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Comment Re:Fluid type manipulation with unions (Score 1) 405

He's emulating a 6809 which is pretty much a legacy processor by now. No amount t of you calling it cruft is going to stop the need for treating two eight bit registers as one 16 bit register because that is what the original hardware did. Same with the Z80 and the 8086.

The problem with using a union to do it is the undefined behaviour.

Comment Re: Oh noes (Score 1) 230

Yes but you didn't change your ip address, pc mac address or router mac address so it was obvious your the same shopper.

There is a reason many studies found what go was saying to be true. The studies were done properly, no by some clueless idiot spouting bollox therefore the results of those studies provide meaningful data. Unlike yours. You can get the same results if you follow the same methods but clearly that's way above your level of comprehension.

Give me the citations and the test protocol, or else you're just talking shite.

You can't though can you, because after the internet muscles and internet wisdom, ye have nought.

Submission + - Are accurate software development time predictions a myth? (

DuroSoft writes: For myself and the vast majority of people I have talked to, this is the case. Any attempts we make to estimate the amount of time software development tasks will take inevitably end in folly. Do you find you can make accurate estimates, or is it really the case, as the author suggests, that "writing and maintaining code can be seen as a fundamentally chaotic activity, subject to sudden, unpredictable gotchas that take up an inordinate amount of time" and that therefore attempting to make predictions in the first place is itself a waste of our valuable time?

Comment Re: Oh noes (Score 1) 230

A salary is a much higher form of compensation for all that time spent compared to the modest if any savings I might get doing this in my spare time.

And no doubt.

But putting in some time is how we find deals. As an example, a few years back, I was in the market for a new motorcycle. I cuold have bought the first thing I saw, but I looked around, and after a month of looking, I found a fellow who had a nice 1100 cc Shadow Spirit. And he was selling it to get a four wheeler for his daughter - only wanted $2500 for it. I checked to make sure it was legit and not hot, and it was all clear. That was 6 years ago, and they are still selling for more than that today. We were both in the right place and the right time. And all I have done is replace tires, oil, and a battery on it in the last 6 years, it's a good bike.

But if you don't want to put in the research and time - that's okay- People are too obsessed with rock bottom prices these days. I love getting good deals, but I'm not obsessed with it. If you pay for something, and you are happy with it, that's a form of good deal as well.

Comment Re:Remains to be seen (Score 1) 161

. Then they aggressively tried to force the vaccine on all middle school girls despite the fact that the viruses they protect against aren't generally considered communicable unless you're doing the nasty

Um yeah? It's common and spread by sex. You're therefore much off vaccinating before people start having sex, rather than after they've already caught the virus.

Comment Re: Oh noes (Score 1) 230

Just went to Orbitz, and plugged in a 1 day weekend stay in Cape May New Jersey on the 29th and 30th of April of this year.

Did this on a Mac and Safari, and On a Windows machine, and FireFox. The results were exactly the same on each machine. I've also used a Chromebook in the past, with no odd results. Maybe if I use my Raspberry Pi, I can get really cheap rooms. 8^)

One interesting thing is that I got a hotwire popup on the Windows side - I wonder if Orbitz and hotwire have merged, or if Hotwire is pulling some hanky panky. I've got FireFox pretty well battened down, so it was a little surprising.

Now the one thing I didn't check, and that I know that these sites do. They change prices pretty often. When I go to Florida every winter, I do a hotel check often for the places we stay at. The prices change a lot, and they change daily. The sites I checked today, Amazon, and Orbitz, were searched within a minute of each other.

So I'm a little concerned about the accuracy of the report.

Comment Poster does not understand Algebra (Score 2, Interesting) 247

Look, 100k/4 = 25k = low salary. Not unusual at all. Similarly if you have 10 children, but only make 200k, your freakin' POOR.

The basic problem is our culture tries to measures wealth by income rather than net worth.

You can not compare the salary of a young, healthy, single orphan with a married couples supporting two sets of sick parents and multiple kids.

We need to reset our definition of wealth to be based on cash, stocks, mutual funds and real estate in the bank. This means the IRS should ignore your salary and base your taxes on what you own. Ignore the stuff in your IRA and give a set amount to ignore (just as we don't take the first 10k of income for a single person). Start it at 1% and gradually raise it to a max of 5% if you have more than a couple million in the bank.

If we did this, we could get rid of most of the complexity of the tax code, because it is all based on not overcharging the poor, which this system does automatically.

Comment Re: minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 1) 486

So much dumb. So you think a business would not want to gain the money 'taken' from all his competitors ?
You do not get that people with families and no real wealth can rarely take the huge risk of starting a business because if they are one of the 80% who fail their family is destitute. If you know you have UBI you can take the risk: there us a fallback if it all goes wrong.
And of course they do not employ people with UBI - they employ people when the business grows - out of profit.

And finally: you cited beliefs, the premises of your arguments are ideology you have so absorbed you think they are facts. I cited 200 years of scientific testing and overwhelming empirical proof. Empirical proof trumps ideologically inspired axioms every time. You are not being rational. You are just practising religion - except your gods are rich people, and lies they tell to get richer you believe as truisms

Comment Re: Oh noes (Score 1) 230

It's not a difficult thing to do, it's a god damn tedious thing to do, and takes far longer than "a couple of minutes".

Then you made your decision. I suppose you never bought anything for a company? I bought a lot of equipment over my career, and had to triple source and total cost everything. Just part of buying stuff.

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