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Comment Re:That far? (Score 5, Informative) 77

The orbit will eventually, after a couple of planned manoeuvres in the coming months, bring Juno as close at ~4500km from the surface of Jupitor. Currently the orbit brings Juno quite far from the planet, out beyond Callisto. Stage 1 was just to get Juno captured by Jupiter's gravity. We can expect better photos in the coming months when Juno gets closer.

Comment Re:All keys... (Score 1) 296

The number of keys generated is huge - 3.4x10^38. It would take a Very Long Time (tm) to just count that far.
Take a single CPU running at 2.3GHz. Let's assume best case we can do one iteration in 1 clock cycle, so that's 2.3billion iterations per second for a single core.
That amounts to 1.47x10^29 seconds, or around 5.6x10^22 years.
How many CPU cores do you think Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have between them? Even if we were to assume they each had 10million x 4 core CPUs (so 120,000,000 cores), it would still take ~4.6x10^14 years, or approx. 33,510 times the current age of the universe.

So scale all you like, it'll still take a tad longer than 2 weeks...
(and that's assuming you stick to 128bit keys. If you were to go with 256bit keys, then the number of keys is slightly less than the number of atoms in the known universe...)

Comment How do Samsung define IP68? (Score 1) 83

How are Samsung defining IP68? IP68 requires that the phone be able to be placed in at least 1m (~3ft) of water. The manufacturer should then state to what depth it's covered. Do Samsung say that it's certified to greater than 1m?

IP68 is _typically_ up to 3m, but has a minimum spec of 1m.

The 6 of 68 is the dust spec - this is the highest dust spec and requires that the phone be subject to a vacuum for up to 8 hours.
The 8 is the water spec and is the 2nd highest spec (9K being the next)

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