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Comment Re:Flying coffins (Score 1) 140

"If I'm flying somewhere I want a human pilot" "and if I'm driving somewhere, I want to be in ultimate control of the vehicle."

You don't trust a vehicle with 20+ sensors that can react 100 times faster to all those concurrent inputs, but you do trust a random cab/bus/train/plane/blimp driver to always make the right call? Those same people who are at fault in 99% of fatal accidents. Those same people who tend to fall asleep, show up at work drunk, have emotional issues, have undisclosed health issues, etc?

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 3, Interesting) 409

Everyone is not creative. Everyone can't write, and most can't well enough that anyone would want to read it. Many can't sing, or draw, or express themselves beyond the level of a 3rd grader.

Does our current "fiat currency" "crash every other year b/c of market greed?" Yes, there are ups and downs in the market, but I wouldn't call it a crash.

And while I agree there needs to be a social safety net, people need to deal with change. This isn't a US problem. It isn't even necessarily a problem. All that said, automation isn't free. You can automate lots of jobs, but it may cost more to automate than it costs to pay someone to do it. Flipping burgers can easily be automated, but currently its cheaper and easier to train a 16yo to do it. They can also make fries, take out the trash, clean tables, and do other tasks. All that can be automated as well, but not cost effectively. Now, if we ever get iRobot humanoid style robots for under $100k, that will be extremely disruptive. That's likely at least a generation or more away though.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 196

"This is how they will worm out of the grandfathered unlimited plans."

You speak as if they should offer unlimited forever, even if there are edge users using 500+GB/month. Are you also for rent control so someone who moved into an apartment in Manhattan in 1960 would still only pay $85/month? That doesn't seem fair. There is a reason they are called "grandfathered" customers. And like most grandfathers, they eventually die.

Comment Re:Verizon is gradually coming clean (Score 1) 196

Are you arguing that if a company offers an "unlimited" plan that it should be available forever without any changes? Would it be ok if they allowed people to stay on the unlimited but only if they connect via 3G or whatever service was available when they signed up?

And to the person that said it was time to find a new service, I'm sure Verizon would love those people using 200-500GB/month to go elsewhere.

Comment Re:Browsers are fine (Score 1) 766

At some point, you are doing it "wrong." Be that having 10 pages concurrently open, or 100, or 10,000. Software is engineered for use cases. Crazy edge cases like having one million web instances open is beyond the scope of what developers generally engineer for. Is it possible? Sure. It that behavior expected? No.

If 99.999% of users never have more than 10 tabs open at a time, I suspect most browsers are made to accommodate a small multiple of that without issue. Beyond that and you are asking for trouble or less than optimal performance. Also, remember how much $$ you paid for that browser. You get what you pay for!

Comment encrypt and backup offsite (Score 1) 303

If you encrypt all your data and backup offsite, then physical security shouldn't be too big of a concern. If someone broke in and stole it all, you can always go to Best Buy/Wal-Mart/Target and buy a replacement laptop for $400. Even if they burned your office to the ground, you can get a replacement laptop and work from a Starbucks/McDonalds/FedEx Office/cheap hotel with WIFI for a week or so until you get your home situation worked out.

It seems like you are acting like a 5 year old who dad gave $20 and has to spend it as soon as possible.

Comment 70 laptops and 70 guns (Score 1) 170

I find it amazing that people have forgotten 70 laptops. That fact does make it a plausible excuse that the same amount of people could have forgotten they were carrying firearms when going through screening. I'm not saying its ok to forget you have a firearm in your possession, but to "face a penalty as high as $11,000" and a possible felony seems a little excessive. I'd like to see how many of those people are given a warning at sent home, and how many are arrested on the spot and convicted.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1058

"homosexuals and heterosexuals differ because they are engaging in sex for completely different reasons. Heterosexuals are participating in the family tradition of procreation"

Wrong. Both mostly have sex for recreational purposes. Most heterosexuals do not want to procreate everytime they have sex. Not even every 1/100 times. Most heterosexuals are not the Duggers and do not want 25+ children over their lifetime.

Comment Re:Two issues that need to be addressed (Score 1) 230

"Why should we have cell phones that work for days when they should work for months on a charge or cars that only go a couple of hundred miles when they should be able to go thousands of miles on a single charge?"

You are confusing "should" with "I'd like to have". If we're going that route, then cell phones should have a charge the life of the phone. Cars should have a charge that will go 200k or the life of the car.

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