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Comment Re:So it you watch someone draw the pattern... (Score 1) 97

That's a neat idea; i presume you are talking about a mail handling rule/filter on my 'secure email' that forwards the messages to my 'regular email'.

It would be a fair bit of work to setup and test and I worry it would be much too brittle -- I mean how often do i reset passwords or login from new computer; and the vendor could change the message template at anytime, resulting in the notifications not coming through, or the wrong ones coming through.

On the otherhand, it does suggest an idea... to have it forward my phone a generic notification when i get email to the secure email from certain domains. That could work. Not perfect I'd have no way of telling without logging into the secure mail whether it was important or just some marketing blather. Hmm... I could have it preserve the subject line though... and strip the body.

We might have something workable as a strategy here... although getting it to run server side will be a hassle. Looks like server-side mail rules in outlook aren't robust enough; I might be able to do something with exchange/office365 though... but that's a bit of a PITA. For the other mail I'd want this for, its a personal account, but IMAP, hosted by a hosting company ( i ran my own mail server for years, but its more of a pain than I care for; and just not worth my time for one or two accounts anymore) anyhow -- I doubt I'll be able to get any robust server side message scripting for that either.

a simple "Forward subject line only" would be so trivial to have too... I'm almost surprised it doesn't seem to already exist as one of the canned options.

Comment It's good to see (Score 1) 455

That now that we have entered alternate reality days, that the Good Republicans, those doyens of the free market, and suckling at the teat of Ayn Rand, have enabled the Time honored principle of if you can't beat it, makie it illegal.

Brings back the heady days of when indy racing couldn't compete with turbine cars, so they outlawed them. Freedom!

Keep those post reality laws coming! I've heard that scientists have a big machine tht keeps humans fmor flying - but it only works if a few try, so if all deniers and anti-competitive true citizens just jump off a cliff at once, the machine will over load and we will reach our greatest potential. You will soar with the birds!

Comment Re:But we have Trump now (Score 0) 114

Trump will get rid of all the spying. Thank you Trump.

Unfortunately I doubt it. I know you are joking, but it's actually pretty serious.

He has the most powerful surveillance system in the world. He has extremists advising him. Even before being elected he called for his opponents to be hacked and talked about how the election was rigged.

In three years time when a challenger emerges, what do you think he will do? Refrain from abusing his power to attack his opponent? Not call on Russia to hack them again? Not cancel the election because he thinks it is rigged, despite there being no evidence of that?

Comment Re:So it you watch someone draw the pattern... (Score 3, Interesting) 97

There is actually a fix for that, at least on Android. For years now you have been able to get lockscreen apps that simply randomize the position of the numbers on the PIN entry pad. It doesn't matter if someone sees your finger movements because unless they can also see the text on the screen they still won't know what your pin is. Same with smudge attacks.

Does iOS allow you to do this? If not then, joking aside, I would consider it a vulnerability.

Comment Re:So it you watch someone draw the pattern... (Score 4, Interesting) 97

The biggest problem with a passphrase is that entering it every time you get a text message is obnoxious and intolerable from a usability standpoint.

Your solution of turning it off before a possible event is a step in the right direction, but it's not reliable enough. It works ok when you get pulled over ... you have lots of time between the lights flashing and officer at your window. But for a lot of situations you don't have that luxury. For example, if it is lost or stolen it'll still be turned on, or if you are arrested just walking down the street...

Stuff like samsung knox has the potential to be a good middle ground -- a secure container within your phone. So you can fingerprint/ short PIN to access your phone, GPS, SMS and your pay-by-phone parking app, etc but have your documents and pictures and work email still behind a passphrase.

(I'm not sure how good knox is in particular, but the concept at least I think is a good idea.) And I realize for some people even the SMS and parking app they want behind the passphrase because it'll reveal who they talked to or where they parked etc... I get that. Security is always a trade off between convenience and security... for me always passphrase is too obnoxious to use -- I tried it, while only fingerprint or 4-digit PIN is far too weak to protect say, my email (more from theives than from law enforcement... ) the potential damage a theif could do with my phone is scary.

The only reasonable solution with current phones is to not have much of anything on them. So for example, the email account I have have linked to the domain registrations and various other online services and resources I have access to is NOT on my phone. This is frequently inconvenient and bit ironic -- on the one hand I WANT the notifications of any activity on those accounts immediately notified to me, but the risk of someone getting into my phone (e.g. by observing me enter my PIN, and the stealing it) and being able to take control of those accounts via the linked email and 2FA which is tied to that number... is too great.

Maybe knox type solutions would be a solution... i just haven't actually had the time to try it.

It'd be nice though if various cloud service providers would let you register a separate notification email in addition to the admin email. So that I could receive notifications like 'a user has logged in from a new computer to your account..." on my phone without that being the email address being the one that can also be used to retrieve/reset login and password credentials.

Comment Re:Good bye to Solaris (Score 2) 80

SPARC/Solaris is mainly used for legacy systems that are too expensive to port to x86, or where the source or expertise to do the port no longer exist. It would be insane to use S/S for any new project. So it is a dwindling market, and it just passed the point where it is no longer profitable to develop new hardware. The existing systems will continue to be available, but they will fall further and further behind and eventually fade away.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 2) 80

Oracle is less and less a software company and becoming more about making sales, then gouging their clients.

That has been true for 30 years. I remember making an inquiry in the early 1990s, and instead of giving me technical specs, they started badgering me for the name of the "decision maker". When I finally relented and gave them the name of my (non-technical) boss, they ignored me, and started calling him using pushy tactics that would make a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman proud.

Comment Thinking about it too hard (Score 3, Insightful) 97

Why on earth do you need some complex setup involving surveillance equipment (which would defeat most schemes)?

I have a phone with the "pattern" security. I noticed straighaway that its barely security at all. All you have to do to see the pattern is look at the phone at an oblique angle. Human fingerprints leave oils behind and in the right light the pattern is clear as day. Since that is the most commonly touched area, its really obvious.

The only "trick" would be figuring out what order its done in. For most people (who aren't smart enough to use a spot twice), that'll take only 2 tries.

Comment Re:If I were Google, this is where I'd put emphasi (Score 2) 50

Well, you are Netflix so you would expect everyone to use web based technologies and keep their data in the cloud.

We are not a Fortune 500 company but I try to use Google as much as possible because it eliminates compatibility issues. We have some spreadsheets that do engineering and software development calculations, for example.

Comment Re:Why the democrat icon? (Score 1) 1525

I wouldn't put too much weight behind what he said 10+ years ago, he almost certainly doesn't remember it and would deny ever saying it at this point. He is, after all, the post-truth president - where facts don't matter and reality is only whatever he says it is. On top of that he has changed his opinion on almost every conceivable position in the past 5 years - on some of them multiple times - so saying that back then does not in any way preclude him from saying the opposite now and having the entire GOP believe him when he says it.

How true. he's even has a new term for lies - alternative facts. We are in for a wild ride.

Wishful thinking, there. He has the sacred letter after his name now, forever associated with his name and his brand. What he says is now gospel to the party, he couldn't piss them off if he ordered McConnell and Paul Ryan to walk naked down Pennsylvania Ave for his own amusement.

I'm not so sure about that. Politicians are, first and foremost, adept at defending their own political careers and if Trump goes against what they need to survive they'll turn on him and simply accuse him of being a RINO. Not that will bother him, in fact it may bolster his viewpoint that he alone is always right.

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