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Comment Re:Bad business for Sony (Score 1) 53

we now get half-baked console games that are shoveled onto the PC without any care because you don't even have to PORT anymore.

Or vice versa! There are some half-baked buggy and/or badly designed indie/kickstarter/unity/budget game crap that was first released on PC and then later on PSN.

Please excuse ME while I don't jump for joy for that sort of thing.

Comment Re:I know lots of people (Score 1) 726

Clickbait from 2014.

Clickbait that claims that the Fire TV/mobile is a competitor to the PS4/Xbox.

This one is about Windows apps on Xbox, and has nothing to do with your premise.

Clickbait from 2009, which means the "last generation" they were referring to was the 360 and PS3!

Sony is talking about no future playstations.

I've seen nothing of the sort, citation needed from SCEfoo themselves.

And as to ease of use... learn to use a computer or render yourself too incompetent to participate in the modern world.

I run Linux so by my standards, you windows using gamer dudebros are the incompetents who shouldn't even be trusted to admin their own computer.

The level of competence required to manage a gaming PC is within the easy reach of a ten year old child. If that's too much for you... then that can only be pitied.

The masses simply can't be trusted to admin their own machines well. They don't have the time, knowledge or inclination. Said people should not be gaming on PC' all. They probably shouldn't even be using PC's for web browsing or media consumption.

Again, I run Linux, so NEVER pull that "console gamers are dumb" shit with me.

Comment Ethics in youtube journalism (Score 1) 81

Hey gamergaters, those youtubers you love so much aren't paragons of virtue and transparency. Hell they're less ethical than formally trained journalists. You're better off reading the magazines than following some hyperactive Eurotrash guy for supposed reviews. Even Yahtzee of ZeroPunctuation isn't actually a good reviewer. "Fuck shit cock wanker bollocks yet another penis joke from a misanthrope, ramblings about those crappy UK Dizzy games, glastonbury branston pickle" may be funny, but it doesn't make a good review.

And now every Dudebro out there wants to be the next TotalJerkass, PeePeeDie or ImrichenoughtobuyaYacht-see.

Well Bollocks on that you wankers.... I hate everything except crappy UK platformers written for crappy hardware without good sound chips or proper disk drives. Now let me promote a crappy physics game starring a kielbasa written by some 19 year old aspie in Warsaw who thinks he's the next Notch, when he's really the next John Romero.

Comment Re:so....gamergate was right (Score 0) 81

When over a dozen publications published nearly the same article all saying that "gamers are over, gamers are dead"

If you actualy read those articles you would have known that all they basically said. "Gamers" as an exclusionary term used by 15-25 year old dudebros is (or should be) dead.

But no, a bunch of guys like you got all butthurt that you might not be the center of the electronic gaming universe anymore and decided to take out your anger on those you perceived as the "invaders". Meaning casual gamers, but especially women.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 726

If you don't mind the degraded graphics and performance of the console versions, then I salute you.

#define degraded.

Notice those were the PS4 versions not the PS3. The only console game that I've really felt disappointed by the performance was Skyrim on the PS3...and that only "some" of the time.

Although, to be fair, Saints Row IV was $5 on Steam almost 2 years ago

Yes, I know that PC gamers, especially those outside the US are just a bit "cheap", more so than console gamers, it's why PC games get discounted faster. But it's a Race to the bottom that encourages the feels-ever-more-entitled-to-cheap/free attitude amongst "some" of the PCMR.

I'm quite willing to pay full price for "some" games in genres I favor (RPG's/action RPG's). For games like Saints Row (GTA style sandbox) or Borderlands (shooter RPG) I went for the discount.

but if you want it for PC, be prepared to pay the full $50.

I hear good things about it but I haven't picked it up, in part because you're stuck with Gritty GrimDark Geralt and can't create your own character. It's why I favor Bethesda and Bioware.

What bothers me most about PSfoo game pricing is the pricing on all those Moe JRPG's on the Vita. I've been tempted to pick up one of the Atelier series (I hear Atelier Ayesha is excellent) but the $40 for such games is a turnoff and they rarely get discounted. (and they eat up many GB of space on the vita cards)

Comment Re:Negative (Score 1) 726

The article's title is misleading, and the actual article doesn't support your premise. Did you actually read it or just pick the first "consoles are dead" link you found. The actual article has Mark Cerny saying he was tired of people saying consoles were dead:

Looking back at the immediate explosive success of both the PS4 and the Xbox One, itâ(TM)s hard to imagine that anyone ever doubted console gaming was here to stay, but now everyone is singing a different tune. Speaking with IGN at the Develop Conference in England, Mark Cerny, lead architect of the PS4, admitted that he was exhausted with the back-and-forth discussion surrounding the death of console gaming.

âoeWhatâ(TM)s amazing to me is how quickly this has changed, right?â said Cerny. âoeYou go back two years ago, consoles are dead and Sonyâ(TM)s a dinosaur to be releasing one, if you talk to certain analysts. You go back one year and âWow, itâ(TM)s so exciting to have a new console!â(TM) But now youâ(TM)re going, âbut theyâ(TM)re deadâ(TM) again. Soâ¦â

So maybe everyone needs to take video game console one generation at a time. At this point, weâ(TM)re approaching 20 million consoles sales from the latest generation, many of which have been sold to those who were harbingers of the console apocalypse just a few short years ago. It looks like console gaming is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:This author is the truest example of... (Score 1) 726

I've been a console gamer for a LOOONG time (the 80's), but ever since becoming a Linux user I'm somewhat more negative on gaming on PC's.

The PS4 is a nice machine and I recommend it. That said, there are games that aren't on the PS4. WoW, LOL, SupCOM, that sort of thing.

But I believe that sooner or later, even games like those will go cross-platform. It's happened with practicaly everything else.

Comment Re:Consoles are way more expensive in the long run (Score 1) 726

when your old one goes obsolete, but you have to throw out your entire game library as well.

No, you don't. The machines don't stop working...but you might run out of storage space unless you've been doing a lot of digital on the PS3. But then again I have a CECHE model PS3 so I can play everything back to the original PSone.

I've got other older machines...but only the SNES is actually hooked up and not stored away.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 726

Or get a decent "business" machine and maybe get (or slap) a half-decent nVidia in it.

Agreed, if you're PC/Windows centric. (I run Linux which is one of the reasons I game on consoles)

Hell, if you're that worried, buy a Steam machine. Most of those will play anything you throw at them.

I wouldn't recommend the low end models, especially those with SteamOS, one would be better off with a PS4 The higher end models with windows aren't bad...again if you're PC/Windows centric.

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