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Comment ioccc (Score 1) 606

If you look at the early years for the ioccc, you'll find a tonne of stuff that people today likely won't know.

Things like
int i=5;

It works in C and Java, yet none of the Java developers here knew what the ~ did...

I'm sure if I gave them stuff like

int f1=0x0001;
int f2=0x0002;
int f3=0x0004; ...
i=f1|f3; ...
if (i&&f3) { // do something

they'd have a hard time wondering what it was doing any way. Mainly because you don't need to do this in Java (although it will still work).

Comment Re:I wish... (Score 3, Interesting) 174

In the US at least, only profits are taxed.

Same in the EU, and everywhere else that I know of. The 13bn owed here is taxes on profits made by Apple across Europe over a period of a few years. So you can imagine just how much profit they actually made!

Normal corporation tax rate in Ireland is 12.5%, which tells us that Apple made profits in excess of €100bn over those years in Europe.

Comment Re:Yeah, Apple is so happy that Ireland didn't IRE (Score 1) 174

If Ireland wants to exit the EU then sure, have fun being an irrelevant poverty stricken backwater, again.

We don't. We're not Britain. Nor are we stupid. Ireland is what it is _because_ of it's membership in the EU. We all know this.

However, we will fight for our rights of sovereignty, and our rights to set our own laws, as laid down by EU law and all of the various treaties that make up the bloc. While I think that we should take the money and that we did things wrong, I understand why the Government is fighting the EU on this. It's an important fight, even if ultimate we lose it (and are forced to accept the money - heaven's forbid!).

Comment Re:Some options (Score 1) 174

- A giant novelty cheque would be cool. And it's still legal!

- A mountain of pennies (or cents, as we no longer have pennies in Ireland) would not be legal tender.: The following is an extract from the Economic and Monetary Union Act, 1998: “10(1) No person, other than the Central Bank of Ireland and such persons as may be designated by the Minister by order, shall be obliged to accept more than 50 coins denominated in euro or in cent in any single transaction.”. I suppose they _could_ do it if they split them bill into 130,000,000 individual transactions and paid each with 50x€2 coins. But I don't think they'd be allow to split it down that way. I mountain of 1 300 000 000 000 (1.3 trillion!) 1c coins would look pretty cool, though. Although at a mass of 2.3g/coin, that's almost 3 million tons..

- At €349 per watch, this would be 37.2m watches, or 8 watches per person, plus change!

- At least with iBucks, we could sell them at face value and get the cash for them.

- Isn't that what they are trying right now?

Comment Escrow (Score 4, Informative) 174

They missed a deadline to have the money in an escrow account. With the ongoing legal challenges, the money would stay in the escrow account until such time as it is decided whether they have to pay the taxes, or they can take the money back. This wasn't a deadline to pay the tax itself.

Comment Periphery? (Score 2) 120

I kinda like the chunky look of the glasses, but the one thing that comes to mind if wearing them while driving is the last of peripheral vision they allow.
The lens is quite small, effectively give you tunnel vision (albeit it with perfect clarity), but outside of that smallish window, your completely blinded.

I know it's a prototype, and they do mention that work needs to be done to make them look better, but I hope they can also vastly reduce the thickness of the frames and arms, reduce the weight, and increase the size of the lens so that they are actually useful.

I'm sure I'll soon be in a position again to be requiring glasses, so something like this will likely be really useful to me in the not-too-distant future - hopefully long enough for them to work out these little details.

Comment argh! (Score 1) 203 sixth the distance to the moon... ...less that half that distance...

I'm almost shaking from just how the phrases "6 times closes to the moon" and "more than half a close" mess with my brain...

Please, for the sake of us people with less than normal minds, don't use phrases like that!

Comment What about travellers _to_ the USA? (Score 1) 101

What they need to do is have some weekly plan for travels to the USA. They'd make a fortune selling a cheap weekly throw away SIM with data and a few minutes and texts. Travellers want data for using Maps and looking up stuff of interest (and emails), but don't want to have to fork out $70 when they pay â10/month at home for 10G of data. Come up with something cheap for a week and you'll get plenty of tourists picking up a SIM every time they land. (Oh, and drop the charge for the SIM itself - in Europe, at least, the SIM and connection are free!)

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