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Comment Re:Anything for work (Score 2) 178

Side note: some years ago I went to a class by an "expert" who said that code should be so clear it never needs comments (sort of okay so far) so therefore code should never have comments in it (I walked out at that point).

Comments describing exactly what you're doing should be relatively unnecessary. However, comments as to *why* you're (not) doing something or how you're doing something, especially if it's non-obvious and/or "clever" are always appropriate. Code is changed for many reasons. Commentary can help understanding of various facets in various ways.

Personally, I think clear logic and consistent style are most helpful for both coding and commenting. Most people should be able to skim your code and have a general understanding of what's going on and why. I always try to write my code so that more junior people (and, quite frankly, even more senior people) on our team will be able to learn from my examples and work with what I've written. (You know, in case I get hit by a bus tomorrow.)

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1) 635

They would routinely try cheat their workers, crawl over their mother's dead bodies to make an extra penny, lie, cheat, and often outright steal if they thought they could get away with it. They were the kind of unabashed brutal capitalists who would easily give the most heartless Wall Street prick a run for his money in greed and avarice.

Wow. I wasn't aware Trump was a farmer too. (And, yes, I know the linked site was put up by Hillary, but have seen those stories elsewhere and, if true, don't paint a good picture of the Republican nominee.)

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