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Comment Re:Sounds about right (Score 1) 65

I think you give them too much credit. In May's case it's just:

1. ????

All she ever seems to say is meaningless gibberish like "Brexit means Brexit". Today we had the first hint that they know their position is extremely weak but still absolutely no hint of any kind of plan to get any of the stuff they seem to want.

The most concrete proposal we have had was from Hammond, suggesting that we remodel ourselves as a tax haven but without the nice beaches.

Comment Re:Uses? (Score 3, Informative) 66

The company I work for uses a similar device in a tablet computer (really more of a brick computer, but anyway)... At the time it was developed the Pi Compute didn't exist, which is unfortunately because they one we have turned out to be a pain in the arse.

They are likely to be used in a lot of industrial applications where the designer doesn't want to build and support their own ARM system and software environment, they just want something they can plug in and run an OS on out of the box, with a few peripherals of their own.

Comment Re:Infrastructure vs Independence (Score 1) 396

But for the electricity, not only is there transmission loss, but there's also repeaters, lines, equipment along the way, the maintenance of that equipment, accessing that equipment, oh it's horrible. Maintaining infrastructure is a horrible horrible game when you're outside of a major city's orbit.

What is an electricity "repeater"?

So for electricity you install a high voltage, low loss transmission line once. Losses are in the order of 3%/1000km. Maintenance is fairly low.

For gas you need to install a large underground tank, send large vehicles that need regular, expensive maintenance and which themselves produce a lot of pollution and CO2, staff the dispensing station and maintain the pumps. Plus you cause significant additional wear on the roads due to the heavy tanker going over them.

Can you cite an actual real world location in the US that backs up your claims?

Comment Re:Infrastructure vs Independence (Score 1) 396

A 200km round trip is no problem in current EVs. Even a Leaf will be fine if you just plug it in to your friend's house for a few hours. I suppose to be fair the US is hobbled by 120V outlets but even so, 200km is easily possible in a relatively cheap EV. I do that much quite often with no issues.

Anyway, how many people live in a single car household? How many wouldn't be okay renting an ICE for occasional trips?

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