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Submission + - The answer to everything is now N=2^i–1 (futurism.com)

technology_dude writes: A theory posits that the all of our thoughts are a function of a basic algorithm, N=2^i–1.
This development may be huge for AI, since artificial neural networks operate much like the brain, applying this formula may be the key to true intelligence.

I do NOT welcome our new robot overlords.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 392

Sunday talk shows yesterday were offering a glimpse of hope. Senator Feinstein seemed to be hinting that technology was not getting the job done and we should be working harder with human intelligence. Zakaria showed some stats on how many people had been killed in the US by terrorists. 3.2/yr in the last 13 years (Forty two in 13 years). Over 30,000 are killed EVERY year in highway deaths. I wish he had provided the NSA budget figures. It was also mentioned that we should stop sensationalizing terrorist attacks since this is their bread and butter. I personally think attacks should be local news only. But I'm sure it would take more self discipline than we currently can muster.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Bluetooth to USB bridge

technology_dude writes: I work at a K-12 school and Smartboard interactive white boards are a pretty prominent part of our classroom technology. Smart Technologies, the maker of the boards we own, have a bluetooth module they sell for their older boards. It consists of a plug-in module for the controller on the back of the board and a bluetooth dongle about two inches long for the PC. Their bluetooth module reportedly doesn't play well with other bluetooth devices. Our problem is that we are wanting to move to tablets where the teacher would walk around the room using the Smartboard, mostly with Windows based devices, and the two inch dongle sticking out of a tablet just doesn't seem appropriate (breaking, damaging the tablet USB port, etc).

I am looking for a device that would take a USB connection on one side and finish out the connection with Bluetooth. Something like the USB bridge adapter here (http://www.hantzundpartner.com/hannovermesse_2013/). I have yet been able to receive any replies from a couple of different email addresses on the website. IOGear makes a USB sharing station but I don't know if it will work in this situation. The Smartboard is basically a large touchpad.

I'm hoping someone here on Slashdot can point me to a solution.

Comment Re:More trusted third party foolishness (Score 1) 69

This may be out there in left field but what if: It is, I think, a fact of life that everybody is going to have an internet connected device of some sort and bandwidth will continue to be mostly sufficient. What if a protocol could be developed so that the contents of packets were encrypted by default and the location of the encryption key or some other permission approver was part of the packet. If the sender had to be verified (tracked) the location of the key or approver would be checked. Let's say we had white lists on our mobile device and the mobile device IP address was in the packet somewhere. I login to my healthcare website, the website contacts my mobile device and since they are whitelisted, they can decrypt the packet contents. Basically, your data would be your data and you would only release to those you wanted to have it. If you did not have someone in your white list and it was important to you, maybe they could, gasp, call you? I'm not sure the analogy would hold up but it would be similar to a door entry system but you have total control over the database of people who can enter.

Comment Re:Can be nice (Score 1) 470

Please take his advice. I park my truck on the street with the doors unlocked. It takes me three minutes to drive my truck to work. I can make it on a bicyle in about 10. We are not now and probably never will be on any terrorist target list. We know and talk to our neighbors, all up and down the street. Stay where you are, you'd hate it here.

Comment Re:And technology? (Score 1) 325

I think the technology in the fifth grade classroom should be that that makes the teacher more efficient. Blackboards are not very efficient. Interactive white boards with good software enables a teacher to reuse material and capture what has worked. It also allows the lesson to be multimedia in presentation which has been shown many times over to be more effective. Embed a flash video into a presentation that a teacher who is very good at what they do has designed and shared. This enables good teaching talent to be available to a much wider audience. Classroom response systems will cut the time spent grading tests in half. It also lets you test "on the fly" to see if the subject matter is sinking in. So the answer IMHO, is to make the teacher more efficient, reclaim teaching time, and use proven material available from outside the district.

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