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Comment Re:Damn! (Score 2) 150

I thought this was supposed to be a tech site? How does a bullet point wishlist of features with absolutely no regard to the difficulty of implementation on the technical side or pitfalls on the game implementation side get modded to +5 insightful?

Comment Re:Bring on the nuclear power fans (Score 1) 349

You know what is truly an unmitigated disaster? The magnitude 9 earthquake and the resulting tsunami. The one that caused trains to derail, killing thousands, and has even caused a train to go missing. But no, lets put the focus on the 40 year old nuclear reactor that managed to withstand this massive quake and cause a minimal radiation increase 30 km away. 10 times background sounds scary if you're ignorant and uninformed. How many deaths have been caused by this "unmitigated disaster" of the plant vs. the actual disaster we should be focusing on, again?

Comment Rumor is a mismash of truth and speculation (Score 1) 329

This home button rumor sounds like someone found out about the multitouch gestures for switching applications and going back to the home screen and decided that it MUST be because the home button is getting removed.

The reality is that these gestures are probably there to compliment the functionality of the home button, and make certain actions faster than using the button to do them. But just like keyboard shortcuts, gestures should never be the ONLY way to do things. The home button will stay for those who need to intuitively learn the device. It's the same principle as the "multitasking" dock. You can multitask in IOS without ever even knowing the dock exists. It's the same way with these gestures.

Comment Re:Maybe not the best example. (Score 1) 298

The volume buttons are designed to work across the entire OS to continually change either the ringer volume or the volume of the song playing in the background. Is it really impossible for you to see how changing the functionality of the volume buttons--that previously have worked like every other volume button on the planet--on a per app basis could be a bad idea? The comparison to the keyboard is laughable.

Only on Slashdot does this tripe get modded up, for reasons that are lost on me. It's like in the fight against Apple, any dissenting opinion becomes Insightful, even if it's idiotic. If there's one thing I'm glad for, it's that people like you who think this is a good idea will all own non-Apple devices. Go ruin the user experience of someone else's device, and keep away from mine.

Comment Re:Someone finally gets it! (Score 1) 298

(Sorry, but having to spend $79 to replace the battery in a $99 iPhone 3GS is just plain idiotic.)

That would be very idiotic if the 3GS cost anywhere close to $99 to produce. I thought people understood the concept of subsidized hardware, especially on Slashdot, but it appears that even here the concept is lost on some.

Comment Re:IPhone vs. Android Review - In Reality (Score 1) 405

This post is the biggest crock of misinformation ever. I have a hard time believing you even attempted to use the iPhone for more than 5 minutes, because you're plain wrong about many of your points. No surprise you got modded up though, especially with the "I dare you to mod me down" line to cover up your bullshit.

1. Probably the most amazing and useful feature ever in a phone--auto synchronization between Gmail, Google calendar, contacts, and photos. Yes blah blah Mobile Me. Well Google is free--Apple is $100/yr. And please, the functionality and features of Gmail and Google calendar absolutely crap on the lame excuse of the Apple offerings. Don't even try to argue this one.

Don't even try to argue this one? I get all this on my iPhone for free too, using Google's services.

3. Free tethering. This feature is huge. You're paying for a data plan either way, but at least with Android you don't need to shell out another 60 per month for a wireless cell service just because Apple says "Because I say so."

Hey, surprise surprise, my iPhone comes with free tethering too. Apple has nothing to do with charging for tethering.

5. The ability to use it as a mass storage device, with a removable Micro SD card. Droid has 16gb worth to store.

With only a measly amount of storage available to apps.

Killer features then the IPhone doesn't have: tethering and VoIP (and I mean on a cell network, NOT over wifi--wifi is useless if you're out of your house, and NO I'm not going to travel to Starbucks to use VoIP, no matter how plentiful they are).

Again, iPhone supports both of these, including VoIP over 3G.

With so much wrong, I truly hope you're just trolling. It would be sad if you think this is an actual objective comparison between the two devices.

Comment Re:Certainly won't displace it in... (Score 1) 315

No, but thanks for putting words in my mouth. I'm saying making an assumption about the typing experience based on the abilities of Steve Jobs is idiotic, because he was a piss poor typer on the iPhone too.

Anyone who owns an iPhone knows that the typing abilities of Steve Jobs during the 2007 conference are in no way an indication of what the software keyboard is capable of. This has nothing to do with whether I think the software keyboard on the iPad will be something I'm ok with.

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