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Comment Re: Well... he has a point on all fronts. (Score 1) 150

That's not really true. All my PCs (laptop and desktops) that run Debian all boot using 64-bit UEFI. That means no need for real-mode shenanigans to finally get into 64-bit mode from 16-bit mode. ARM systems could have standardized on UEFI, but most of them don't use it. About the only ARM devices that do use UEFI are the server oriented devices and Microsoft's phone and tablet.

Comment Re: Fuck iOS (Score 1) 129

Can you download pictures and videos via Safari? no

First, I assume you mean MOBILE Safari.

Based on the thread context, why would you infer otherwise?

Second, you have moved the goalposts; but I would imagine it depends on certain factors. However in Mobile Safari, if I "long-tap" on an Image, it brings up a contextual menu. One of the selections is "Save Image". If I choose that, the image (picture) goes to my "Photos" library. Sounds "Downloaded" to me.

Odd. I just tried this using my wife's iPhone 6+. There's no context menu popping up when I long press an image. Tried this with the same image on my Android phone and I get the expected context menu.

With videos, it appears you cannot download from Safari directly; however, GoodReader has web-browsing capabilities, and you can certainly Download (and Play) directly from that App. So, obviously, iOS doesn't keep you from Downloading video; they just didn't build that into Mobile Safari (that I know of). Chrome may allow it directly, although it doesn't seem to.

This is what irks me: why do I need a separate app for this when every other computing environment (eg Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android) doesn't?

If that's too hard for you, may I recommend a Flip-phone?

Based on your ad homenim it's quite clear you place a high personal identity towards your phone environment. You may want to reconsider your priorities.

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