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Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 329

There are quite a few well made, high spec Chinese phones that have big batteries. They also have user friendly features like a headphone socket, dual SIM sockets, SD card, and a protective skin case in the box. The cost about 1/3 a much as an iPhone, or less.

OnePlus do good software and updates too.

Comment Re:passwords are a burden (Score 1) 189

Phones make good keys. They have multiple layers of security (physical, then an unlock code or fingerprint), the good ones are encrypted by default and everyone carries them anyway.

Computers should have NFC pads so they can do a secure challenge/response kind of thing when logging in to sites, like how mobile payments work.

Comment Re:Complex Passwords (Score 1) 189

Smart phones are at least somewhat secure, if you bother to set a good password.

Even fingerprints with enough to defeat most thieves, not that many of them will be bothering to log in to your email on the off chance there is something useful there. They will try to wipe and dispose of the phone as quickly as possible.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 87

Usually it's better to ingest this information in the form of "experts" yelling at each other

Careful, this is what leads to post-factual politics and disasters like Brexit. Once people decide that all experts are just partisan agenda pushers, unreliable and untrustworthy, all they have left is their own gut feeling. They make decisions based on what they see in their immediate surroundings and what politicians tell them.

The last thing you want is people thinking that their feelings are more important that reality.

Comment Re:"Lose?" (Score 1) 244

I'm actually thinking it's not worth paying for the BBC any more. Their radio and internet sites are free, but the TV you have to pay about $150/year for. There just isn't enough stuff worth watching any more. The cuts have really hit them and they have been dumbing down for decades... I used to enjoy their documentaries, but now they are mostly just Brian Cox breathlessly marvelling and the pretty lights.

Comment Re:Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? (Score 1) 244

To be fair you are a fairly heavy user though. 5 boxes and movie channels is a hefty package to start with.

Internet service in some countries is an unbelievable rip-off. My girlfriend in Japan has the cheapest, most basic internet package available to her apartment out in a fairly rural town, and it's 1000/300 Mb with no caps. In fact the fibre optic cable provides 2Gb down, it's just that the modem they provide on the cheapest package only has one gigabit ethernet port.

It's something like $40/month.

Comment Re:Poorly config'd server's existence is proof (Score 1) 435

While you have a point, consider the relative magnitude of this incompetence compared to the alternative option. Consider Trump University alone, and remembering that Trump claimed to have personally vetted each and every teaching staff member, the ratio of incompetent hiring from that alone is what, 100:1 or worse?

Comment Re:Double Standard (Score -1, Troll) 435

The IRS targets individuals because they don't follow the correct political views.
Peter Thiel is investigated by department of Labor because he supports Trump.

Occams's Razor time. What is more likely, a massive political conspiracy to use tax and labour laws to oppress political opponents, something that would likely be quickly discovered or leaked by their supporters in those organizations, or that such investigations are simply the result of those people's behaviour?

Remember that Thiel is an outspoken racist, and that Trump considers tax dodging to be the "smart" thing to do so tends to get support from other people who similarly feel that it's their job to avoid paying the IRS anything as best they can.

Comment Re:Clinton is above the law (Score 0, Troll) 435

Her opponents will never, ever let this go because it's pretty much the only non-conspiracy-theory legitimate complaint they have. Benghazi was investigated multiple times, there isn't much there. Everything else, the list of people she is supposed to have killed, the speculation about her health, the claim she was the original birther, all the stuff about Bill and his affairs, the fear of having a woman/feminist in the White House, it's all just bullshit that doesn't fly with most voters.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of people find her basically unlikable or disagree with her policies, but they need something to make her look as bad as Trump. This an a bunch of memes and shitposts is all they have.

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