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Comment Re:Could this account for the missing mass? (Score 1) 87

Dark matter is not an explanation, it's a placeholder. What we've observed is a gravitational pull we can't explain, to which there are three possible explanations:

Thank SwanClipper the Great someone here who understands!

It gets frustrating that every time we find something new, people trot out the old "So there's the dark matter!" As if finding our Oort cloud explains the anomalies over the whole universe. Or these low luminescence galaxies for that matter. As I've said before, I wish "it' had never been named "dark matter".

Comment Re:Take that dark matter! (Score 1) 87


All theories about astrophysics are WRONG, the only question is to what degree, so before you rattle off some bullshit about 90% of the mass being missing, go back to the beginning of these sentence and stop trying to tell me what you 'know' and start talking about science where you have evidence to prove something. Lack of evidence doesn't prove anything other than you have an incomplete picture.

Can we see your CV, or do you get your physics from the bible?

Now quit being an asshole and let the adults talk. Discussion and thinking and mathematics is how this stuff is done, not acting like a rude little child, dear rude little child.

Comment Re:Take that dark matter! (Score 1) 87

Amazing! Dark matter is just regular matter that was dimmer than other galaxies according to you! Where's your nobel prize?

My point obviously was that dark matter was supposed to be some undetectable substance when it turns out our sensitivity just wasn't high enough. more 'regular matter' exists.

Dark matter is a placeholder, not necessarily matter at all. It is a placeholder for physicists to shelve anomalies so we can continue work to find out what and why.

Yes - physicists know that a certain amount of the anomalous effects are indeed actual matter that we haven't seen yet. But confusing the unfortunately named term "dark matter" for actual matter doesn't help. I prefer the less sophisticated but more accurate term - "Weird shit."

Comment Re:I dobut it was NSA (Score 1) 113

USA is a bully for a very long time.

It's even more funny when Russia complains it's being bullied while at the same time announcing how it might use nuclear weapons on its neighbors or how it's ramping up its military spending as well as increasing its cyber operations against its neighbors.

I wonder how much of this is a shot over the bow, for when one of our presidential candidates invited and approved of Russia and other countries to hack us.

Sec takes statements like that deadly seriously.

Comment Re:Sad news (Score 1) 62

He was perfect for the role and he played it well.

Agreed. He and Peter Jurasik were particularly brilliant in their roles.

Although I've heard his marriage with Andrea Thompson (Talia Winters) ending and the circumstances around it may have led to some of the some of the cast and plot issues issues with her sudden departure. Not suggesting Doyle was even at fault there... just an interesting behind the scenes footnote that reverberated through the show.

can't speak much for his political leanings

Yeah, he was practically channeling Rush Limbaugh on his show at times. And that I will fully put at Doyle's feet. I would probably despise the guy, but for his portrayal of Garibaldi.

As a human being, I agree, that he seemed to be a genuine and authentic person. RIP Jerry Doyle.

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 126

Solar has come far enough

What does that even mean?

What do you mean what does that mean?

Well let's see. Higher efficiency, less expensive, easier to obtain, and peripherally, better storage, better tracking , better inverters. Or are you tryinng to say that today's solar technology sprung fully formed like Venus from the ocean?

Or what? You figure that the solar cells that Edmond Becquerel built in 1839 are the exact equivalent to those built today?

If you don't think that solar cells have come a long way, then tell just what the holy jeebuz on a harley you think is progress.

Lemme guess, you want to go total nuc.

Comment Re:"3d printed" - does nobody MAKE anything anymor (Score 1) 59

Can none of these hipsters run a lathe or a milling machine?

Why? Because it is supposed to be hard? For most of the parts they are making, 3D printing is superior in every way. Less material, less time, less training, less effort, less waste.

Disclaimer: I know how to run a lathe and CNC milling machine, and have a Sherline in my garage. But I also know how to select the right tool for the job.

Comment Re:Untouchable criminal (Score 1) 237

The reasonable person is a hypothetical, not based on the views of the population. It only covers estimations of risk and interpretation of language.

If you think this is a bad idea you need to offer an alternative. How would you determine if, for example, someone was negligent or it's just a case of no one being reasonably able to predict the harm done.

Comment Re:Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10! (Score 1) 481

... and thus, another (somewhat) funny joke dies, by being mercilessly reduced to an uninteresting math problem. Congratulations, Slashdot pedants, you've bagged another one! All those people who doubted your word-problems-solving skills will doubt you no more!

At least half of Slashdot users have no sense of humor.

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 126

It's not a good place for wildlife. Anything that lives longer than a year or two starts to run into problems from ingesting contaminated substances, including plants. Birth defects are not uncommon, especially in larger mammals. Unless you are trying to breed radiation hardened animals very slowly for some reason...

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