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Comment Re:Autonomous "Driving" needs to be truly driverle (Score 1) 247

It's weird, I think, that here in Europe where we have "nanny states" that takes care of us citizens so much, people are expected to be able to handle themselves and be responsible. While in the USA were people expect as little involvement from any kind of government authority expects the pampering and as little personal responsibility as possible.

Comment Re:Here's a great idea... (Score 1) 481

Without roads, work won't be within walking distance.

Don't Americans these day take the car just to get to the other side of the road?[/sarcasm]

Also, what is "walking distance"? It seems people in the western world barely are capable of walking a mile these days, but it wasn't that long ago that people regularly walked ten miles (or more) daily, roads or no roads. I personally walk to and from work (over four miles total) every day, and would still do it even if there were no roads.

Comment Other non-transparent things blocking the sight? (Score 1) 191

I have a baby-seat fitted in the back seat on the right side. It gives me a huge blind spot when changing lanes or turning right.

I guess it can be made transparent too, but what about the baby sitting in the chair? Or other passengers in general?

Yes, making the pillars transparent (or removing the m completely) will make it better, but as long as other people are non-transparent (and as long as drivers never turn their heads!) there's always going to be blind spots.

Comment Re:Or, to put it another way... (Score 1) 217

Speed isn't all that it used to be. 30 years ago you wrote games in assembler, 20 years ago in C, and 10 years ago in C++. Today? You can write a game that looks as good as the best games did ten years (or less) ago in Java Script or other purely interpreted languages. With JIT languages (like Java and C#) you can even rival other modern games.

Speed was an issue with processors in the low MHz range, with todays multi-core, multi-GHz beasts with dedicated graphics hardware you don't need to code everything in assembly for speed, it's going to be fast enough anyway.

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