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Comment automatic lane changing and Autobahn (Score 1) 108

We don't have a general speed limit on German highways, the speed driven in the leftmost lane frequently exceeds 120mph by a lot, so the differential speed between cars in different lanes can be quite high. While you are driving 80mph (130kmph) in the middle lane a car will pass you at 130mph (210kmph).
This only works because one of the rules on the Autobahn is that - except from a few circumstances - you are supposed NOT to overtake on the right. The lane on the right of you is always slower than your lane.

So I'm wondering
- does the autosteer-feature of tesla obey this rule or will it pass by a slower car on the right
- when auto-changing lanes to the left, what is the maximum speed difference the Tesla checks for (i.e. how far back does its radar / camera-system check whether a car is approaching).

Comment Re: Fighting a war....because you don't own the ph (Score 1) 364

> if you don't have insurance otherwise they seize the $30K vehicle because you didn't pay the $1200 for last years insurance.

And I say $deity bless them seizing every uninsured car before its irresponsible owner has the chance to hit me on the highway, possibly ruining my life and not being capable to at least pay for the expenses.

Comment Re: A Drone strike solution (Score 2, Funny) 204

> ...and a single drone strike in NK could solve much of the world's conflict.

That might actually and forever solve all of the worlds conflicts.
I wonder if starting a war between the US and China really is really such a promising perspective from your mothers basement, Mr. Warrior.
If you are old enough I suggest you enlist in the army and fight and fall for some made up convincing reason in some desert instead of starting a career in politics cause further world wars.

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