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Comment Trump's plan to fix H1B's. (Score 1) 392

I think we have a pretty good picture of what it will be like based on his health care proposal.

1) It will somehow involve a multi-hundred billion dollar tax cut for the top 1%.

2) It will somehow remove u.s. workers protection from being replaced by H1B workers.

And no.. I'm not joking or being sarcastic.

Comment Re:They own the networks and content (Score 1) 141


I am literally getting cable and hbo for $10 a month and I'm the lowest tier internet at 25mb/s now.

I used to pay $140 a month.. and they kept moving the price up. At $190/month I said to heck with that. now I pay $68 a month.

Another factor... my wireless is now down to $65 for 16gb with an 8gb hot spot. Plus ubiquitous free wifi at merchants in my area.

If that goes up to $65 for 32gb and 16gb hot spot, I will consider completely cutting cable.

But I really don't like paying over about 5 hours minimum wage for monthly cable.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 248

The countries banned were

Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Iraq was removed from the second travel ban.

Both trump and his senior advisors openly said in interviews they intended to write a muslim ban, and that they were asked to write muslim ban that would pass legal muster.

Your conway-esque pivot/lie by omission fails.

Comment Re:I am curious if people think this is good or ba (Score 1) 164

From what I've seen, walmart used to devastate local economies. Essentially, they were a giant leech attached to the local economy that rapidly and efficiently removed all the money circulating there.

However, these days Amazon does the same thing even more efficiently than walmart so banning walmart won't help you.

Another 5-10 years, amazon is going to wipe out all their fulfillment jobs with a second layer of robots.

Comment 58% say then need quiet... so 42%?? (Score 1) 183

I think the minority has the "answer", being 42... percent.

Seriously, it's a complex subject because

different kinds of projects require different environment.
different kinds of people require different environments.
different kinds of work require different environments.

And unfortunately offices are associated with status so some people who don't care about quiet are going to require an office if others are getting offices.

Plus offices are more expensive and even cubes cost about $5k the last time I saw costs 5 years ago. Crazy eh? So offices must cost even more to provision at a big company.

My last job, we had "bubblers" and and they really did cut down on background noise a lot. For highly collaborative projects, we went to the collaborative floor and worked in rooms with 30-40 people. Noisy, fast access to every team on the project.

For less collaborative projects, we worked in our own area and had meetings in one of the 8 tiny meeting rooms on the floor or one of the 2 big meeting rooms. The bigger rooms required formall booking while the smaller ones did not.

Our walls were high enough for privacy but didn't go to the cieling.

Working from home was an option but I never really got used to it. I'd do 1 day out of 10 at most.

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