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Comment Re:Corporate suicide! (Score 1) 181

Microsoft is that - The Thing That Won't Die. No matter how much it is whacked, or whacks itself, it just gets up again like a zombie with even more wounds spouting pus over anyone who goes near it and keeps on walking and trampling with empty eye sockets and flailing arms, just like in a horror movie.

(cough) SCO Group (cough)

Comment Re:Cumulative and combined (Score 1) 181

Damn. Missed this bit of good news in the blog in my previous post:

Microsoft Update Catalog
The Microsoft Update Catalog website is being updated to remove the ActiveX requirement so it can work with any browser. Currently, Microsoft Update Catalog still requires that you use Internet Explorer. We are working to remove the ActiveX control requirement, and expect to launch the updated site soon.

Comment Re:Cumulative and combined (Score 1) 181

In addition, from the same blog post:

Over time, Windows will also proactively add patches to the Monthly Rollup that have been released in the past.

Probably meaning telemetry and all the other things people have explicitly not installed (like Silverlight - for which "patches" appear in WU, even though I don't have it installed).

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 609

And liberal groups are not attacking Trump with similar tactics?

That's too much like work, its far easier to just replay everything he actually says. It goes viral on its own...

And then replay the videos of everything he denies ever saying. (Roll 212 !)

[I don't know why anyone would want a President that doesn't understand how video recorders/tape works.]

Comment Re:Rivalry (Score 1) 123

If Emacs is more capable than vi(m), why did they need to write a vi emulation plugin for it?

You being serious or funny? If serious, Emacs can easily emulate several different editors, so users of those editors can transition to Emacs faster. And they're "modes" (written in LISP) not plugins. It's arguable that Emacs is probably the most powerful editor on the planet, but not for the faint of heart.

Comment Great: Windows Body Edition (Score 1) 258

... its ultimate aim is to make cells into living computers.

Adding a new edition to the Windows line up: Enterprise, Professional, Home, Body

(Notice: Do not engage in activities, like driving, while the mandatory updates are being applied as there have been reports of CPU utilization rates of 100% for extended periods of time. We expect this issue to be resolved in a future update.)

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