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Comment Re:Too little at any time (Score 4, Interesting) 132

That's literally how I got started. At pre-school, age 3, we had a toy tank thing with a keypad on the top. You entered a little program, pressed "go" and off it went.

The understanding that I could program machines lead me to learn BASIC from the manual that came with my first computer. These days I'm an embedded software engineer.

Comment Re:Looks like power surge issue (Score 1) 45

Battery voltage falls as current draw goes up. It's worse on older batteries. Chances are they just made the code that checks for low battery voltage wait for it to fall consistently for say 30 seconds rather than momentarily, or maybe account for the current load on it.

Actually there might be other factors at work, like failing capacitors due to them being flexed or badly made.

Comment Re:And so it goes... (Score 1) 63

4chan may not be a good example. A good proportion of the user base uses ad-blockers, is young and has little disposable income, and generally just pirates everything anyway. Plus they are extremely fickle, changing loyalty at the drop of a hat, which tends to be quite often with all the drama that goes on over there.

DeviantArt seems to have done okay at helping artists get paid. A lot of them have Patreon accounts now and do commissions. It's the site itself that is finding it hard to get a share of that income. What they really need is their own donation/payment system, i.e. replace Patreon for their artists and cream off a few percent to pay for the site. Setting up such a service is not trivial, but maybe Wix sees an opportunity.

Comment Re:What is the benefit? (Score 1) 81

Some sites generate pages for every URL you try to access on their domain. is auto-generated when someone tries to access it and not stored anywhere. Google's bot recognizes this and doesn't bother listing the page, but the dumb DMCA bots are apparently not so smart.

That's why sites with zero actual content can attract hundreds of millions of DMCA notices. I do wonder if they are honeypots designed to waste the bot's time or testbeds for anti-DMCA-bot technologies.

Comment Re:funniest bot-on-bot edits (Score 4, Interesting) 96

That might be deliberate. On eBay if you stop selling an item you lose the "x already sold" stat when you re-list. So when sellers run out of something, instead of ending the listing they set the price to a million bucks so no-one will buy it while they wait for more stock.

If you want to force the price of something down there are a few good techniques. Try camelcamelcamel first, put in some price 10-15% below the current one and wait. If it's not selling at a loss someone will usually meet it fairly quickly.

Comment Re:Goes both ways (Score 0, Troll) 191

Ah, unsubstantiated anecdotes, those will do in place of actual data. No no, don't worry about naming the company or anything that might let someone verify or refute your claims, we will just take your word for it.

FWIW the one time I've personally known anyone to get fired for being drunk it was a black guy. I don't read anything at all into that, it's just a meaningless data point. It does cancel out your anecdote though, so at least we are at neutral buoyancy again.

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