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Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 49

Don't like it? Don't use it. Stop crying and stop whining.

and no, this isn't a post about President Trump.

I don't! I stopped using Windows 10, and you know what? HIghly recommended, the telemetry is one thing, bad enough, but the fact that their updates bitch up the computer is every bit as bad.

If I have to give up my privacy, I want a computer that always works. Otherwise, it's security through inoperation.

Comment Re:worst ones (Score 1) 328

Well, okay, let's do as you suggest. The ultimate ad-hominem, reject all media because it's been found to be inaccurate. Mainstream, non-mainstream alike, because it's not like Breitbart or Reddit are any better.

Now what? How do we know anything about anything happening beyond our immediate vicinity?

Comment Re:No greenbacks for the Greenies? (Score 1) 229

Besides that, if there is cash left over after the recount is done, she ought to return it to the donors.

Nope. Not if she said up front what she'd do with it. Which uh... she did! There's no deception. And it's not a scam simply because she isn't meeting some arbitrary criteria that you insist she must meet, but the donors seem quite happy for her not to meet.

Just more monkey see monkey do from a Trumpanzee.

ooo ooo eee ooo

Comment Re:No greenbacks for the Greenies? (Score 1) 229

Right so someone asking for money to do something and telling what they'll do with the excess is a scam because...?

A scam involves deception. There is no deception here.

Ooooh I see why you're calling it a scam! Trump called it a scam and so you're copying: monkey see monkey do just like a good little trumpanzee.

Comment Re:CnC makes more sense right now (Score 1) 230

I've yet to find someone say I love my 3D printer but I wish I needed to wear ear plugs while using it, or watch it constantly, or have any minor mistake cost lots of money, or clean up an incredible mess, or have to use flushing oil to keep the cutting head going.

I 100% agree. It strikes me that the people who declare "CNC is better" have no experience of 3D printers, mills OR CNC as far as I can tell. They might be talking about CNC routers, so you don't need cutting oil, but holy jesus do those things make a lot of wood dust. And noise. And dust. And noise.

Comment Re: You Can't Do The Time (Score 1) 83

It would depend on how well the prison is ran.
Often the jails are just filled with drug offenders. Not the harden criminals. For a nerd it would be like being at high school again.

However many IT Guys are just as big and tough as any other person who goes into prison. This is 2016 not the 1980's Revenge of the Nerds movies.

Comment Re:$50 - an hour? (Score 1) 63

Well it was done on the guys personal time. It may had made sense to not to try to get too greedy. If he needed to hire an outside contractor to do the work, over $100.00 is not unreasonable. However most companies who have to do the random residential fix, usually tries to cut them some slack and do the work at cost, as to not garner bad reviews.

Comment Too bad we can't own software anymore. (Score -1, Offtopic) 63

Now this is actually a tricky concept. The GNU People think software should be owned by anyone with. While most companies who make their money writing software wants controls on what is happening so they can support and make money off it.
Then you get to the problem where these systems are all hooked up to a network and are communicating with other systems. Where we need to be sure that we get constant updates to these systems otherwise we will be part of a problem of creating more insecure networks and makes it easier for malware and hacks to become really common.

You could use the same argument that is used for Vaccines, that you should be forced to update as to help keep the overall network secure and operational. However unlike vaccines, there are good reasons to not upgrading. Mostly due to backwards compatibility issues that occur, and for the case of going from Windows 7 to Windows 10 switching to an interface that is dramatically different and not necessarily optimized for your work.

If we were to own our software again... We will need to be responsible for any problems that we may cause to the outside public. And most people are just not savvy enough to do this.

Comment Re:because (Score 1) 230

$1000 is well into the mid range though. An assembled Printrbot simple metal is $600. There's Velleman kits for 330 pounds (so uh about $5 these days). I've seen one running in the local Maplin and it gets pretty respectable results. You can get a different 3D printer from RS for a similar price, too.

I think mine was not much over $1000 (maybe $1200?) and that's a dual head model with a heated bed and a somewhat larger print volume than average.

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