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Comment Re:i hope he goes to prison (Score 1) 50

"and then sodomized by a gang of homosexuals"

As opposed to being sodomized by a gang of heterosexuals?

Why do most people accept that once in prison, you will likely be raped? And few if any are concerned that that is tantamount to physical and psychological torture.

Comment Re:Better to dream big than not at all (Score 1) 491

Or better yet, build a colony 100 meters below the ocean. If we could have self sustaining colonies under the sea, we could expand the population 10 fold. Also, a colony under the sea would be effectively immune to weather conditions, swings in temperature, drought, and other pests to civilization.

Comment Re:Sales Rep doing the dance (Score 1) 149

"Yeah, because they're only outselling every watch manufacturer except Rolex after only having a product for one year."

I highly doubt they are outselling Timex. You can get one for $30 at Target or Wal-Mart. I would have thought they would be outselling Rolex, but I haven't seen the #s to dispute that claim.

Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 3, Insightful) 424

"Star wars kid, tron guy, etc. all silly and sure, embarrassing, but not actually damaging nearly at the level of a sex tape."

How is a sex tape damaging to most people? I think its a shame that basically everyone likes sex, nearly everyone enjoys sex, yet its somehow offensive and humiliating for people to know or see you having it.

Comment Re:Motion Sickness (Score 1) 233

"I get motion sick if I try to read anything (book, map, phone, computer) in a moving car or train. I'll get zero productivity gain from a self driving car."

There is more in life than reading. Maybe you could take up knitting and create personalized xmas gifts for the family. Or, if that gets you sick, you could nap for your commute. Or, if you can't sleep in a car, you could eat breakfast or dinner. Or, you could ponder the day's activities without reading/writing. Or you could trim your toenails. Or, you could pick that nose clean. Or, you could watch movies/TV. Or, you could iron your clothes during your commute. I suspect future fully autonomous cars will be laid out differently than current cars. I can see some being a room on wheels. It could have a bed, a table for working/eating/reading, and other household amenities.

Comment Re:Chelsea Manning (Score 1) 278

" She is being tortured by the US Navy and is being DENIED access to her attorney and the internet and a cell phone and a laptop."

Is access to a cell phone, the internet, and a laptop a right for prisioners? At least she isn't being imprisioned in Texas in the summer without air conditioning where it can get to 115+ degrees. I even feel bad for the guards in that situation who have to work in those conditions.


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