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Comment Re:Understandable problem (Score 1) 141

A lot of people don't like using the mouse, or having to move the mouse point all the way to the top of the screen to click on back. For then, it's a redundant time consuming move when a single key click will do the job just as good.

If I can, I try to not use the mouse at all. When filling in forms, I 'tab' between the fields. When editing text, I use the keyboard to navigate to the point when I need to change something. I only use the mouse when I really have to, and adding another reason that I have to use the mouse is quite frustrating.

Luckily, ALT-LeftArrow does the same job, so I can just get used to that. But changes like this can infuriate the people who use the function that has been removed. Especially when the reason is that the function upset fewer people.

Comment Some other key combination (Score 1) 141

Why didn't they just replace it with CTRL-Backspace or something? I use Backspace all the time - it even works in Windows Explorer. I have, on occasion, lost the contents of some form I was filling in, but the few times that happened didn't mean I wanted to remove the functionality.
I'd be happy with a replacement - let Google lead the way towards using a different key or a key combination so that those of us who really don't want to have to use the mouse more than we have to aren't forced into using it for something else.

Comment Do thinkers have less active jobs? (Score 3, Insightful) 254

"Over the next seven days ...wore a device on their wrist... the thinking group were far less active during the week than the non-thinkers"

It doesn't mention if these people had a week off work, or if they had to work normally during those hours. So one wonders if there is a correlation here between "thinking people" having desk job, and "non-thinking people" having more active jobs, like pizza delivery -- was the job they do taken into account in the study?

I know after a day working out problems and stretching my mind, when I get home I just want to sit and unwind. About the most active thing I would do is walk the dog. So I can understand why thinking people may be lazier, to some respect (at least to _my_ respect), but I know a lot of intelligent "thinking people" who would be quite active, which would go against the reported findings of this study.

Without access to the paper itself I can't answer these for myself.

Comment Re:That far? (Score 5, Informative) 77

The orbit will eventually, after a couple of planned manoeuvres in the coming months, bring Juno as close at ~4500km from the surface of Jupitor. Currently the orbit brings Juno quite far from the planet, out beyond Callisto. Stage 1 was just to get Juno captured by Jupiter's gravity. We can expect better photos in the coming months when Juno gets closer.

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