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Comment Re:Yes, but it won't happen any time soon (Score 1) 81

Actor's pay has nothing to do with how hard they work. It's about how much money they bring in for the movie. If having their name on gets people to watch it, instead of it ending up as a limited release and then straight to $10 DVD movie then it's worth paying them a few million.

Same with athletes. Clubs pay a lot for players not because they work really hard, but because they generate lots of revenue.

Comment Re:Turn it off (Score 1) 192

I have no idea how a Windows guy would have solved that.

You can make a Windows live CD (called Windows PE). It's rarely necessary though.

It sounds like the version of Windows you were trying to install was not officially supported by your hardware. If it was, drivers would not have been a problem. Since Windows 7 they have included drivers for contemporary chipsets on the disc, which are usually enough to net network access and download the officially supported ones from Windows Update or the manufacturer's website.

For your scenario. downloading the drivers onto a USB flash drive is usually the simplest option. In a pinch you can download on your phone and simply connect a USB cable to the computer, or the flash drive to the phone. Obviously doesn't work with Apple phones, only Android and Windows.

Comment Re:Time for a new search engine? (Score 1) 73

AC why try and filter the vast internet with all the comments about illegal migrants, blasphemy, news results about Tiananmen square and 1989?
Why not just create a safe space with an internet list? All the Hero Brigades SJW teams could add the few news sites they think are politically and culturally appropriate.

Wait... You think that the Chinese government are SJWs? Or that people who support social justice also support Chinese government censorship of Tiananmen square?

If that acronym ever had any meaning, it's been utterly lost now. More so than ever, it's just a generic catch-all term for whoever you happen to be railing against at that moment.

Comment Re:automated (Score 1) 73

Be careful with this one. There are exactly zero examples in TFA, no evidence of what is being claimed. It's just an anecdote at this point.

Any kind of filter will never be 100% perfect. That's just the nature of filters. Occasionally the odd bit of spam will get through, the odd legit message will be marked as spam. That doesn't mean they are not useful. We should wait for actual data before making a judgement here.

Ultimately it's up to the individual. If you ant full uncensored speech then turn off your spam filter and handle the torrent manually. If you have better thing to do with your life and your channel is just Pokemon Go videos anyway, something like this could be useful.

Comment Re:Also in the news (Score 1) 192

"94% of all programs won't run properly without those rights."

This has not been true since Vista.

Vista introduced virtualization for the filesystem and registry. Apps would think they had admin rights, when in fact they were sandboxed and contained.

These days most apps run fine without admin rights. You can install them and run them without any special access. Older apps that attempt to access protected paths like Program Files and the registry actually write to special per-user and per-app hives.

If an app really needs admin rights you get the dreaded UAC prompt.

This is why Vista was so painful. Too many UAC prompts, the virtualization was slow... But it was necessary.

Comment Re:He's just a populist, it's just rhetoric! (Score 2) 993

Do people really call you a "fucking cis white Christian male"? I mean, it sounds a bit clinical... Don't people like that usually use "boy" instead of "male", for example? And maybe "cracker" instead of white?

I just can't picture someone screaming "fucking cis white Christian male". Sounds like the kind of thing someone would make up without realizing it didn't sound right. Perhaps you have some evidence, I mean there are plenty of videos of people screaming pretty much every other insult imaginable on YouTube.

Comment Re:He's just a populist, it's just rhetoric! (Score 4, Insightful) 993

Unfortunately guys like Trump really do embolden people and cause an increase in hate crime. I've had it myself, bizarrely some kid accused me of being an "Arab"... I'm white and half Asian.

Whatever you think about Trump's policies, his association with the alt-right has given encouragement to some bad people, like this guy.

Comment Re:Not foolproof (Score 2) 54

People will disagree about what "be civil" and "common sense" mean. Writing some rules down helps enumerate the worst stuff and set the tone, but even then there will be complaints and conspiracy theories when they are enforced.

I'll give you an example. A guy writes that the can't do the merge this weekend because he is going on a trip with his husband. Someone else complains about having same sex marriage rammed down their throat and claims that common sense requires such couples to hide their "controversial" relationships. In such a case, a written statement of principals really helps.

Comment Re:Too little at any time (Score 4, Interesting) 141

That's literally how I got started. At pre-school, age 3, we had a toy tank thing with a keypad on the top. You entered a little program, pressed "go" and off it went.

The understanding that I could program machines lead me to learn BASIC from the manual that came with my first computer. These days I'm an embedded software engineer.

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