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Video of Fedora On PS3 331

klippoth writes, "I just thought I would let you guys know, not only do I have Fedora Core 5 for PPC installed on my Playstation 3, but I video-captured running through the boot loader to demonstrate how it works. And yes, I am selling the PS3 on Ebay, although that was not my original intention. But hearing about people making ten grand... well, let's just say my love for my PS3 is NOT unconditional. Metal Gear Solid 4 doesn't come out for another year anyway! (Although it seems that sales of PS3s are starting to slow down... oh well, I can think of worse things to be stuck with!!)"
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Video of Fedora On PS3

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  • by keithpreston ( 865880 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @12:53AM (#16910432)
    Get back to me when you have a beowolf cluster going.
  • Confusing write-up (Score:4, Insightful)

    by cgenman ( 325138 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @12:55AM (#16910446) Homepage
    Is this an article about how functional Linux on PS3 is? Or is it intended to spark discussion about PS3 sales on eBay?

  • Slashvertisement (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Baricom ( 763970 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @12:56AM (#16910456)
    I wish I was a subscriber. This is by far the most blatant slashvertisment I've ever seen. It should be tagged as such.
  • by bigmaddog ( 184845 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @12:57AM (#16910474)
    Oh man, way to get advertising for your nerdy eBay sale on the busiest nerd blog in the universe, for free. I don't blame you for trying, but nonetheless, a part of me has died inside.

    Oops, I may already be a troll.
  • LOL. More like $500.

    • by Megane ( 129182 )
      Actually, from what I've heard, more like $750 or so. Maybe $1000-$1500 tops if you're really lucky. I'm not sure where he got that extra zero from. Sure, there have been $5000 bids ending PS3 auctions, but look at the bidders: feedback ratings of zero and negative. You'll get stiffed with closing fees and will have to file an NPB and re-list. Some say the bogus bidders are people with their own PS3 to sell trying to screw their competition, others say the bogus bidders are just trying to enforce a lit
  • by ystar ( 898731 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @01:00AM (#16910504)
    So what works under fedora? Ethernet? Wifi cards (usb ones at least)? How about more than 640x480 resolution? Output to an actual monitor? Video and sound? It would be nice to have some basic questions answered.
    • by CronoCloud ( 590650 ) <[moc.liamg] [ta] [noruaduolconorc]> on Monday November 20, 2006 @02:13AM (#16911050)
      From reading the various message boards, most of the people installing Fedora and posting about it are Linux newbies being walked through installs and setup by Linux guru's without PS3's.

      I know Ethernet works, WiFi apparently doesnt. Some people had sound issues, (I bet they need to configure ALSA or something) I saw an X conf file somewhere, monitors are supported. ah here we are, output from the ps3videomode utility

      YUV 60Hz 1:480i 2:480p 3:720p 4:1080i 5:1080p
      YUV 50Hz 6:576i 7:576p 8:720p 9:1080i 10:1080p
      RGB 60Hz 33:480i 34:480p 35:720p 36:1080i 37:1080p
      RGB 50Hz 38:576i 39:576p 40:720p 41:1080i 42:1080p
      VESA 11:WXGA 12:SXGA 13:WUXGA

    • For comparison a bit from the /etc/X11/XGSConfig file from a PS2 Linux kit

      # The GS server
      Section "Screen"
      Driver "gsx"
      Device "Graphics Synthesizer"
      DefaultColorDepth 24
      # DefaultColorDepth 16
      FrameRate 60
      # FrameRate 75
      # VideoMode "VESA"
      VideoMode "NTSC" "interlace"
      # VideoMode "PAL" "nointerlace"
    • by DrXym ( 126579 )
      It is important to know what Sony have locked out and what they've enabled. I've heard some report that the 3D hardware functionality is locked out but everything else is pretty much enabled. An exact list would be nice though.

      But that's plenty for running MythTV, or MAME, or any other emulator. And of course its plenty for web browsing, document writing and so on.

      And even if the thing doesn't do 3D, that doesn't mean the thing has to be slow at 3D. Don't forget the SPUs are basically sitting around doi

  • Does it play video? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by kerecsen ( 807268 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @01:04AM (#16910524)
    My first and foremost question is whether the framebuffer driver that comes with Yellow Dog/RH5 fast enough to do video playback. If yes, PS3/Linux would make an awesome media center.

    Using Linux instead of the native media player would be pretty much mandatory, since the built-in one won't uprez DVDs to 1080 -- if rumors are to be believed. Otherwise, since the Sony abstraction layer doesn't allow direct access to the GPU, Linux on the PS3 is just a big useless gimmick. The box is way too expensive for text-only purposes (except perhaps for researchers who just gotta have a cell CPU).
    • I wouldn't say it's useless without accelrated graphics, a PS2 Linux kit has only "limited" hardware acceleration and it can do all sorts of stuff. The basic everyday desktop stuff that people do should work fine. Firefox, thunderbird, gaim, GIMP, OpenOffice that sort of thing.

  • The market has settled down around $1,200 since yesterday, although you can still find some obviously scammed auction up in the $2,000+ range. Hell, one analyst is predicting a drop to sub-$1,000 tomorrow. The resale demand just isn't there to support the 90% of people who bought PS3s just to flood ebay with them.
  • Weak. (Score:4, Informative)

    by jericho4.0 ( 565125 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @01:11AM (#16910588)
    That guy is clearly not a linux user, or even a Windows power user. The one useful piece of info I got from that was that it boots and loads KDE quite fast. Some benchmarks would have been nice. Compiling some Cell code on the SDK would have been nicer.
  • I've noticed that shortly after the release the prices for PS3s on eBay dropped sharply so much that you can pick one up for less than $1000 if your observant. Basically with over a hundred thousand PS3s on eBay the prices were bound to drop.

    Oh and taking it out of the box and using it will definitely cause the price you can sell it for to go down even more.
  • What about cure@ps3? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by still_sick ( 585332 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @01:14AM (#16910618) []

    They claim to get "Supercomputer speeds" out of the PS3 - can anyone confirm this? How many points-per-day can it really do?
  • by Time Doctor ( 79352 ) <> on Monday November 20, 2006 @01:16AM (#16910628) Homepage Journal
    I like how the maroon talking over this is discussing that it is "compiling the kernel" as the fedora boot messages flow past.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by kestasjk ( 933987 )
      I also like how he provides no interesting information, walks you through the GNOME desktop's icons, and loads up GNOME as root. Clearly he had to hack away like crazy to get it running on the PS3.

      And I like how he expects to get $10,000 for his used PS3 while unused ones are selling for less than $1,000.
  • by Quantam ( 870027 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @01:17AM (#16910630) Homepage
    But does it run Windows?
  • by Howard Beale ( 92386 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @01:22AM (#16910666)
    BogoMips dammit!!!

  • by klippoth ( 1029528 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @01:25AM (#16910692)
    If I had known the message I sent in was going to be printed verbatim, I think I would have been smart enough to include a link to my Ebay it is, I could throw a plug down here but it would get buried in no time. As a note though, I actually went through a lot to get that captured, voiced, cleaned up, composited, etc, so I think if I do get any decent price out of this, I earned it more than the guy who threw in a free candy bar. As a side note, I did learn an awful lot about compositing... So as far as Linux goes, I haven't had any luck with the Network yet, but then again, the Optical drive won't mount and I seem to lack any audio as well. That being said, I am currently re-loading the unit, and this time I am vid-capturing that as well, since a lot of people have asked how this was done. Hopefully I'll have that vid up tomorrow. Personally, this makes for a great exercise in Linux troubleshooting, but I really can't wait for Yellow Dog Linux to come out, seeing as how it is optimized for the PS3. I expect excellent results. Where video quality is concerned, I am capturing it on my old (like way old) MythTV box, so to start with, it's not the best, having an ATI AIW 9000 in it. And since that card doesn't support HD, it's running through a good old-fashioned composite cable. On top of that, Youtube asks that vids be resized to 320x240, so you can do the math. You're lucky it's legible at all. That was really late at night when I did that, so trust me, "Compiling the Kernel" is not that close as I was to passing out, I'm amazed I didn't refer to its "Registry" or "Guru Meditation Error"....
    • by RMH101 ( 636144 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @06:59AM (#16912320)
      ...I am reminded of exactly what is wrong with Slashdot these days. That irritating, whiny, continual attempt to get the last word in from kids trying to outgeek one another. The guy's done something interesting - don't flame him for not being a linux guru. If you want a better, more technical explanation then go do it yourself...
  • How about posting about the Wii launch? :)
    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by klippoth ( 1029528 )
      uh...cuz I don't own a Wii? And I'm too busy doing video captures of the PS3 to go see how the launch is going. I mean, I can only really deal with one shiny object at a time, if I had a Wii as well, I think my head would explode...
    • Sure [].

      He only waited for a mere 40 hours for his wii.
    • All the stories about the PS3 launch and sellouts, and not one about the Wii.

      I'm not sure what every country is like, but the Wii sold out up here in Canada in MINUTES. Nintendo shipped many times as many units and still couldn't meet demand. Stores all over are scrambling to put up "sold out" signs as they're sick of customer #3000 coming in and asking.

      Looks like Nintendo has one hell of a winner on its hands, and I don't see any news coverage at all. The lineups here started overnight and not even half th
  • by flimflammer ( 956759 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @02:06AM (#16910988)
    I've been testing PS3 at SCEA for quite a few months now, and I'm not sure about the retail units (we have a special testing units), but there is a means right from the PS3 menu to setup multiple operating systems, with a partitioning tool included in it.

    So I have to say I'm as impressed with this story as I was when I received a link from someone detailing the success of someone who thought he was newsworthy by replacing the stock hard drive, as if it wasn't designed to be replaceable.
  • This video doesn't show anything interesting.

    After boot there was a console, I wanted to see /proc, but someone just logged on root and... called startx.

    Then author just move mouse cursor over menu and read menu items, like he never seen it bfore.

    Everything looks quite lame.
  • Wasn't the Wii released in the US yesterday? I haven't seen anything about it here on /., or anywhere else for that matter (but I haven't been looking very hard). Or is everyone just busy playing Zelda? :)
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by DrXym ( 126579 )
      And there wasn't anything about the PS3 launch either. If you want to see impressions of how the Wii launch went, go over to Seems to be very positive though there are some critical comments about some of the games (especially Red Steel) and problems with the system itself (crashes, faulty discs).
  • by Animats ( 122034 ) on Monday November 20, 2006 @02:40AM (#16911198) Homepage

    The PS3 speculators are already in trouble. Sure, a few idiots paid $10,000 on day zero, but that's over. Auctions of unsold PS3 systems at bloated prices are now getting zero bids. There are "Buy it Now" prices of $3000, but reality is that units are going unsold at $1100 []. A sale of the 20GB unit just just occured at $925. [] Then at $840 []. One seller writes "I waited over 30 hours in walmart so you don't have to!" He got $780. []

    The original poster should hang onto his PS3. He's not going to make much money selling it. If you want a PS3, one will be available tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. At a modest premium over retail.

    • by DrXym ( 126579 )
      What's more they'll be in stores tomorrow, the next day and so on. A slight exaggeration I'm sure but the simple fact is Sony will be pushing them into the supply chain as fast as they can from now on. With no launch there is no need to stockpile - they want to get as many PS3s as possible.

      People who buy anything at or around launch for massively inflated prices are fucking idiots. Pure and simple. Doesn't matter if its an XBox 360, a Wii or a PS3. The things aren't going to go away and it's not like ther

  • How come he boots into linux and then try to show the world the GNOME desktop which looks the same everywhere anyway.

    Any reasonable tinkerer would have showned at least a dmesg message or /proc/meminfo or /proc/cpuinfo - looks like a fake to me?

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