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Comment Went from 2 Macs to none?! (Score 1) 558

I had an iMac and a Macbook Air. People/Clients always bug me to sell them my computers. I don't know why. So I did. Both of them. Bought a suped up Macbook Pro 15" with fastest CPU and max RAM to replace both those Macs. Turns out, I rather have a proper desktop and laptop :)

Soooooo, thought about getting a Mac Pro and was a) turned off a bit from the pricing and b) they haven't updated it in a while. Went for the next best thing, a Hackintosh of course!

Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H
Intel Core i7 - 4790K
EVGA GTX 960 Superclocked
Samsung PRO 850 - 250GB
Samsung EVO 840 - 120GB

Hackintosh's have come a long way. Much easier these days and a wider range of support for hardware. Of course, if you stay within' recommended specs, makes it all that much easier. Software updates weren't a problem. 4K monitor hooked up. MUCH faster than the Macbook Pro 15" with the same 4K monitor hooked up. (In the Macbook's defensive, I opted for the integrated GPU only for battery life reasons). This thing screams. Very happy with it. Windows on the EVO 840 (don't boot it up much) OS X on the PRO 850 with vmware running Xubuntu. about $1700CAD (exluding the 4k monitor that I had from before)

I needed a laptop as well, so I picked up an Acer V5-473p-5602. About $600CAD. 14". 1090p IPS screen. Immediately put in an extra 4GB of RAM and a Samsung EVO 840. :) This one runs just Xubuntu.

So from 2 Macs to none :)

P.S. The Macbook Pro 15" becomes a hand me down to my wife ;)

Comment Re:Seating arrangements (Score 1) 435

Nearly everyone I know would get sick focusing and reading tiny cards while in a moving car. But the idea is sound and I can't wait to be able to drink and ride.

We do it in planes and trains all the time! I'm sure it can be done in cars, we just have to get over the fact that we can't accelerate from 0-100km/h in 5s. :) I'm very confident that computers can drive much smoother than humans can.

Comment Seating arrangements (Score 3, Insightful) 435

I like the seats on the cross-country trains (VIA up here in Canada). They have pairs of seats that can swivel, to make them face another pair of seats. A fold out table creates a nice surface for a nice game of cards, or whatever you fancy. You could even have meetings while driving to a destination. So many possibilities when you don't have to stare at the back of someone's head!

Comment Re:danger vs taste (Score 0) 630

I never understood this type of reaction. Yes, they are eating a boatload of calories through everything else, but at least they are cutting out a few hundred with the diet coke. Yes, it won't make them thin, but at least they are doing something to try and get healthier and possible lose a little weight, which they should be applauded for. You are probably the same type of person that goes to gym and tells people they should just quit because they aren't lifting enough weight or only doing cardio. The fact is, they are doing something, which is more than some people do and should be encouraged.

I don't do the gym thing. I just love sports. And do as much as I can. I LOVE seeing "larger" people out there on the streets jogging at a pace slower than my walking pace. THOSE are the people that are at least trying. Someone eating a double big mac combo with a diet pop is not trying. :) Just my opinion.

Comment Re:danger vs taste (Score 5, Insightful) 630

and i see fat people drinking it all the time so it doesn't seem to be working

That's because they're usually ordering it with a Double Big Mac combo ;)

I've always found it funny when people order like that. As if the diet pop is gonna counter the 2234872184732 calories of a double big mac you're about to wolf down. Not to mention the fries (which of course has been super sized!)

When I go to McDonalds, there's no pretense of nutrition or calorie reduction. I order a regular combo with a regular coke :) Diet drinks taste awful anyways.

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