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Comment Re: Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 587

It's not the fault of the tax system. If they made allowances for expenses, everyone would just create fake expenses that actually funnel money back to them in a round-about way, the same as corporations do by paying bullshit royalties to some company incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

Comment Re:Overboard, Sad! (Score 1) 87

It's unfortunate that a lot of the marketing for drones highlights their ability to fly in risky places. Over water, over cliffs, over crowds, through fireworks, around tall buildings.

Even if the manufacturers don't advertise that way, there are huge numbers of videos on YouTube and Facebook demonstrating that kind of flight, and those are the videos that encourage people to get one. The manufacturer's claims are usually wildly optimistic in terms of flight time, ease of use and features like voice control.

It's not even a new thing. I knew a guy who had a big pay day, so he bought a Lotus sports car. Within a week he had crashed it into the back of a truck. Insurance decided to fix it, replaced a lot of the bodywork. Three days after getting it back he lost control on a roundabout and slammed the rear axle sideways into the kerb and completely trashed it. Apparently even needing a licence and facing stiff financial penalties is not enough to discourage some people.

Comment Re:Turn it off (Score 1) 228

Because a several year old Debian install must support UEFI or the UEFI must enable legacy mode for it in order to support the USB chipset. Windows 10 boots up faster by making full use of UEFI, which Windows 7 only has very minimal support for (remember it was released in 2009, nearly 8 years ago).

Can you really expect an 8 year old OS to support the latest USB chipset out of the box? Does the manufacturer even supply Windows 7 drivers that you could burn to CD and install?

Comment Re:MozColonSlashSlashA is at it again! (Score 2) 71

I think they have given up on being a popular browser.

I used Pocket back when it was Read It Later. I found I would just add stuff to my list for reading one day, on the plane, and never do it. I'd load the laptop up with movies and then end up watching the in-flight entertainment. Might as well use /dev/null.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 210

The other factor that is rarely mentioned is the available motherboards and chipsets.

Hopefully AMD's chipset offerings will be a match for Intel this time around. Things like the SATA controller, how fast it is, how many ports, how well it works with SSDs, if it supports M.2 or whatever the latest stupidly fast interface is... And USB, if you use a lot of USB drives. Things like PCIe lanes are pretty plentiful these days, fortunately.

Comment Re:Come on guys, isn't this a bit rediculous? (Score 1) 76

4k on a 5.5" screen is a little over 800 DPI, which is a bit excessive. 500 DPI is where print looks pretty much perfect, printers go to 600 because it's double the old 300 de-facto standard. So yeah, a 1440p screen is about the reasonable limit for a 5.5" phone, although 1080p is visually perfect and uses less power for most people.

In fact, previous 4k phones have rendered everything at 1080p anyway, except for video and photos which could use the full 4k.

The only reason I can think of to have 4k on a phone is for when you want to screencast to a bigger display. Maybe Android has some limitation that the casted screen can only be the same or lower resolution than the main one.

The HDR I can get behind, but the 4k resolution sounds like a gimmick.

Comment Re:The banality of ubiquitious genius will doom us (Score 1) 208

In Larry Niven's Puppeteer society nothing that can be done by citizen is automated. There are too many citizens, they live too long and they get bored, so would rather do menial tasks than nothing.

A more likely scenario for humans is that there will be a difficult period of transition, where people are used to working and being paid and have to adapt to living on some form of welfare (e.g. universal income) and very early retirement. Those who do carry on working will probably be resentful and angry, even though they don't really want to stop working or get less money.

Eventually people will only work if they choose too, and many will choose it. Robots will do everything else. Probably super smart ones will make lesser robots and control them, because wouldn't you make a dumber clone just to do all the drudge work in your life while you attend to the interesting bits.

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