soon enough. As for the Desire, if you have a custom kernel running on the device then it should be simple to have write permission to /system after booting the phone. My point in all of this is that custom roms with custom kernels and full nand access are not going to go away. I purchased an Epic 4G yesterday morning and promptly rooted it because the root was available before the phone was even released. Apparently, Samsung hasn't changed that much from their Moment device so full nand access is expected soon. I'm not going to assume that every manufacturer will decide locking down their bootloader is a priority just because Motorola did it.

Comment Re:One huge reason to buy an android phone (Score 2, Informative) 193

You are utterly mistaken. If the Desire is as locked down as you say it is then explain the fully functional CM 6.0 that runs on it including the custom kernel. Check out the XDA Desire forum for some details and then hopefully you can come back better informed. Also, AOSP builds for the Droid X are coming with custom kernels. I find if funny that below you posted a quote to try and make your point that custom kernels wont be happening but you tried to completely ignored half of the quote by bolding just what you wanted people to see. Here's the quote YOU posted with your bolding left in place, but I've added a second bold+italics of the relevant portion you should be paying attention to.
"So can we now install custom ROMs?
Yes, but you can't replace the kernel or boot image. But really, once you have access to /system, anything is possible. It will just take a little hackery ."

Also, this quote was written when the Droid X was first released and they were just starting to get root access. Since then, a lot more progress has been made using a "little hackery."

Please stop posting FUD and misleading quotes. It was bad enough you couldn't even attempt to defend your initial post that cyanogen mod phone support was dwindling after I pointed out it had more that tripled in # of phones over the last few months.
You simply don't know enough. End of story.

Comment Re:What will it take to end this fragmentation? (Score 1) 193

You can actually do just that. The Froyo source has been available from Day 1 on the AOSP website. You need to realize that Android is still in its infancy and similar to when linux was in its infancy if you wanted to run a different version on your hardware you need to be prepared to modify it, write new drivers, and work out some bugs. This is exactly what the devs do for most of the phones. I have been running 2.2 on my Hero for months even though HTC has said they will never release it for the Hero. At first it was buggy and some stuff didn't work but it has been fully functional and stable for a while now.

Comment Re:One huge reason to buy an android phone (Score 3, Informative) 193

You shouldn't really talk when you obviously don't know anything about the subject of conversation. The number of phones that Cyanogen supports is not "dwindling" it is actually booming. Up through CM 5.0 he only supported 3 phones (G1, MyTouch, Nexus one) but with the development of 6.0 he recruited rom developers for all the other phones listed above. This just happened a few months ago and this article is discussing the fruits of their labor. Additionally, the encrypted bootloader you were mentioning on the Droid X/2 has been broken and full custom roms can be installed Really, try to lighted up with FUD and do some more reading before you decide the whole modding community is dwindling and doomed.

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