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Submission + - Red Flag Windows: Microsoft modifies Windows OS for Chinese government (arstechnica.com)

AmiMoJo writes: China has long been both a huge lure and a thorn in the side for Microsoft. Massive piracy of Windows XP, a decade-long effort to replace Windows entirely with a home-grown Linux variant called Red Flag and an OpenOffice variant called RedOffice, and a ban on Windows 8 for government use following the leak by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden of information on National Security Agency spying all have combined to hinder Microsoft in the Chinese market. But now Microsoft — in partnership with the state-owned CETC — is preparing to reboot its relationship with Beijing, thanks to a modified version of Windows produced specifically for China.

Comment Re:I don't have any you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 113

Most of these terrorists are natives anyway. Like the guy who just tried it in London - born as Adrian Russell in Dartford before he changed his name, UK citizen from birth.

The terrorists are actually one step ahead here. They know it is dumb to try to sneak jihadists over borders, at least via legitimate means that pass through border security. Instead they prefer to radicalize vulnerable people already in the target countries, via social media.

Comment Re:three reasons: (Score 1) 202

In the last one The Rock is in hospital with a broken arm. He sees a far off explosion out the window, and thinks "I've got to get in on that!"

He stands up, flexes his muscles to shatter the cast off his arm, takes a couple of aspirin for the pain, commandeers an ambulance, and drives it off a bridge onto a drone that is just emerging from the tunnel below. He then gets out of the wrecked ambulance, rips the minigun off the drone and starts shooting up the bad guys.

Fucking awesome.

Comment Re:The Dying Days of the Certificate industry (Score 1) 41

Let's Encrypt doesn't verify identity, which is one of the major functions of the certificate system. The certs that Let's Encrypt offer are enough to enable HTTPS, but not to confirm the identity of the organization running the web site. Such a cert won't give you confidence that randombank.com is actually being run by Random Bank Inc.

Put another way, if you managed to register gooogle.com you could get a Let's Encrypt cert for it. What certificate authorities are supposed to do is verify that the person requesting the certificate is actually who they say they are, and refuse to offer a cert for "gooogle.com" that says it belongs to "Google Inc."

Comment Re:Is this San Francisco "offensive" or the real k (Score 1) 150

You can't really accuse YouTube of accepting the "SJW definition" of anything, because they have started restricting access to trans make-up advice videos and anything with the world "gay" in the title. They are getting a beating on Twitter for it but don't seem to be relenting.

If anything, it seems like they have taken the alt-right definition of "offensive".

Comment Re:Youtube lost me to forced ads. (Score 2) 150

Try adding the following to your router's domain block list:


You can now enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience on your TV/games console/phone/tablet.

Comment Re:The American obsession with self-reliance (Score 1) 431

More like norther European countries.

Your argument is the standard anti-socialist straw man. Pick the worst examples of extreme socialism, rather than the moderate (but still extreme by US standards) socialist countries where it works and which exceed the US in almost every metric that matters.

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