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Comment Re:iPad in the Workplace? (Score 4, Informative) 249

All of the upper management in my company carry an iPad, not for technical reasons but because they like it and they think our customers like it. Site updates are now being checked against iPads and site traffic from iPads has exceeded 1%.

I walked by a managers office the other day, a sign was posted that "The future of CRM is mobile" and a picture of an iPhone, Android and iPad.

Rather than carry my laptop around these days I carry my iPad for email, and other intranet access.

Comment "Ask me about Grim Fandango" (Score 4, Insightful) 1120

I just finished buying all the original Lucasarts adventure games that were released on steam (Dig, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones) as well as the new Monkey Island game (+episodes). My fiancee had me pick up the Wallace and Gromit games.

What I'm saying is, I'm still an adventure game junkie, and, if I have anything to say about it, any kids I have will be too. We need more of them.

Comment Re:Just desserts. (Score 1) 841

Hijacking someone else's software isn't competing. Preventing palm from using iTunes isn't anticompetitive in the sense you are suggesting. Anticompetitive behavior would be Apple software going out and uninstalling palm software, or going out onto a system and converting all the music files into a iTunes only DRM format (like Sony has tried to do over and over).

If palm wants to compete then it needs to do its own hard work and write its own software. Apple is under no obligation to support them in anyway and can do whatever it wants with it's own software.

Is it a dickhead move on Apple's part? yes. Do they have a monopoly on digital music? quite possibly. Does what they did violate the Sherman Antitrust Act? of course it doesn't, they're still playing in their own sandbox.

Comment Re:Games are too easy now... (Score 1) 241

Two things:

1) People have fun in different ways. From your post it seems like you have fun by over coming the challenge of having to have sharp split second response times (mario, prince of persia). Some people don't enjoy that, and despise having to play the same 2 minutes of a level over and over until they can do it in their sleep. Some people just like being an active participant in the story and action. Some people like to have to come up with a winning strategy. Some people like to find-the-pixel. Different styles of play, and there is generally games out there to support all different kinds.

2) I think you'll find that most game companies (video and things like pen-and-paper) have come to learn that "losing" isn't fun. When you invest 30 hours in a game and then die permanently because of a die roll, it's just unsatisfying and frustrating. There is a crowd that can't enjoy a game unless there is a real chance of failure, but that crowd isn't nearly as big as the one that just wants to have fun playing. I see a lot of alternatives to death and losing these days, such as failure leads down a different path, often more difficult than the "success path". I don't expect this will change much, in general people respond better to penalty than outright failure. So yes, game companies will probably not re-adapt perma-death because it will cause them to sell fewer games.

Comment Re:Maybe it doesn't make sense to allow tethering (Score 1) 326

There are lots of things about the iPhone that are ridiculous, no argument. I have similar arguments about most devices on the market that can be purchased for under $700.

If your AARP-card-carrying mother can send your phone a photo she can send your email a photo with no loss in fun, I promise.

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