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Comment Re:Soros? (Score 1) 1140

Based on the conclusion, it basically impliededical aid + UBI is impractical. It also primarily based itself on political arguments and not economic (the headline didn't seem to match the article, to the point that I slipped to conclusion

I personally believe a low UBI plus basic medical care would be great, but the article is based on US political realities.

The conclusion was basically, if the US was like western Europe, it may all work, but in the US political climate it'd be bad, and best to focus on improving what we got.

Which isnt to say your wrong, just that the article was aware.

Comment Re:Yahoo is dead (Score 1) 144

they have a lot of active email users, I don't see why a competent company couldn't make money there.

allegedly they have 12% of search too.

if that's true, it's worth a ton (based on payments made to various companies to be default search).

Google has the advantage of not needing to buy them (they'll get practically the same benefit from their collapse), but there's money to be made with the Yahoo customer base, and e-mail customers are pretty loyal, as it's a PITA to change emails.

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