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Comment Good. (Score 2) 230

A lot of /.ers will say if you're dumb enough to fall for fake news that's your problem. You're ignoring what happens to millions of people's brains as they age. Not everyone has their full mental facilities in their 50s, 60s and 70s. Unless you're going to start administering tests to decide who gets to vote (and please God, let /.ers be smart enough to know why that's a bad idea) then the problem of fake news needs to be faced head on.

Comment You're missing the point (Score 1) 487

they should have long since denounced it and took a firm position that they would not help Trump build the registry. This shouldn't even be a story. It's like asking if we should round up all the Jews. It's not something you 'just ask', and if anyone does the answer should be: "No, and what the hell is wrong with you?"

Comment I wonder if Trump's gonna repeal it (Score 2) 70

I almost think this is a trap (along with that new law putting E85 into cars). It's a damned if you do/damned if you don't. On the one hand it's exactly the kind of law Trump opposes (he wants to expand liable law and make a more UK-like system over here) but OTOH it's a very popular law with billions of dollars behind it (Yelp, Google, Uber, Amazon. Basically any web based company that deals in information).

Comment There's two problems with switching our tax base (Score 1) 440

over to the factories.

1. What do you do in the meantime while the job losses are going on?

2. Once all that wealth and power has concentrated into the hands of the factory owners how do we get them to give it up? They're going to have automatic guns attached to their drones and no compunction about using them. In the past revolutions happened because even the military elite turned against the ruling class. That won't happen when the military elite is 5 guys watching over the drones and another 20 keeping them running...

Basically we need to do something now before it all goes to shit and we enter a 1000 year dark age, but I can't figure out how to get people to be willing to solve problems before they happen :(.

Comment Overpopulation will solve itself (Score 2) 440

via birth control if we let it. Look at Japan and the Netherlands. If anything under population will be a problem (not enough youngins to take care of the old farts).

That''s all solvable too, but I'm not sure we can keep a lid on the Christians and their Anti-Birth Control crusades. We just put a certifiable nutter into the VP slot. Basically, what happens next is entirely dependent on whether we can keep our religious minority from throwing human civilization under a bus like they did for a thousand years during the Dark Ages.

Comment Why should I have to pay (Score 1) 440

so you can sit around and not work? What gives you the right to take my money to support somebody else? Maybe I don't want to give up my hard earned cash?

Unless you can answer those questions you're not going to get anywhere with post scarcity socialism. I've got answers, but none of them feel good. They're all very reasonable and logical answers and they all make people feel bad. Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and the American left have been trying to figure out what to do about that sentimentality for years and haven't come up with an answer. I haven't heard anyone on /. give me one either, and I've been asking on every one of these threads...

Comment I don't think you can solve the education gap (Score 1) 440

For one thing, we have too many people who just aren't smart enough for college. I suppose we could do something about that with better child rearing, but that would cost a ton of money and require people to spend a fortune on other people's kids. In my neck of the woods we can't even get a .05% (not cent, percent) sales tax though to fund our schools. There where 45 kids in my kid's high school English. She used to come home tired from standing because there were no seats. She went to one of the best public schools in the city.

And all of this is before we talk about clean air, clean drinking water (Flint, MI is going to have a generation of problems from Lead poisoning, and Donald Trump will be cutting back on the regulations to catch and prevent that sort of thing..). Again, who's gonna pay for it?

And let's imagine for an instant we do get folks to pay for it, what then? What are we going to do with a planet of 6 billion highly educated people? We're gonna get 5 billion people with advanced training, not 5 billion Eisensteins. Are we really going to have jobs for them all? China doesn't, and they're desperately clamping down on their over-educated populace to keep them from revolting...

Comment Actually it has (Score 1) 440

there was 80+ years of massive unemployment after the industrial revolution. "Luddite" once had a meaning beyond someone afraid of technology. It was a political movement in response to job losses that our social systems didn't make up. Our society never did make those losses up either. We killed several million working age men in two World Wars, saw some technical advancements employ people in new fields and shipped our sweat shops overseas. What we did _not_ do is fix our social structures. Instead there was 200 years of general misery for no good reason.

Comment Peasants had more free time (Score 2) 440

than modern American workers. There was 80 years of abject poverty and unemployment after the industrial revolution but we sorta skip over that (along with anything in opposition to a pro-capitalism narrative) in school. In the 60s women moved into the workforce not for freedom but to make ends meet as wages started dropping after the post WWII and post Union gains. Again, we ignore all that.

Nobody's saying we should go back to tilling the field. We're saying we should learn history and learn from it.

Comment I call BS (Score 1) 504

I'm buying a home soon. It'll be a little over 1000 sq/ft because that's what I can afford.

I have 2 cars in my family and will have a third soon (for my kid). This is not by choice. Without a car I need to live where I work. The increased cost of that is several times more than a car, so I put up with a shitty commute. My kid is in college. In 2 years she starts clinicals and they're spread all over town. No car, no clinicals, no degree. I will work harder to have things I don't want so someone can get rich selling them to me.

I can't afford a stay at home mom to cook. So I eat a lot of cheap take out. It tastes bad and it's bad for me, but after two 50 hour weeks nobody in my household is making a good home cooked meal.

I suppose I have a big honking TV though. And it was cheap ($200 bucks). So I'll give you that. Whoop de fucking do. I can drown my sorrows in cheap electronics made by slave labor in China. Thanks.

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