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Comment Re:never heard of metorites reacting with water (Score 5, Interesting) 250

If they did, he would not be here to post about it.... There are only 6 metals that will react with water, and they are the Alkali metals, and they are quite energetic (as in Jamie Wants Big Boom).

Looking at the pictures, the depressions to the north, the cutouts running north and south.. I would have to agree with the expert he consulted that what they have there are sink holes.

The metals could have even been dumped there, not as in a hoax, years and years ago as the site could have been a "garbage dump". Unless you know the history of the area, may never know for sure.

Comment How about real performance fixes instead? (Score 1) 128

I could care less about searches.. but because chrome uses the least real estate, it is nice on my netbook... but IT IS HORRIBLE with system resources... I have to restart chrome at least three times a day to clean out the memory. And I only average 5-6 tabs being open. That is really sad for a browser.. that is worse than FF.. and if I could get FF to use less real estate as well, I would just use it and ditch chrome.

Comment Re:Learning curve (Score 4, Insightful) 460

Nope, not that much of a difference between mac and PC versions of Desktop publishing software. I use both nightly at work... and I work at a newspaper.

Really though, news rooms should not even touch all of that stuff.. they write the articles and the editor places them in the document, final document gets sent to me where I do my voodoo and make 4 color post script files and PDFs and generate plates for the presses.

Comment NASA World Wind Java Re:Google maps for tracking (Score 1) 84

Might I suggest looking into the NASA Open Source application, World Wind? You can do anything you can think of.. and people have used it to track several thousand objects in real time and from a database.

You can see some of what can be done on the demos page.

What you want to do is fairly simple, and has been done before.. you can probably find enough code examples in the SDK and on the forum.

Comment Well, I can attest to the losses (Score 4, Interesting) 183

When I use to have a gamefly account, I would loose 3 out of every 5 disks in transit (had something like 30 games not show up over the 5 years I had an account). I would get ripped open envelopes that were taped shut.. I had cut open ones show up. I had one envelope show up so badly mangled they put it inside another envelope. ALL of them had the disks missing.. sometimes I would get the empty game holding envelope.

I looked into the transfer route after the first few are missing.. Gamefly center -> receiving office -> transfer location 1 -> transfer location 2 -> local post office

The post office tried to tell me that is was AFTER the mail was delivered that the thefts happened. I had a PO Box... so that still tells me it is within the system they went missing.

When gamefly went to the current packaging, the missing disk numbers did drop back to 1 in 10 or so. but when they did go missing, I would not even get an envelope in the mail.

Comment Re:ads (Score 1) 206

Google is not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. There will be money to be made by them with this. Think of all the usage information they can gather up on people, they will know when you are home and when you are the most active. Information they can resell to advertisers and others.

Comment Re:OSSIMplanet, pTolemy3D, Virtual Ocean and more (Score 2, Interesting) 190

Virtual Ocean is WWJava FYI. But they are all good options. WWJava and are probably the most common open source Virtual Globes out there you will find. Though the .net development has slowed down to a crawl.. Java development is quite active, but that has a strong governmental focus, so a lot of the cool stuff that has been done.. can't be shared.

There is a lot of imagery out there that can be viewed and you can do a lot more outside of GE than you can inside of GE. And With and Java, you can also view virtual earth imagery thanks to Microsoft being more open than Google.

Comment Quieter too... (Score 1) 569

Nothing like a large class and hearing all the people typing.

But I always use pen and paper for notes, you can write down everything easier and you has less to carry with a computer and power cords and hoping you are near an outlet.

Then I copy my notes (or scan diagrams) onto the computer.. easier to find and read and organize. I find using something like Mind Map or Free mind also help to get all the notes in a better flow.

Comment Re:Verizon has best coverage... but it's verizon. (Score 3, Interesting) 395

Define coverage though... I have AT&T and a friend has Verizon.. I get a lot more coverage in areas than he does, but he gets more 3G coverage.. but since I use my phone for... *gasp* calls.. 3G is a moot point.

It all depends on what you want to do... I still keep AT&T mainly because of the rollover minutes. I have some months where I may only use half my minutes.. then there are months I use well over my minutes.

comparing costs... they are all pretty much the same... over priced.

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