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Comment Re:Fuck Canadian content welfare system (Score 3, Insightful) 324

Not that I necessarily agree with regulating content on Netflix; but there is a connection between media and opinions around ideologies, national unity, political awareness, amongst other topics. Being overwhelmed with cheap American content doesn't assist in educating Canadians about Canadian values and awarenesses. This is even more problematic when the viewers are still learning / developing their value systems (e.g. children).

I recall seeing some statistic that showed that an increasing number Canadians were more aware of the American political system then there own... a sad state of affairs that is due to an overwhelming amount of American media presence. It is this type of situation is what the CRTC is attempting to mitigate through regulation.

Comment Re:Sounds a lot like the slahshdot beta reviews (Score -1, Offtopic) 158

Dice wanted opinions and everyone hates it. Anyone that doesn't support it gets their comments deleted or modded down.

I hate Slashdot Beta as much as the next guy... but you're off on the comment deletion or modding down bit. There has been a constant flood of hateful comments aimed at Beta, and pretty well anything that says "Fuck Beta" in it gets modded up.

Fuck Beta
Slashdot BETA Sucks

Or go find the negative comment of your choice in the main hate thread. There are plenty of them marked as insightful

Comment Re:So by forced, they mean chose (Score 0) 174

Sounds to me like a lost business opportunity. If they stumbled upon a significant demand for a service, then should've simply expanded their offerings to include that service. I'm not sure why you would go to the trouble of changing your name to avoid having to deal with people asking to do business with you.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 101

I believe the opt-in approach was supposed to take this into account... but yes, it would be possible to circumvent the system. The idea is that it is made at least somewhat difficult to do so, such as filtering at the ISP level. This would remove the convenience factor, which I think would eliminate a good deal of the problem, and is something that parents could not do without government intervention.

Though, like I said, the heavy handed approach of blocking at ISP through content sniffing will cause other problems. But I'm not willing to say that government doesn't have a place in raising / protecting children. There are a number of public efforts which neither the business sector nor individuals can or would perform. Government initiatives just need to be well thought out and discussed... not just pushed through by evangelists or elites.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 0) 101

This article seems a little confusing to me. It states:

A public consultation found 35% of parents wanted an automatic bar while 15% wanted some content filtered, and an option to block other material.

and then,

The report found that, taking respondents as a whole, the majority were against all forms of control with more than 80% answering no to each of the three questions.

These two figures don't add up.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 101

Who would have thought that the majority of parents do NOT want government to take over raising their kids and instead want to hand down their own values instead of letting government dictate what values they should have?

The article states that 50% of parents wanted some form of content filtering. Besides which, I'm not sure what part of the world you're from, but the parents I've been around do try to protect their children from pornography... It's not one of the values they hand down.

I would wager that the reluctance is due in part to: 1. the parents actually wanting access to porn for themselves, but not their children (hypocrisy); and, 2. the parents weighing the consequences of accidental blocking content, such as sexual help articles (assuming they were presented with the pros/cons).

Comment Re:Get them some thing non of their friends will h (Score 1) 267

I was going to suggest getting a couple of XBOX 360 controllers to plug into the PC and grabbing an emulator. Lots of good games out there without needing the actual console itself.

Alternatively, there are modded USB versions of the original controllers out there. Grab a USB version of the original controller and the appropriate software. There are obviously legal considerations to look into as well, but with those understood... some of the patents have expired on this old stuff, and there is no reason to hunt ebay for it.

Comment Re:My desktop computer is way more powerful than t (Score 4, Informative) 231

And in other news, the Asus Transformer Prime is 4x as fast as the Cray. Android (NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30 1300 MHz (4 cores) ) vs Apple (Apple A5 (32nm) 1000 MHz (2 cores) )

I hate how everything must be compared against Apple iProducts. I don't recall every comparisons of yesteryear being brand specific. I don't care if the iPhoneX is 2x as fast as iPhoneX-1, or the iProductY is 2x as fast as the Cray. Give me damn benchmarks or clock speed of current day standards, and not a commercial.

Comment Re:I had this issue (Score 1) 415

Kindle DX isn't the best with PDFs, but it's definitely usable. It's large enough that if you have it in landscape mode the text is about the size you'd want it to be. It's still readable in both portrait and landscape, however.

On a side note, an audio book is what I use when doing housework, travelling, etc. Audible has a great selection of just about every major title out there, and are read by professionals. I read textbooks / paperbacks when I'm at home, and audio books when I'm doing some task that doesn't require my brain. I usually go through about 1 audio book a month just heading back and forth from work.

Comment Re:Steam Link (Score 1) 62

Well, you can go to their site and take a look: link

From the front page, I see three purchase methods listed: Steam, Gamersgate, Gamestop. All three state that it has Steamworks DRM. Seems like the game is using Steam as its primary distribution method.

From Gamestop, who deals in primarily in physical media (correct me if I'm wrong):

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This game requires the Steam client to install & play.

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