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Comment Re:I think someone without a degree wrote that sum (Score 1) 329

"they just don't want to pay what it's worth"

Labor is worth exactly what someone will pay. The same goes for real estate, vehicles and baseball cards. Just because some magazine says a rookie card is worth $20, that doesn't mean you can ever find someone willing to pay that rate.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 303

Wow. You're the kind of employee every company wants!

You would "would make them fire" you and then when you don't get "a severance package" that you deem fair, you "would get a lawyer and start a class action."

I didn't know "bad faith" was something you could sue for damages over. You sound as if a company ever makes a business decision you don't like, they may very well be in legal jeopardy.

Comment Re:Failure is always an option (Score 1) 200

Double sounds like an arbitrary number. Why not 1.5 time? Or triple time? Or, you get to name your rate each time? I'd prefer that. Sometimes you may care more about your time than others. If your daughter is having a big event maybe you need 5x pay to compensate. If your daughter is out of town on a band trip, maybe you are happy with 1.25 times your regular pay.

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 1) 172

"if there was truly a free market, one of them would have the fucking balls to say "here's 100gb fast-as-we-can-deliver for less than the other guys' 10-25. enjoy!""

Do you think there is no cost to offering 100GB plans? Do you think they are holding back because they don't like you? With that logic, you might as well say the car companies are screwing us by not offering brand new $500 Cadillac. Or Starbucks sells us coffee for $5 that is a penny's worth of water. If you really believe that, but stock in Telcos or whoever and be on the winning side of the equation.

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