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Comment Cut my service by 2/3 yesterday (Score 1) 64

From 197 (not even near a full package) to $70 with tax.

That's $50 for 25mb plus 10 for basic cable & hbo plus 10 for taxes.

It's a one year deal with a contract that runs 1 year (I was very specific- no 1 year deals with 2 year contracts).

Can't tell the difference.

That's about 1500 per year. That's a ski trip. maybe 2 with buds. Or it's a new car every decade.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 689

Agreed. And there is a very disturbing tone.

Extreme commitment combined with strong cognitive dissonance.

Sort of like the republicans who are homosexual who condemn homosexuals.

It's kind of like the stockholm syndrome.

What I don't understand is christians lining up behind him.

Matthew 16:26 - Bible Gateway

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 689

Our standing with all but 10% of other countries has increased enormously under obama's terms of office.
Those countries are notable for almost all being our direct competitors and enemies.

The u.s. can't do it alone. The u.s. had no hope of winning ww2 alone.

The u.s. military has repeatedly lost battles started by overconfident cowboys who ducked military service when it was their turn.

The U.S. military itself says it can win one war where it has overwhelming numbers and where we are committed to have soldiers die on the ground.

Comment Re:Cable content is worth more (Score 1) 174

I don't find this to be true. Many premium shows are on netflix one year later than on premium stations.

I agree there is a lot of older content. And I agree that many other media companies have withdrawn their content.

I certainly can't afford to pay $10 to each of those media companies for their comparatively miniscule content.

I can get HBO and the same money as netflix basically gets me a dozen old movies (at best), the ability to view their back catalogue (which I've already seen twice or more), 0-2 new series (GoT, john oliver), and maybe 1-2 new movie a month.

Comment Finally cut the cord yesterday (Score 1) 174

Just wasn't worth it any more.

I can go on an extra ski trip or buy a new car every decade with my savings.

25mb minimum internet now. 1 year contract with the discounts ending in 1 year (my last was a two year contract with the discounts ending after 1 year).

I am spending $132 per year extra to have cable and one premium channel (which I can change with no charge).

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 585

This doesn't make sense as Waze and Trapster both are aware of the speedlimit on every road I've ever driven while using them. They both make warning noises (unless configured to be silent) and the speed indicator on the screen highlights when you are over the posted speed limit.

However, it does make sense that the driver can set the speed of cruise control to speeds over the legal limit. Many drivers do set cruise control between 4 and 9 miles over the speed limit. While driving on highways between cities, I rarely observe cars driving the posted limit. Almost all traffic is driving 4 to 9 miles over the limit (with most at 9 miles over the limit).

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 689

She was a senator and secretary of state for years and exhibited no signs of evil at all. She was just another generic politician. Albeit, attacked more by republicans for two decades than most.

I recall how obama was going to destroy the country and turn it into an islamic state.

Didn't happen did it?

If it had been Jeb Bush, I'd be like "Well its going to suck but it wont' destroy the country" but Cruz and Trump are another matter.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 5, Insightful) 689

On an evil scale, hillary is somewhere north of the coyote. She's a wonk and a bureaucrat with a ton of government experience. The most likely negative outcome of her term is more of the same.

Trump is actually dangerous.

So sure.. voting for 36 vs 48 on the evil scale is still voting for evil.

But voting for 11 vs 48 on the evil scale is not the same thing.

Trump is a sociopath and a narcissist. He's an idiot too and Putin will own him repeatedly. Just having Trump as a candidate has weakened our standing with almost all of our allies which means harder to get treaties, harder to build coalitions, harder to oppose hostiles.

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 140

Just say alternative energy plus battery plus conservation and efficiency.

I'm skeptical of nuclear generation run by a corporation and maintained by human operators.

Even governments cut corners and rationalize like hell eventually tho.

Humans rationalize until things fail.

I would like to see one thorium reactor actually reducing the volume of waste. But where?

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 140

Reading the study (which is pretty dense), it appears the extra thyroid cancers are in hundreds (but less than a thousand), extra cases of leukemia are maybe 30ish?, and general mortality is an average of 5 years lower.

I couldn't tease out the number of extra heart attacks or cataracts tho they were increased.

Given enough general health problems to lower average lifespan by 5 years for the affected populations (residents and cleanup workers), that's pretty significant.

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 140

Coal is actually pretty comparable to nuclear in terms of land permanently lost and has a higher number of deaths. Hundreds of square kilometers have been lost to coal seam fires, and 99% of coals put out a ton of mercury. There are laws which say coal should be as clean but they didn't go into affect until last year and compliance has a big grandfather time window (which may be further expanded under lobbying pressure).

But the half life of coal negative effects is much lower. Oil is too expensive to use to generate power and would be much more expensive if humans seriously tried to use it to generate power instead of coal or alternative energies.

Personally, I don't think humans and city scale nuclear reactors pair well. The humans always fuck it up. Fukishima was really due to cost cutting, not due to the tsunami. Humans always fuck it up because over time they either get cheap, or they get careless, or they do something actively stupid.

I do support smaller scale (5,000 houses) automatic nuclear power generators which are literally fool proof and do not rely on humans to operate as much.

Forbes is adwalled, but when I've read similar articles from other sites, they always did funny stuff to reach their conclusions.

I'm concerned about nano solar technology because its a new and not well understood form of pollution. We are putting a lot of nano-particles into our environment. It's new. It may be harmless, or it could be a serious problem


On topic with the article, we have a higher chance that aging (and already older tech) plants will have an issue. On the flip side, we have a lower chance with newer tech and fewer nuke plants in general.

Comment Re:I'm just waiting for.... (Score 1) 278

Until the police arrive and start firing back, it's a low stress environment for the shooter.

It's irresponsible to encourage people to commit suicide. But it sounds like you know all about being irresponsible.

You tube is full of non professional gun enthusiasts saying and showing how wonderful and easy the AR15 is to use with so little kick you can put it against your nose and pull the trigger with no risk of hurting yourself.

The second someone says the AR15 (and similar weapons) are dangerous after a mass shooting, suddenly the same gun enthusiasts are saying how difficult the weapon is to use.

And then flip it right back around that they'll be easy to use in the second amendment sense to fight government oppression.

It's obvious from non-professional gun enthusiast example videos that these weapons can maintain extremely high rates of fire while easily hitting targets up to 100 yards away.

I'm not sure you are a retard, but you sure are ignorant of the actual facts pertaining to this class of weapons.

If we have another AR police ambush or night club mass shooting, these weapons are going to be restricted. As they should be.

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