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Comment You've got competitive markets (Score 1) 193

there's plenty of alternatives for Internet Service. Some are better than others. There's cell phones, Satelites, etc. You can also move. And that's not me being flippant, Ajit Pai himself suggested it.

The Republicans also argue that we'll see innovation out of this. That as prices skyrocket new services will move in to compete (balloon delivered internet?).

Now, the other side would argue that we don't need innovation here. That we have an optimal solution and should rely on that and support it with municipal efforts. But that's the other side. We didn't elect the other side last time around.

Comment Let me play devil's advocate here (Score 1) 100

AAA development keeps pricier. Cliff Bleszinski just wrote an article saying it's unsustainable. For every GTAV we get two Medal of Honors a Darksiders franchise and a Shenmue. Prices need to be raised, but folks wont' pay more than $60. Before you balk at that consider what a $55 copy of Lotus RECS for the Sega Genesis cost in 1992 adjust for inflation. It was about $110 bucks in todays money while Forza 5 sold for about half that and had hundreds if not thousands more features (especially if you count all the advanced graphics as individual features, which if you're the engine programmer/3D Artists makes sense).

Arcades had this problem in the late 90s when they needed to raise the price to 33 cents a play and couldn't. It eventually killed them.

Comment Your point about tuition isn't true (Score 1) 512

And I wish people would stop repeating it. It's one of those lies with just a little truth in it. Yes, tuition at private for profit Universities is affected by secured loan programs. That's not true for public Universities. The 538 blog has an excellent article on it but I'll save you the time and cut to the chase. We slashed federal subsidies to public Universities. That money had to be made up somewhere. College really is that expensive. We were hiding that expense to encourage a well educated population.

Comment It's cost benefit (Score 1) 173

Interviewing is expensive. An easy way to tell if somebody is relatively stable is to look for a college degree. That works great when the economy is in the toilet due to offshoring and rampant Visa abuses. As an added bonus it makes it easier to abuse Visas. Sure, once in a while you miss a good employee, but odds are they're not stable anyway. Again, odds. In a large company you're always playing the odds when you hire.

Comment Of course it's simple (Score 1) 193

that's what you get when you base policy on ideals instead of goals. You're start with a truism (government interfering with the workings of the free market is inherently bad). You're going to wind up with simplistic policy when you start from ideals instead of goals because you're always going to be trying to stretch reality to fit into your ideal. The real word is messy and hard. It's like trying to get good sound out of a 2khz sample rate. You're lucky if you get beeps and boops. Most of the time you get horrible screeches.

Also you're either falling into false equivalency or strawman arguments. I don't know logic well enough to say which or both. GPL'd software is not public domain. That's a fact. It's copywritted and licensed. Public domain means not copywritted. Those are facts. You're bending facts to fit your narrative (probably without realizing you're doing it, it's easy and temping to do, see :) ).

I stand by my post. The notion that government interference in the free market results in inherently negative is a central feature of the Republican party. Paul Ryan himself (who is the defacto leader of the GOP) said exactly that when questioned on Net Neutrality. You can't reconcile that ideal with implementing a massive government regulation and requirement like NN. At best you're engaging in double think and at worst being outright hypocritical :(...

That's a hard thing to face, BTW. These are deeply held ideals that feel good (freedom, personal responsibility, personal strength, etc, etc). It's tough to turn away from them towards a more tightly governed world. It's scary too. It means recognizing that the powerful tool that is government needs constant watch and that no manner of systems or ideals will free you from that labor. Didn't Ben Franklin or Tom Jefferson write something about that? I'd disagree with them though, I think folks still deserve freedom even if they screw up and get lazy from time to time...

Comment Exactly (Score 3, Interesting) 193

because (in their own words) private industry can't compete with a heavily subsidized government one. Not because the gov't industry is better, but because it's got the full weight of the government behind it. The little guy running his business will get run out by the government and the government will cock it all up with waste and inefficiency because it has no incentive to improve. After all, the government can always use violence (aka 'laws') to prevent competition. What's the definition of a government again... An organization with a monopoly on violence.

Everything I just wrote is straight from the GOP's platform, and it's all utter bollocks. The government doesn't have a monopoly on violence because a) self defense and b) the government is only allowed to use violence either in war or self defense (cops don't get to shoot you for the hell of it... well unless you're a minority). Private ISP aren't little guys, they bought their own monopolies. Infrastructure is always going to be a monopoly because you need eminent domain to run cable/roads. etc, etc.

But, none of this matters once you've accepted as a truism that government interference with the market is inherently bad. That's the trouble with the GOP. They've already come to that conclusion and they have to warp their world view to fit it. Here's another saying: Reality has a liberal bias.

Comment This has everything to do with Trump (Score 3, Insightful) 193

and the Republican party. We elected someone who took, as a pillar of his campaign, the notion that the free market can and would sort all this out. We gave him a Congress of 60% like minded individuals.

Yes, I'm well aware of the campaign donations and who's paying them. But that doesn't change the fact that the Republican party takes as a basic ideological concept the notion that government interference with the market is inherently bad. If you're going to accept that as a truism then you're going to have to follow it to it's logical conclusion, which is that Net Neutrality stifles competition, innovation and raises prices by constraining how ISPs run their business.

What I'm saying is that Net Neutrality is incompatible with one of the basic tenants of the Republican party. If you agree with Net Neutrality you disagree with the Republican party. Maybe not individuals, but with the party's ideals.

Comment You can't save what you don't have (Score 1) 512

Check the median income in this country.

You're blowing smoke. Just like those asshats who ran stories about the guy that paid off $100k of debt during the recession with clean livin' and neglected to mention his $120k/yr salary in a low cost part of the country.

And why should I have to keep cutting my quality of life for yet another round of tax cuts for the God damned 1%?

Comment Most didn't (Score 2) 512

unless they were very, very wealthy. Also, google the phrase "infant mortality" sometime while you're at it. Or spare a thought to the 45,000 people who die unnecessarily every year because they don't have access to health care. Health care that we could easily afford if but choose not to because freedom. The freedom to die sounds great when you're not the one doing the dying.

Comment Maybe coal miners don't want new jobs? (Score 1) 439

Maybe they want their old jobs back? That's something nobody's really considered (except maybe Trump's team).

That's real conservatism. Resisting change. I can't necessarily blame them. You spend your life learning to mine coal learning something new is hard.

It doesn't help that nobody said anything about supporting them while they're in school for their new job. So we'd be asking them to work full time at whatever crap job they found while going to school full time (often in their 40s & 50s). It also doesn't help that most of the help on offer is just more high interest loans for schools either. But hey, is anyone here willing to let somebody in their 40s take a 4 year vacation to go back to school just because they picked the wrong career? I am, but then I'm a dirty commie pinko (or so I'm told).

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