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Submission + - Chinese Consortium To Purchase Opera Browser Business (

An anonymous reader writes: Opera Software ASA agreed to sell its browser business to a Chinese consortium for $600 million, saying a full takeover of the company was canceled after the suitor failed to get government approval.

The company will sell businesses including browsers for mobile devices and desktops, technology licensing and a stake in a Chinese venture to the same group that attempted the full takeover, according to a statement Monday. Opera will keep businesses such as applications and games.

The consortium of investors includes the gaming firm Beijing Kunlun Tech and the so-called Internet security provider Qihoo 360, plus Chinese financiers.

Submission + - Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History ( 17

An anonymous reader writes: From CNN:

"Fifty people were killed inside Pulse, a gay nightclub, Orlando Police Chief John Mina and other officials said Sunday morning, just hours after a shooter opened fire in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. At least 53 more people were injured, Mina said. Police have shot and killed the gunman, he told reporters.

The shooter is not from the Orlando area, Mina said. He has been identified as Omar Saddiqui Mateen, 29, of Fort Pierce, about 120 miles southeast of Orlando, two law enforcement officials tell CNN.
Orlando authorities said they consider the violence an act of domestic terror. The FBI is involved. While investigators are exploring all angles, they "have suggestions the individual has leanings towards (Islamic terrorism), but right now we can't say definitely," said Ron Hopper, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI's Orlando bureau."

Submission + - Mozilla co-founder's ad-blocking Brave browser will pay you bitcoin to see ads (

An anonymous reader writes: Brave, a new privacy and speed focused web browser for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, backed by Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, will pay its users in bitcoin to watch ads. From a PCWorld article, "Under this plan, advertisers pay for a certain number of impressions, and Brave aggregates those payments into one sum. Websites that participate in the scheme get 55 percent of the money, weighted by how many impressions are served on their sites. Brave then divvies up the remaining bitcoin between itself, its ad-matching partner, and the users, each getting a 15 percent share. For both users and publishers, Brave deposits the money into individual bitcoin wallets, and both parties must verify their identity to claim the funds. This requires an email and phone number for users, and more stringent identification steps for publishers. Users who don’t verify will automatically donate their share of the funds back to the sites they visit most."

Submission + - Rightscorp Plans to Hijack Pirates' Browsers Until a Fine is Paid (

An anonymous reader writes: Anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp says that it's working on a new method to extract cash settlements from suspected Internet pirates. The company says new technology will lock users' browsers and prevent Internet access until they pay a fine. To encourage ISPs to play along, Rightscorp says the system could help to limit their copyright liability.

Earlier this week, anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp published its results for 2015. They make for dismal reading, with the company recording a net loss of $3.43m, up from the $2.85m net loss recorded in 2014.

The company has a number of problems. First and foremost it has too few clients and somehow needs to expand the catalog of copyrights under its protection. With a wider spread and greater volume it could do better, but that’s only part of the problem.

Submission + - Wikileaks: IMF Plans To "Cause A Credit Event In Greece And Destabilize Europe" (

schwit1 writes: One of the recurring concerns involving Europe's seemingly perpetual economic, financial and social crises, is that these have been largely predetermined, "scripted" and deliberate acts.

This is something the former head of the Bank of England admitted one month ago when Mervyn King said that Europe's economic depression "is the result of "deliberate" policy choices made by EU elites. It is also what AIG Banque strategist Bernard Connolly said back in 2008 when laying out "What Europe Wants"

To use global issues as excuses to extend its power:

  • environmental issues: increase control over member countries; advance idea of global governance
  • terrorism: use excuse for greater control over police and judicial issues; increase extent of surveillance
  • global financial crisis: kill two birds (free market; Anglo-Saxon economies) with one stone (Europe-wide regulator; attempts at global financial governance)
  • EMU: create a crisis to force introduction of âoeEuropean economic governmentâ

This morning we got another confirmation of how supernational organizations "plan" European crises in advance to further their goals, when Wikileaks published the transcript of a teleconference that took place on March 19, 2016 between the top two IMF officials in charge of managing the Greek debt crisis — Poul Thomsen, the head of the IMF's European Department, and Delia Velkouleskou, the IMF Mission Chief for Greece.

Submission + - How One Dev Broke Node, and Thousands of Projects in 11 Lines of JavaScript (

An anonymous reader writes: Programmers were left staring at broken builds and failed installations on Tuesday after someone toppled the Jenga tower of JavaScript. A couple of hours ago, Azer Koçulu unpublished more than 250 of his modules from NPM, which is a popular package manager used by JavaScript projects to install dependencies. Koçulu yanked his source code because, we're told, one of the modules was called Kik and that apparently attracted the attention of lawyers representing the instant-messaging app of the same name. According to Koçulu, Kik's briefs told him to take down the module, he refused, so the lawyers went to NPM's admins claiming brand infringement. When NPM took Kik away from the developer, he was furious and unpublished all of his NPM-managed modules. "This situation made me realize that NPM is someone’s private land where corporate is more powerful than the people, and I do open source because Power To The People," Koçulu blogged. Unfortunately, one of those dependencies was left-pad. It pads out the lefthand-side of strings with zeroes or spaces. And thousands of projects including Node and Babel relied on it. With left-pad removed from NPM, these applications and widely used bits of open-source infrastructure were unable to obtain the dependency, and thus fell over.

Submission + - Studio Ghibli software going open source? (

Michael Tiemann writes: Digital Video, the makers of TOONZ, and DWANGO, a Japanese publisher, announced today they have signed an agreement for the acquisition by Dwango of Toonz, an animation software which was independently developed by Digital Video (Rome, Italy). Digital Video and Dwango have agreed to close the deal under the condition Dwango will publish and develop an Open Source platform based on Toonz (OpenToonz). Effective Saturday March 26, the TOONZ Studio Ghibli Version will be made available to the animation community as a free download.

Not yet clear is which existing open source license will be used for the software, if any. If it is properly licensed as open source software, then we should all celebrate this event by drawing unicorns and rainbows. If not, many will be dis-spirited away.

Submission + - Hacker GhostShell Doxes Himself So He Could Get a Job in the Industry

An anonymous reader writes: One of the most notorious hackers around has decided to dox himself after getting tired of hacking companies and failing to find a legitimate job in the infosec community. The hacker GhostShell, one of the early LulzSec members and leader of Team GhostShell is a 24-year-old Romanian, that's now hoping to get arrest and negotiate a plea deal so he can stay on as a white hat hacker with a company or state agency somewhere. For the past 4 years, the hacker was literally 2KM away from Romania's crime investigation unit, a 10-minute ride away.

Submission + - Home Depot Will Pay Up To $19.5 Million For Massive 2014 Data Breach (

itwbennett writes: In remedy for the 2014 data breach that included the theft of data pertaining to about 56 million payment cards, as well as 53 million email addresses, Home Depot has reportedly agreed to pay $13 million to reimburse customers for their losses and $6.5 million to provide them with 18 months of identity protection services. And while the company was not required to admit wrongdoing, it has agreed to hire a chief information security officer.

Submission + - First Bionic Fingertip Implant Delivers Sensational Results (

Zothecula writes: Dennis Aabo Sørensen may be missing a hand, but he nonetheless recently felt rough and smooth textures using a fingertip on that arm. The fingertip was electronic, and was surgically hard-wired to nerves in his upper arm. He is reportedly the first person in the world to recognize texture using a bionic fingertip connected to electrodes that were surgically implanted above his stump.

Submission + - Former NSA, CIA Director General Hayden Sides With Apple Over FBI (

cold fjord writes: General Michael Hayden (Retired), who served as head of both the NSA and CIA, has taken a position supporting Apple in its conflict with the FBI. Apple is fighting a court order to assist the FBI in breaking into the government owned phone used by one of the two dead terrorists responsible for the recent San Bernardino massacre. General Hayden stated, “You can argue this on constitutional grounds. Does the government have the right to do this? Frankly, I think the government does have a right to do it. You can do balancing privacy and security dead men don’t have a right to privacy. I don’t use those lenses. My lens is the security lens, and frankly, it’s a close but clear call that Apple’s right on just raw security grounds . . .", and, "I get why the FBI wants to get into the phones but this may be a case where we’ve got to give up some things in law enforcement and even counter terrorism in order to preserve this aspect, our cybersecurity.”

Submission + - Google's AlphaGo beats Lee Se-dol in the first match ( 1

Fref writes: Quote "The Verge": "A huge milestone has just been reached in the field of artificial intelligence: AlphaGo, the program developed by Google's DeepMind unit, has defeated legendary Go player Lee Se-dol in the first of five historic matches being held in Seoul, South Korea. Lee resigned after about three and a half hours, with 28 minutes and 28 seconds remaining on his clock. "
Lee will face off against AlphaGo again tomorrow and on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday

Submission + - Pow! DC Comics wins Batmobile Copyright Legal Case (

Mr. Competence writes: The US Supreme court has declined to review a ruling by the 9th Circuit Court declaring that “the Batmobile is a character that qualifies for copyright protection.”
The case involved Mark Towle, a California man who produced replicas of the Batmobile for car-collecting fans of the caped crusader; selling them for about $90,000US each.

Submission + - How Amazon Shames Warehouse Workers for Alleged Theft (

Fudge Factor 3000 writes: Using Orwellian methods, Amazon has put up flatscreen TVs in its warehouses to discourage theft amongst its employees. These TVs show clips of alleged on-the-job thefts. To keep the thieves anonymous, they are masked by a silhouette stamped with the word "terminated" with the particulars of their theft also displayed. Theft is a serious concern for Amazon because of the low pay and high-turnover of their workers. The simpler solution may be to pay workers a satisfactory wage so that they are less likely to steal. However, most workers claim that these tactics are just to let them know that they are being watched. Sweatshops don't just exist in Asia, they are also present right here in the USA.

Submission + - "Peeple", the horrible "Yelp for people" app, launches (

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: The much-hated "Yelp for people" app, "Peeple" has finally launched to much criticism, and vocal denizens of the web are already giving it zero stars. "At least I signed up to have the world judge and grade me publicly," model Chrissy Teigen tweeted Thursday. "I f***ing hate this app and the boardroom table it was created around." On the site's Facebook page, dissenters posted comments such as, "You have created something so dark and vile that it may cause people with low self esteem to hurt or kill themselves. This app shouldn't be allowed on the market. It is a disgusting idea and I pray it doesn't go forward." Already labeled "The worst app of all time" it looks like it's off to a rocky start. Is it just me or does this look like a bonanza for lawyers who deal in defamation cases?

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