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Comment Re:Drones might have weapons. (Score 1) 481

Legal question. Is it okay to blow stuff up on your property in the US? I guess it varies from state to state, and there is probably some limit to allow for accidentally exploding cans of soda etc, but let's for the sake of argument say a suspicious perambulator/stroller and whatever you need to safely destroy the IED that might be hidden in it.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 481

The drones that Amazon demonstrated seem to fly fairly high, then stop and descend vertically over the target property. So it looks like they designed them to stay out of range of shooters until the final landing phase over someone else's property.

Of course GPS and mapping aren't perfect, but they must have some kind of secondary guidance to help land in the right back yard with the package so they don't mis-deliver it.

People could still shoot at their drones as they land, but the "prize" would fall into their neighbour's garden and it would be much harder to legally justify destruction of Amazon's property.

Comment Re:Next up O'Google (Score 1) 171

The EU is introducing a new system where companies are evaluated based on EU wide criteria (where they do business, where they have staff etc), an EU wide tax rate is applied and the money distributed to member states. Doesn't matter if they claim to have lost money because of crippling licence fees to a company on some Caribbean island, if they do business in the EU they pay tax on the profit.

Comment Re:Who are the main characters based on (Score 1) 75

It's good that AMC are willing to support shows that might not be instant mega hits but have potential for either growth or long term cult status. Like Star Trek. It's got the point where I don't watch new stuff on channels like Fox because they tend to kill shows before the first season is even over if the ratings aren't stellar, and I hate unfinished stories. HBO seem to have lead the way with developing shows and other channels are now following.

HACF is an interesting show, good characters, with some nice retro tech even if it isn't 100% accurate (it's way better than most). The only thing that really bugs me is that Cameron can't type. She uses the hunt-and-peck method with two fingers, and has to keep flicking her gaze back and forth between the keyboard and the screen. She's supposed to be a great coder, you would think they would have told the actor to fake it.

Comment Re:And Ireland can't leave the EU... (Score 1) 171

Actually this is a great example of why Brexit won't deliver what was promised. Once outside the EU the UK could try to make itself into an Ireland style tax haven, which seems to be the plan to attract inward "investment". If we do that and give ourselves an advantage over EU member states, they will simply slap more tariffs on. We won't be allowed to access their markets freely if we don't follow their rules, simple as that.

Worse still, a lot of financial institutions will move away from London. London is the biggest tax dodging centre in the world at the moment, but once outside the EU and with the EU bringing in a simplified, universal corporation tax system for the whole area it just won't make sense to do business there. The more it tries to make itself attractive with new ways to dodge tax, the less access it will get to the EU and EU corporation tax will be due anyway.

Comment Re:Come the fuck on (Score 1) 352

Scroll down on the tour page, they have screenshots.

Having said that, trying it is always going to be the only way to do a proper evaluation. I use a VM for such testing. I tried pretty much all the available online backup services. Spideroak's client is slightly above average, their privacy and security is good, and the price was right.

Comment Re:Only an Apple phenomenon? (Score 1) 277

The old "look, this is even worse!" fallacy.

Apple is a good target to pressure for better conditions. They have the money and the margin, they can afford to do it and could eat the relatively small cost. They also pride themselves on taking a moral stance on issues, like not unlocking phones for the FBI or a dead kid's parents, so working conditions should in theory matter to them. Of course, in practice, they care more when it doesn't cost anything to care.

The West has a big part to play in this. Sure, the Chinese do too, but it's often western companies demanding the lowest possible cost, and then moving to India if they can't get it from there. We can't shirk responsibility, especially when we have the power to do something about it at very little cost to ourselves.

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