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Comment Re:Generic Trademarks (Score 1) 356

you have the 7 times the _plural form_ of window which is a generic term for a GUI element that is responsible for grouping related GUI elements together, you do not have 7 instances of Microsoft Windows. In a likewise fashion, I own a line of adult massagers called Dildoes, and while you may have more than one dildo in your possession I would not attempt to sue you for having an excessively large (bordering on unnecessary even) variety of dildoes. Hell, in your exuberantly large collection of dildoes you may even have some Dildoes brand adult massagers, but that does not mean that all of your dildoes are in fact Dildoes dildoes. Dildoes brand dildoes: now with 750% more torque than the leading brand! Ask about our new line of heated massagers!

Comment Re:PETA (Score 1) 420

Then why don't they offer the subjects of their animal jails to the livestock industry thusly (pardon the irony here) killing two birds with one stone? They would reduce the number of animals they kill while simultaneously reducing the number of livestock *the opponent* kills? Also, since when is it more humane to incarcerate a living being for years before inevitably killing them than it is to simply kill them without the long drawn out torture?

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