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Submission + - Interview With Kahanist Jonathan Stern (

alternative_right writes: I am a Jewish Nationalist first and foremost, but Jews are White, so naturally I recognize the logic behind White Nationalism. One should promote his own ethnicity first and foremost before he promotes the interests of others. Blacks do this, Muslims do this, Hispanics do this, so should Whites. So I respect Spencer for his level-headed advocacy in defense of the White Race. I definitely believe in nationalism for all ethnic groups.

Comment Who is the audience? (Score 0) 133

For most maker/open source/DIY projects, the audience are fanatics who will put up with a kludgy piece of junk as long as they can say they built it themselves.

If they want to get wider acceptance, they need something which presents few such obstacles.

Raspberry Pi, before Google got involved, was a great example of spanning the two worlds: a simple, easy, no-BS project board.

Once the usual Silicon Valley suspects get involved, I suspect it will be configured to print out feminist sayings by default...

Comment I see you found the FreeBSD user community (Score 1) 477

One correction:

Now there seems to be a new breed of forum user who a) hangs out at a forum socially all day b) does not bother to help at all and c) gets a kick out of telling you things like "what a stupid question" or "nobody will help you with that here" or similar...

This is far from new. I remember this behavior from dial-up BBSes in the 1980s. However, these people were ignored and sometimes had their comments removed by Sysops because they obviously had zero value, and when every byte of disk space counts, you drop the obvious turds. Now, however, the enforcement model on most forums has shifted from "protect the quality content" to "protect vulnerable users" and so passive bullying is totally acceptable but if someone were to call these users out on it, they would be banned. This is why it is tolerated now, and proliferating, because it lets nobodies act like swaggering powerful internet gods.

I mention the FreeBSD community because they are notorious for this. Users write in with normal questions, and the default response -- people seem to rush to their keyboards to do this -- is to accuse the user of being stupid, incorrect or under-knowledgeable about the operating system. Others defend them in order to keep BSD their own little special club, and to do that, they need to exile outsiders, which allowing this sociopathic behavior does nicely through alienating those outsiders.

Comment More Fake News And Drama From The Left (Score 0) 659

As the CNN megapixel graphic showed, the Trump crowd was larger than reported. This seems a silly thing to fight over, since Trump's supporters are less likely to attend an inauguration than a rally anyway.

The big point here however is that 1984 was a fraud written in response to a book written a dozen years earlier, Brave New World. In that saner view of humanity, it was our desire for Utopia that led us to a state like that in the movie Idiocracy: neutered, pointless people living in ugly cities, driven only by desires for pleasure, and so vapid that they would die out without medically-supervised, mandatory reproduction.

Submission + - Are Social Media's "Ads For Eyeballs" Valuations About To Be Eviscerated? (

alternative_right writes: There’s a peculiar tone emanating from the social media space. It’s a little hard to hear, but if you listen closely, it’s there none the less. That sound is the sudden gasp of realization that the most dominating reasoning and defense that encompassed the entire social media space may in fact being laid-to-waste right before their screens. That horror?

The eyeballs for ads model doesn’t work.

Comment But they're ugly... (Score 1) 92

Why must all hardware be only in black and silver?

Apple did only a few things right, and attractive hardware is one of them (the others were: having a gadget ready to use after unboxing, and streamlining the interface to eliminate fiddly, irrelevant and distracting bits).

Every time I look at new machines, I am struck by how we insist on making them uglier than dump trucks.

Submission + - Drudge Report DDOSed for second time in a week (

alternative_right writes: The popular Drudge Report website was hit last night in an apparent Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) for the second time in a week, knocking it temporarily off the internet.

Readers were unable to log onto the site last night amid fears it had been targeted by cyber criminals.

Comment From Hobby To Whoredom (Score 1) 449

A hobby is something you work on out of passion.

Whoredom is a job or something you do to otherwise prove your value to others.

We ejected the geniuses, and replaced them with Silicon Valley nitwits. All the big tasks are conquered, and now we're shuffling the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, hoping to invent the next Twitter (which seems to be going bankrupt anyway).

The internet is boring since it became basically six big sites with all the traffic, and the small blogs got squeezed out.

Even worse is that no one in authority noticed this happening and complained about it.

So no, computing is not very cool anymore. Prepping and home fabrication might be.

Comment But remember, Google is not a monopolist. (Score 2) 212

Over time, every human venture goes to a bad place. Why?

Because suddenly it has dependents, and those tend toward rent-seeking, and then that influences leadership to try to "keep the herd together" instead of admitting that it must cull the weak.

So now Google is an abusive monopolist because its leaders look out there, and see all those smiling hopeful faces, and realize they have to keep growing in order to keep everyone happy, even though that means (1) worse things for the consumer and (2) eventual doom.

They just can't stop themselves... ah well, it takes a tragedy for humans to learn, and even then, it only takes for awhile. If we filtered out the stupidity, we would be working 2-hour days and enjoying life, but why not suffer for the pretense of equality.

Comment Never Buy ASUS Laptops (Score 1) 109

Extremely shoddy hardware, with the cheapest possible components and glitchy, jerky operation owing to defects in communication between the glitchy slow components and other parts of the hardware. You would do much better to buy ACER or Lenovo, which is why they were the big winners in sales figures last year while ASUS did poorly.

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