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Comment The poor HAVE got richer (Score 1) 462

On the scale of the whole world, the adoption of capitalist style free markets in China, India and Africa have seen the poorest get richer vastly faster than under the state capitalism / communism / planned economies that were the fashion until 1990. It works. It doesn't work perfectly for everyone, and those who lose out do need to receive more compensation. But overall the world economy has been a great success. The fact that we can't see this is a function of lack of knowledge of what is happening in the rest of the world.

Submission + - Snowden helps designs anti-surveillance iPhone outer case (telegraph.co.uk)

Bruce66423 writes: The proposal is an outer case that will warn if your phone is transmitting when you think it is inactive. This will catch if the phone is acting as a surveillance tool when the owner thinks it is inactive — e.g. it is broadcasts what its microphone is hearing — given that the controls on such things are software controlled, not hardware.

Comment It's the MORAL position (Score 1) 606

That others have benefited is a reality that should be talked about appropriately. In a Christian influenced country, presenting this as a moral challenge to which we should all rise is valid. The problem is finding people who've been hurt by the economy to preach it; those of us who are comfortable will struggle to be credible. Yet the reality that both parties platforms are based on what they will do for those voting for them is, ultimately, unhealthy. It should be better than that.

Income and wealth inequality are non-trivial. The danger is that you kill the goose that lays the gold eggs of growing prosperity in much of the world. And certainly some income differentials are valid. If I'm someone who does earn my employer 5 figure sums, expecting me to accept five figure pay packets is unreasonable. Similarly it is the prospect of birthing a unicorn that makes people take the risk of setting up a new enterprise. Those unicorns are of real value to the wider world; however much we may disdain Microsoft, HP, Facebook and Google, they have objectively improved the world by the things they offer which weren't there before. OTOH destroying monopolies and taxing LAND - as opposed to buildings - as something that individuals shouldn't be able to bid up the price of, is a strategy we should recommend more.

Comment Lock them up (Score 1) 123

The aim should be to ensure that the managers responsible for the decision get prison time - fed an air flow of their car's diesel fumes naturally. Anything else is window dressing - but sadly I don't see it happening. Merely extracting money from a company is to damage its shareholders, most of whom are not culpable for the criminal acts done in their name.

Comment Too limited a perspective (Score 5, Insightful) 606

Whilst it is true that WESTERN millennials are getting paid less than than parents generation, across the whole world, the opposite is the case. The raising of hundreds of millions from poverty in Asia and to a lesser extent Africa and Latin America means that the truth is far more complex. And this helps reveal the problem; given that increased competition from these areas exists, it is not a surprise if workers who are, in effect, in competition with these masses get to be paid less.

Which doesn't mean that our own people don't have a problem, but any explanation which focuses on it as an unalloyed BAD THING is defective. Yet that is the message that is being presented by Trump and echoed to a lesser extent by Hilary. The result could be nasty.

Comment Define 'attack' (Score 1) 1127

As those nice Muslims of Al-Quaeda proved, having a big military is no solution to asymmetric attacks. Putin's takeover of Crimea is equally a classic demonstration of what can be achieved with minimal military effort. And of course a nuke in a container on a ship from 'X' would be highly effective; living in 'fly over' territory' has its advantages...

Comment MORE higher education? (Score 1) 1127

Sadly the products of too many university courses are not significantly more employable than they were at 18, and some - having received damage from social justice warriors to their shoulders - significantly less. A cut of 25% in the total number of undergraduates, spread between a 50% cut to English Literature, Philosophy, Gender and Media studies, 25% to foreign literature, social sciences and the like, and zero to STEM, would improve outcomes significantly.

Submission + - DoJ uses obsolete software to subvert FOIA requests (theguardian.com)

Bruce66423 writes: An MIT PhD student has filed a suit in Federal court alleging that the use of a 21yo IBM green screen controlled search software to search the Department of Justice databases in response to Freedom of information requests constitutes an deliberate failure to provide the data that should be being produced

Comment Time to ensure ownership is via local subsidiary (Score 3, Insightful) 70

This highlights the need to ensure that the server and so its data is held by a company incorporated under the law of the nation concerned. If that is so, local law trumps US law because the local board of directors will be in criminal court if they release the data to an unauthorised user, even if that is the US government.

Comment Alternative strategy (Score 1) 138

Whilst you are of course right if jihadism is committed to terrorism, but the question is whether it must be. The alternative of doing massive amounts of economic damage to the USA until it does what they wants is one that they haven't attempted yet, which is what I'm getting at. A serious and sustained attack on the vulnerabilities of the rail network of a major city would probably be more debilitating and therefore effective in changing the mind of the general public than a spectacular terrorist attack. It's easy to get people to stand up to terrorism after a one off incident, but if it's meaning their commute EVERY morning is a mess?

Comment A route to world peace? (Score 1, Interesting) 138

If all countries had such viruses inserted into their critical infrastructure, then none could afford to disrupt the world's peace...

I THINK I'm joking!

One of the stranger failures of Islamic terrorism is their not attacking infrastructure assets in the West. Some trivial damage to certain items could do amazing amounts of economic damage. Let's hope they remain unimaginative.

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