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Comment In related news... (Score 1) 82

Movie studios are guilty of enabling pirates by actually making movies that get pirated; DVD and camcorder makers are guilty for making things that can be used by pirates; network providers are guilty for providing the bandwidth used by pirates, etc...

"You're out of order! You're out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They're out of order!" -- or so I heard somewhere.

Comment Re: But of course (Score 1) 415

and global warming makes flooding more frequent

No, it does not. However, it makes it a lot worse when it does happen.

Flooding in low-to-mid lying areas could be more frequent if it is "worse". Meaning that worse could cause areas that might have otherwise just missed being flooded to be flooded - i.e.: more frequently.

Comment Re:Would they believe (Score 1) 347

What are you trying to hide, citizen?

No more than what's constitutionally protected, employee of the citizens.

While I think your sentiment is spot-on and would personally be inclined to reply similarly, I'll also say, "enjoy your cavity search". Sure, perhaps, you can sue *someone* later, but someone else will still have put their arm and a flashlight up your ass - and not in a good way.

Comment infringers (Score 2) 97

The liability verdict has come as a shock to the Internet provider industry, as it suggests that providers have to actively disconnect repeat alleged infringers. At the moment, many ISPs don't have a solid policy in place where repeat alleged copyright infringers lose their subscription.

FTFY. Who says they've infringed - BMG Rights Management? Why should anyone believe them?

Comment Re:Wrapper, not replacement (Score 1) 538

we're just not embracing THIS change because we believe it's badly designed. Having this many basic tools in a common code-base with massive interdependency that makes it near impossible to swap tools out with other tools or run any of them without running all of them... THAT Is a terrible design.

But really good job security for Lennart and his crew over there at Red Hat and that employer's position in the Linux food chain.

Comment Easier solution. (Score 2) 226

Just do what they've been doing for the product: see what Google is doing for Chrome and copy that.

More seriously, why?

Also, I imagine they're paying someone to do this, along with paying developers to shoehorn in features (basically) no one is asking for, wants, uses and have to figure out how to disable with each new release. How about channeling that money to useful, productive product development - and some of it for Thunderbird -- instead of looking to ditch it.

Comment Re:When the only tool you have is a hammer... (Score 2) 538

Lennart argued it will greatly improve the handling of removable media like USB sticks.

... everything starts looking like a nail.

When you hear hoof-beats, you think systemd, not zebras - wait... "horses". Whatever. It's *something* people will still want to beat after it's dead. Maybe I'm thinking about Lennart...

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