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Comment Re:Gaben Ain't Dumb (Score 0, Troll) 361

No, Valve IS stupid. Gaben used to go on and on about how open source was the future, but kept his focus on Windows when another company was ALREADY using open source with their gaming hardware.

That company was Sony. If Gabe Newell dislikes MIcrosoft so much, why didn't he form a joint venture with Sony, which has been using open source software longer than Valve has! Essentially, the PS3/PS4 OS's are what SteamOS wants to be.

The reason is that while Gabe rants against walled gardens, the truth is he just wants gamers to use his OWN walled garden.

Comment Re:WASD is digital; left stick is analog (Score 1) 137

And I'm told most of these exceptions are on PlayStation 2, 3, and 4.

As far as I know, yes. If there are Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One games with such support, I'd like to know about them.

Some people like using a mouse in one hand and half of a DualShock in the other because unlike WASD, an analog stick offers analog control of the speed and direction of your movement, not just your aiming.

Yep, I prefer that method if I can get it. I know one player of War Thunder on PC who uses that method for tanks. I've also read of PC gamers buying up Playstation Move Navigation controllers (that's the one with the analog stick, not the glowy ball on the end of it) and using them with mice.

Comment Re:Consoles are too limiting (Score 1) 137

Just a reminder that FPS's aren't the only genre but every console since the PS2 has USB ports for a reason. It's not a case of "allow" but rather "do the developers want to take the time and effort to implement/test/troubleshoot a keyboard + mouse control system alongside the standard controller"

And often they don't bother to...but....sometimes they do. And I have console games within 10 feet of me with keyboard and/or mouse support. Sometimes the support won't be listed on the box, you have to check.

Comment Re:What a bargain (Score 1) 137

I'm not sure what you're getting at? Do you mean 3 adults or what? If it is a shared household of 3 adults then they can pay for their OWN PS+. If it is an adult and kids, then the adult can decided if they want their kids to have online multiplayer, or not.

But PS+ accounts are per user, so it depends on WHO the devices are owned by and how many.

For example, I have ONE PS4 and it's set as the "Primary" and I'm a PS+ user. Any sub account on the system has access to multiplayer on this system.

If I had a second PS4 that was NOT set to primary, sub accounts wouldn't have access to multiplayer. (except for those games that don't require PS+ for multiplayer) But I could use multiplayer on that system while others used multiplayer on the Primary.

I have a friend with a PS4, while he currently has PS+ there are times he hasn't. Now if I was to go to his house and login as "Me" on that system, I would have full access to PS+ services on his machine whether he has PS+ or not since PS+ is per user.

Comment Re:Still a proprietary, DRM'd piece of shit. (Score 1) 137

Ive got a 10 year old beigebox running customised windowmaker

Using a couple of scripts

  Took about a day to set it up (writing all the scripts, customising WindowMaker for use with the remote, etc).

perhaps you missed the "tinker-free" part of the GP's comment. Remember, not everyone is a Linux geek. Hell, I'm a Linux user and I'm not sure I could do the scripting you've done....especially with Windowmaker.

Comment Re:Still a proprietary, DRM'd piece of shit. (Score 1) 137

Does it support things like WebM (MKV container, VP8 or VP9 video, and Vorbis or Opus audio)?

Have you turned into RMS? Just use h264 with AAC audio in MPEG4 containers for video and MP3 for music as the gods intended. You know damned well that "open" formats tend to be less well supported on consumer media devices so you don't even need to ask. Besides, you can have the DLNA server transcode any unsupported format, though you should just stick to the formats I listed above.

Comment Re:Still a proprietary, DRM'd piece of shit. (Score 1) 137

Hell I haven't updated the drivers for my videocard(sapphire 7950) since last year, and it's going along just fine with all the latest titles.

Video card updates come along fairly frequently and one probably should update them. If you're running year old drivers, you're probably not taking advantage of your video card as much as you might. And why the heck are you, a member of the PC Master Race not keeping your Windows system updated as you SHOULD be doing.

[sarcasm]Obviously a Windows Peasant, who probably isn't competent enough to administer a computer at all. Who knows what other updates this Windows Peasant hasn't done. They're machine is probably trojaned all to hell.[/sarcasm]

Another supposedly "superior" build from the biased master race reddit?

Which doesn't even include the OS, which has to be Windows for a game box, only has 4GB of RAM, not 8 and uses a Quad-core CPU (but at least it's a fast quad core)

Not only that but it is a box you have to build yourself, it is NOT a prebuilt one that you can just head out to a big box store and just simply buy, like a PS4 or Xbox One.

Topic at hand: I wouldn't recommend a console to anyone,

I really wouldn't recommend gaming on Windows. I know people do it, and that there are games that are PC only, but that doesn't mean people SHOULD do it.

While being locked into a console ecosystem that punishes you

While being locked into the Windows ecosystem of a crappy OS that punishes you. And locked into the Steam ecosystem that punishes you, or the Origin ecosystem that punishes you.

requires you to pay for multiplayer support and basic functions that are free on the PC.

They aren't truly "free" on the PC...somebody pays for that bandwidth. Whether it's some affluent nerd hosting some Quake-foo server, or Valve paying for their TF2 servers with the cut they take off of Steam...somebody pays, directly or indirectly.

Besides, console gamers get things BESIDES the multiplayer with their PS+ or Xbox live subscriptions.

And not all multiplayer in the PlayStation ecosystem requires PS+!

Multiplayer doesn't require PS+ on the Vita, or PS3. (or the PSP and PS2 if any of their games still have multiplayer running)

F2P games on the PS4 don't require PS+ for multiplayer. Examples being War Thunder or Neverwinter.

Games that use a "Send a turn/PBEM" style of multiplayer, also don't require PS+

Comment Re:Bad business for Sony (Score 1) 57

we now get half-baked console games that are shoveled onto the PC without any care because you don't even have to PORT anymore.

Or vice versa! There are some half-baked buggy and/or badly designed indie/kickstarter/unity/budget game crap that was first released on PC and then later on PSN.

Please excuse ME while I don't jump for joy for that sort of thing.

Comment Re:I know lots of people (Score 1) 729

Clickbait from 2014.

Clickbait that claims that the Fire TV/mobile is a competitor to the PS4/Xbox.

This one is about Windows apps on Xbox, and has nothing to do with your premise.

Clickbait from 2009, which means the "last generation" they were referring to was the 360 and PS3!

Sony is talking about no future playstations.

I've seen nothing of the sort, citation needed from SCEfoo themselves.

And as to ease of use... learn to use a computer or render yourself too incompetent to participate in the modern world.

I run Linux so by my standards, you windows using gamer dudebros are the incompetents who shouldn't even be trusted to admin their own computer.

The level of competence required to manage a gaming PC is within the easy reach of a ten year old child. If that's too much for you... then that can only be pitied.

The masses simply can't be trusted to admin their own machines well. They don't have the time, knowledge or inclination. Said people should not be gaming on PC' all. They probably shouldn't even be using PC's for web browsing or media consumption.

Again, I run Linux, so NEVER pull that "console gamers are dumb" shit with me.

Comment Ethics in youtube journalism (Score 1) 81

Hey gamergaters, those youtubers you love so much aren't paragons of virtue and transparency. Hell they're less ethical than formally trained journalists. You're better off reading the magazines than following some hyperactive Eurotrash guy for supposed reviews. Even Yahtzee of ZeroPunctuation isn't actually a good reviewer. "Fuck shit cock wanker bollocks yet another penis joke from a misanthrope, ramblings about those crappy UK Dizzy games, glastonbury branston pickle" may be funny, but it doesn't make a good review.

And now every Dudebro out there wants to be the next TotalJerkass, PeePeeDie or ImrichenoughtobuyaYacht-see.

Well Bollocks on that you wankers.... I hate everything except crappy UK platformers written for crappy hardware without good sound chips or proper disk drives. Now let me promote a crappy physics game starring a kielbasa written by some 19 year old aspie in Warsaw who thinks he's the next Notch, when he's really the next John Romero.

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