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Submission + - Community and Knowledge Within the Enterprise

jamesrayge writes: "As the technologies of the Web come to be deployed on the enterprise network, IT managers and business department heads have a large menu of possible implementations to consider. Social networking and collaboration tools are proliferating within the enterprise, but even as the scale of this adoption threatens to overwhelm corporate control, the Web itself is now showing us a proven model of smaller groups, more tightly focused, and more intrinsically self-controlling. Concurrently, the role of the "tacit worker" in the modern company is beginning to gain prominence, and the need to make knowledge available on demand throughout the enterprise becomes an IT challenge, and a cultural adjustment. ve/2007/03/28/community-and-knowledge-within-the-e nterprise.aspx"
The Internet

Submission + - More Blogosphere Explosions

jeevesbond writes: "Hot on the heels of the revealing post from Kathy Sierra of death and sexual harm threats made against her, comes this from — well known Microsoft contractor/Web Standards blogger — Molly Holzschlag:

Today I found out that I am no longer welcome at the Web Directions event. Instead, the man who used me for the last two years to forward his career will be invited.

It appears Andy Clarke used Molly to get a book published, more details on Molly's blog post: 'Stuffed with Nonsense'."

Evolution of Mammals Re-evaluated 249

AaxelB writes "A study described in the New York Times rethinks mammalian evolution. Specifically, that the mass extinction of the dinosaurs had relatively little impact on mammals and that the steps in mammals' evolution happened well before and long after the dinosaurs' death."
United States

Submission + - US 'no longer technology king'

Not So Anonymous Coward writes: "The US has lost its position as the world's primary engine of technology innovation, according to a report by the World Economic Forum. The US is now ranked seventh in the body's league table measuring the impact of technology on the development of nations. A deterioration of the political and regulatory environment in the US prompted the fall, the report said. The top spot went for the first time to Denmark, followed by Sweden. Full Story "

Submission + - Circuit City to fire thousands, demand cheap labor

rahga writes: "It's the dumbest move I've seen a tech retailer make recently... Circuit City will fire 3,400 employees, then offer them and others their job back if they are willing to go back to entry-level pay, from $11 to around $8. Justification is that they've been paying well over market values. In other words, they are now demanding salespeople that are as clueless as the guys in Wal-Mart's electronics department."

Submission + - Games Firm Pursues 500 Pinball 'Pirates'

ColinPL writes: "Zuxxex, the German games software distributor, has hired lawyers to chase down about 500 British file-sharers, launching the first in a series of swoops by computer forensic experts.

File sharers were reported under court orders served on 18 ISPs at Davenport's request after computer forensic experts associated their IP addresses as sources for downloaders of Dream Pinball 3D, a computer game that's unleased in the UK — it goes on sale in June."

Submission + - Mysterious Hexagon Spotted Over Saturn

popo writes: "A mysterious hexagon has been spotted on Saturn's North Pole by NASA's Cassini orbiter. The bizarre geometric formation spans the size of two planet Earths and is stationary with clouds spinning around it. Kevin Baines of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said: "This is a very strange feature, lying in a precise geometric fashion with six nearly equally straight sides. ...We've never seen anything like this on any other planet.""

Submission + - Boost video performance of aging AGP system

jmke writes: While most manufacturers have forsaken AGP and are no longer bringing out new products for this platform, there are still a few left who cater to the budget minded end user. The ATI X1950 Pro chipset carries the top mid-range title in its PCI Express incarnation, the people from HIS Digital have brought it over to AGP in hopes that'll it will give a performance boost for older systems too, their X1950 Pro IceQ3 comes overclocked and with custom cooling to keep things running cool and quiet. Worth a look for those who like to play the latest games on their AGP system.
Book Reviews

GWT Java AJAX Programming 100

simon_kehler writes "The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java AJAX framework that provides an easy to use programming paradigm for web developers using the Java programming language. It is one of the more recent entrants into this field, but has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity. GWT Java AJAX Programming authored by Prabhakar Chaganti and published by Packt Publishing addresses the use of GWT to build ajaxified user interfaces. The author gently introduces the reader to GWT and then leads the reader through a series of tasks, each of which shows how to perform an useful action with GWT." Read below for Simon's review.
United States

Submission + - New report finds H-1Bs accelerating outsourcing

chris_be writes: The Economic Policy Institute's latest Briefing Paper, Outsourcing America's technology and knowledge jobs: High-skill guest worker visas are currently hurting rather than helping keep jobs at home, comes as Congress once again considers changes to U.S. high-skill immigration policy. This report disproves claims that, because of a shortage of U.S. scientists and engineers, our H-1B visa program has to expand so that employers are not forced to hire foreign workers in their home countries. The report also finds the H-1B program instead accelerates the outsourcing of high-wage, high-skill jobs to low-cost countries. In fact, the visa program's largest users are offshore outsourcing firms who sponsor very few of their workers for long-term green cards. The report also points out three major fundamental flaws in the program design. First, firms do not have to ensure that there isn't a U.S. worker who could fill the job before hiring a foreign worker. Second, the visa program's prevailing wage guidelines are riddled with loopholes, so that firms can easily pay foreign workers below-market wages that then depress the wages of U.S. workers. Third, the program has little oversight.

Submission + - Paper pulls plug on "Anti-Christ" contribu

netbuzz writes: "Every media site on the Web wants "user-generated content." But what happens when a user wants to generate content under a pseudonym such as "Anti-Christ." Charles Merrill — a member of both the Merrill Lynch and Johnson & Johnson families — says a paper in North Carolina yanked his posting privileges after two weeks of using that moniker. "Offensive," the paper called it. Now Merrill is launching an offensive of his own, publicly charging the paper with discriminating against atheists. ... Publishers can expect to confront these types of issues in direct proportion to the degree with which they embrace user-generated content — a reasonable price to pay, but a price nonetheless. 5"

Submission + - Intel Next-Gen CPU Has Memory Controller and GPU

NetworkingNed writes: "Today Intel talked to analysts about their upcoming CPU architectures including the Penryn and Nehalem cores. While most of the Penryn information was already known, like the move to 45nm, SSE4 instructions and up to 12MB L2 cache, the information on Nehalem was much more interesting. Intel divulged that Nehalem was going to be a completely scalable architecture and would feature anywhere from 1-8 cores with 1-16 threads (SMT is back!) depending on the market segment. Not only that, but on-die memory controllers and on-die GPUs are planned as well. Could this be the answer to AMD's Fusion technology? This PC Perspective article has a lot more information on the technology plans introduced today."

Spaceport America Takes Off 153

SeaDour writes "Spaceport America, being built north of Las Cruces, New Mexico, is finally becoming a reality and is set to become the world's first commercial spaceport. Governor Bill Richardson recently secured 33 million dollars from the state legislature for the final design, and a proposed 0.25% sales tax increase in Dona Ana County, where the facility is to be constructed, is expected to bring an additional 6.5 million dollars per year (if approved by voters next week). Richard Branson, the head of upstart Virgin Galactic, on Monday agreed to lease the facility for 27.5 million dollars over twenty years. If all continues to go as planned, SpaceShipTwo will make its first suborbital joy ride in two to three years."

Electrically Conductive Plastic Polymer 118

AustinSlacker writes to mention Fox news is reporting that a Dutch researcher is announcing a breakthrough in plastics. A new way of rebuilding plastics could allow them to conduct electricity just as well as the silicon wafers currently used in electronic gadgets. "Prins discovered that in plastics, the movement of electric charges was mainly hindered by the shape of the polymer, the chain-like molecular structure [that is] the basis of each kind of plastic. Prins extended the work of a German group that had reshaped a polymer to form a ladder-like structures. By bombarding the specially developed plastic with electrons from a particle accelerator, she was able to study rapid electrical reactions and demonstrate the new plastic's ability to conduct electricity much better than regular plastic and as well as silicon chips."

Yahoo to Offer Unlimited Email Storage 316

Josh Fink writes to tell us that Yahoo has announced that they will be offering unlimited email storage starting this coming May. The launch is all a part of Yahoo's ten year anniversary. While not all users will see their storage caps disappear right away Yahoo is promising that this feature will eventually reach their entire population.

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