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Comment Re: How can we give a fuck? (Score 1) 146

I use my amazon dash wand (or whatever they call it) all of the time.

Running low on something, scan it, then at the end of the week put together a purchase.

I can see this being a great feature for the juicer (I believe it said it can read QR codes.

Like a juice, running low, scan it, when enough is scanned to make shipping worth it, place an order.

What I don't understand is the CEO requiring the machine to buy the packets, there must be money in the packets too, or it's a seriously flawed business model. Like let's place these machines in homes for profit, then never ever make money, but build a supply chain, in the long run.

Comment Re:Uber is next (Score 1) 167

I didn't in my small town, but with Uber and Lyft I do quite a bit.

Cab: Call company "we'll be there in 15", now wait an a hour, call again, "we'll be there in 15". Pretty much won't do short rides either. In New York, cab pulls up, "where are you going", cab slams on gas and flees if answer is not Manhatten or Williamsberg.

Uber and Lyft are worth far more for the end user (show up, don't complain, are nice). The problem is they are going too hard on the price competition, and the prices are unsubstainably low, then Uber starts taking a bigger cut even. They really should charge cab ish rates, take their cut, and compete on quality of service and convenience IMO.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 434

True, but if it's 3 hours a day, that means I'm emptying the washer at 10pm daily.

If it's 18 hours of run time on a weekend, that means scheduling my entire weekend around being home when the wash comes out.

I'm skeptical of a 30 minute wash turning into 3 hours though. my 30 minute wash is 1:20 now, not bad for a nightly routine, run when cooking/eating, then deal with after.

My longest setting is now 2:40, that's mixed load, high soil level, extra rinse (which adds the last 40 minutes), I live by myself and run that once a week on the weekend and it's hardly a burden, the old washer in an equivelent setting was well over an hour anyway (45 mins on the dial, plus two rinse and spins, probably around 1:20).

If it was truly 6 3 hour loads a week though, that would be pretty burdensome, even if I didn't need to watch it.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 434

How does that work in the winter?

How about rainy season?

What about when the humidity is over 90%?

It's a large country, in my region, there would be week long stretches I couldn't dry my clothes (granted in the Winter I could (and do) dry inside, but in the summer the humidity in my house is even worse if I'm not running AC, and in the rainy season, it's treacherously damp without hanging wet clothes around.

Comment Re:I'm a really worried longtime Linux user (Score 1) 191

It wasn't exactly a short period of time, it was after years of slow progress culminating in a pretty excellent desktop.

Then it started locking up horribly with background IO, the interface went into flux (though it seems that is resolved pretty effectively, with gnome 2 related projects and xfce being pretty great), init systems went into flux, drivers went into flux (gallium, the move away from X).

The Desktop fell back to 90s era in quality, simultaneously, a few years later, the Windows Desktop got good as a way to manage application windows.

It seems 9 years later the IO issues are fixed, but that's not giving up after a short time, I gave up after a year or 2 when I could afford Windows 7.

I had also been funding Linux bundlers if not development to the tune of $100/year (Mandrake Club, Boxed Linux with Yast, boxed RedHat, and Ubuntu Merch).

It was when it cost me more money to have a system that locked if I didn't spend even more on an SSD, and a nice competing system came about, that I finally jumped ship.

Comment Re: AKA "Obama favored US!!!!" (Score 1) 126

I Pay my ISP to provide that infrastructure.

I pay 40% more than I used to, for the same speed.

It looks like I am indeed Paying to increase the total bandwidth I (not Netflix, it is me making the request) use.

How is Netflix adding to their cost, is Netflix running stuff over their Network just for fun, or is it to their customers that are requesting it?

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