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Submission + - Bitcoin tops $1000 on attacks on cash as the year rolls over (

An anonymous reader writes: Wall Street Journal 30th Dec 2016 "For the year, that puts bitcoin’s performance far above the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s gain of 13% and even the year’s hottest commodities and currencies, which include natural gas, up 59%; crude oil, up 45%; and the Russian ruble, up 17% against the dollar.

Donald Trump’s election and the Federal Reserve’s rate increase amid higher U.S. inflation expectations have pushed some investors to consider bitcoin, especially in China, which has seen a slide in the value of the yuan versus the dollar.

India’s banning of large rupee notes has also driven demand and fueled concerns about traditional currency, analysts say."

On 1st Jan 2017 bitcoin cleared $1000/coin and currently a few percent over

Global political attacks on cash (India, Pakistan, Venezuela, Euro and gold (India gold ownership limits and Euro currency (Italian bank bailout worries, US (geopolitical uncertainty from Trump, interest rate hikes, brexit (UK in or out of Europe are all bullish for Bitcoin into 2017. Further bail-ins (Cyprus) and sovereign debt haircuts (Greece) maybe on the cards as well as continuing hyper inflation in emerging markets.

Submission + - Sourceforge Hijacks the Nmap Sourceforge Account ( 2

vivaoporto writes: Gordon Lyon (better known as Fyodor, author of nmap and maintainer of the internet security resource sites,,, and warns on the nmap development mailing list that the Sourceforge Nmap account was hijacked from him.

According to him the old Nmap project page (located at, screenshot) was changed to a blank page and its contents were moved to a new page (, screenshot) which controlled by sf-editor1 and sf-editor3, in pattern mirroring the much discussed the takeover of GIMP-Win page discussed last week on Ars Technica, IT World and eventually this week Slashdot.

That happens after Sourceforge promises to stop "presenting third party offers for unmaintained SourceForge projects. At this time, we present third party offers only with a few projects where it is explicitly approved by the project developer, or if the project is already bundling third party offers."

To their credit Fyodor states that "So far they seem to be providing just the official Nmap files (as long as you don't click on the fake download buttons) and we haven't caught them trojaning Nmap the way they did with GIMP" but reiterates "that you should only download Nmap from our official SSL Nmap site:"

Comment Re:Just how slow are perl, ruby and python? (Score 1) 583


  • 1-4 times slower than compiled languages such as C or C++
  • close to other Just-in-time compiled languages such as C#
  • much higher than languages without an effective native-code compiler (JIT or AOT), such as Perl, Ruby, PHP and Python.

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