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Comment Re:How do they compare? (Score 1) 124

There's more to VR though (doesn't mean it will work out, but it may).

3D TV was offering nothing but depth perception, it showed the exact same thing as 2d TV.

With VR there's a new way to interact.

I'm not saying it will take off, I haven't even used it, but I do think there's a chance. With the TV no killer app could even be made, with VR, there's at least potential that someone developes a killer app.

Comment Re:If the k+m is mapped onto the controller... (Score 1) 262

So, my point is addressing this paragraph:

Since the adapters need to map the K+M onto the controller, it means they are bound by the same limitations that the controller is. It's not like using a DPI mouse on a PC... with precise movements are picked up (move 700 dots left, 250 dots up, etc).

I don't believe the move 700 left 250 up is meaningfully different than a vector from a joystick by the time it hits game input.

The translation device can do the linear motion to vector of acceleration translation and have the same ultimate input go to the game.

I think the improvement from a mouse comes not from the dots being more precise but the ability to move more erratically as you say. I can cruise the mouse very fast right to very fast right quicker than I can swing around an analog stick.

I think the matching system should account for the major difference in player quality with mouse Vs non mouse though. Worst case scenario, someone needs a readily available adapter in the normal price range of console accessories to compete at the top tier, doesn't seem like a big deal to me.

Comment Re:If the k+m is mapped onto the controller... (Score 1) 262

That's what I would expect.

The limitation of "sending joystick input" seems meaningless too me. The reason the mouse is so much better isn't that it sends presice dots, it's that it sends vectors far more presicely from the human than a joystick can do.

Unless a game has a nerfed max directional input, or the steps of it are too course, a good mouse movement to joystick position map should be indistinguishable from a mouse input for the user.

I'm curious though, of you can flip around a joystick as fast as a mouse, why use the adapter?

Comment Re:If the k+m is mapped onto the controller... (Score 1) 262

Fair enough, I was only going with what it seems like.

Doesn't a mouse in a game have acceleration applied too though?

Like the speed I move it turns inches into a vector. so effectively a mouse is the same as a joystick as far as game input goes.

The game takes every pair of dots and turns it into a vector I assume. My x dots left, y dots down is actually a lot of diagonal vectors that alter with my speed?

Is there truly something else going on with the mouse as far as the game is concerned?

Comment Re:Why not buy Intel? (Score 1) 267

They will be using these chips for the critical area where intel gets beaten like a red headed step child. Performance per watt.

this is the only thing I took issue with, specifically saying Intel doesn't lose on performance per watt, simply that it fails to scale down.

For minimum required performance and absolute wattage, Intel loses

For price at the low end, Intel loses

For performance per watt, they seem pretty much tied to me.

Comment Re:Let's be honest here (Score 1) 319

My biggest frustration in android is the Google search bar (and now email links not opening in a browser either).

Who thought that if I search and follow a weblink to a site, what I really wanted was to not be logged in?

And there's absolutely no way I may want to use the fond in page option either, right?

They really need to make the whatever they call limited chrome that adds minor frustration to my life with every home page search, and every email link, and every facebook link, a permission, so I can disable it.

Anyway, long rant, but my question is where do I turn that off for the search? I've looked and failed.

Comment Re:Consider why they moved to Intel in th first pl (Score 1) 267

I'd think 4G LTE is already fast enough, it's faster than my cable which is llenty fast for two people (can both stream Netflix and futz about on the internet).

I can't be the only one constantly breaking phones though (fortunately, budget is good enough already for a phone).

5-10 years for a phone seems unlikely to me, especially with non user replaceable batteries.

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